Thursday, August 16, 2007

Checking In....An Update....

I hope that you are all having a fabulous summer. I thought I better just do a quick update to my blog, as I have been away for far too long....It's been a busy but fun time at home.....
My eldest daughters have turned 18 and 20 years old in the time I have been away. (Can't believe I have a 20 year old daughter...where has the time gone?!)
We were lucky enough to pick the one sunny week that there has been this summer so far, for our annual week away. We stayed in this tiny (PINK!) thatched cottage in the village of Stoke Gabriel near Totnes in Devon.
Bliss - it was so good to get back to the simple things in life....

Such as taking the girls crab fishing from the quay wall at sunset......

....good food....
and walks in the woods to view spectacular waterfalls.

As well as some shopping time of course! I bought the vintage tin from a fabulously nostalgic shop called 'This n' That' in Totnes. And the 1950's chocolate box came from 'The Snug' in Ashburton.
Upon our return, our home was rephotographed for an article in a regional newspaper supplement of 'The Western Daily Press'. (Think they should have skipped superimposing me over the top of the photo!!)
Unfortunately they republished an article that was written about 18 months ago, so some of the information was out of date!

It has been good to take some time out, which has allowed me the opportunity to search for more vintage stock for my website.
I have also spent many hours sourcing lots of stunning antique and vintage fabrics for my handmade creations.

Finding these beautiful fabrics has been the tonic that I needed to get back on my sewing machine and start making unique dolls and bags again.
And gorgeous lace and ribbons for those special finishing touches.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments to my previous post and I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer.
I will be back soon with a mammoth website update, which I hope you will enjoy.
Niki x


  1. Good to see your post. The fabrics and trims are wonderful and you'll make something creative and beautiful with them I'm sure.


  2. Nice to have you back if only briefly. Hope you're feeling refreshed after your lovely holiday....and the photos are beautiful!

  3. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Oh what a delightful thatched cottage! It is good to hear that you are making the most of the summer and preparing for some new projects.

    Marie x

  4. Arrhhh at last things are getting back to normal again.

    When I saw a comment from you on my blog I held my breath and thought I would look see......

    Yes things are looking up - the new washing machine is catching up with the load of washing we bought back from our holiday (hmmm nice), the sun is back out again, AND NIKI !!!!! is returning ....... at last .... it has felt quite lonely out here in blog land without my daily fix of nostalgia.

    WELCOME BACK FROM ME AND MY HAPPY BROOD ( only cos I'm smiling:))

    Best wishes Ginny

  5. Anonymous7:21 pm

    hi Niki,
    Its nice to hear from you again! Glad you had such a lovely week away from it all. That waterfall looks heavenly. That stash of fabric looks like fun too!

  6. Hi Niki

    It's only a month, but it seems like a lifetime since you were a daily blog! Having seen you recently, I know you are refreshed after your time away, and I reiterate Ginny's comments - worth a look to see if you had posted!!

    Take it easy - we'll all be around when you come back full time!! You have plenty to keep you going in the meantime it would seem!

    Sue xx

  7. So lovely to have you back again!Glad you enjoyed your holiday and what lovely fabrics you've found!

  8. I keep trying to sneak away from blogland...but miss everyone so I just stay put..blogging and might really enjoy my newest design post~~~~ slide show at

  9. Hi Niki, I'm glad you had such a well-deserved lovely break! The pink cottage looks divine!! So does the article! xx

  10. Glad your back and had a good holiday Looking forward to seeing all the new things Mary

  11. Niki,
    Missed you. Have you been buying things all summer like me? Can't seem to stay away from the thrift sores and garage and yard sales.
    Can't wait to see all you new posts. Looks like you had a nice little break with the family, glad you got some down time and time to get re-charged.

  12. How very good to see you post!
    I'm glad to hear that you had such a lovely time. Congratulations with the birthdays of your daughters.

  13. good to hear from you Niki,You seem to be having a lovely summer, your daughters are beautiful, that chocolate box is in one of the cath kidston books!

  14. Hi Niki
    Lovely to read your new post. Congratulations on your newspaper article & Happy Birthday to your daughters.

  15. Hi Niki,

    Fantastic to see you back in Blogland - and a wonderful post to return with!

    Your daughters are beautiful and your house looks as gorgeous as I remember it (drool!)

    I'm glad you had a refreshing holiday and I love all your latest finds. I really cannot wait to see the lovely things you will make and add to your website - I only hope I get a chance to see them before they are grabbed by others!!!

    Lots of Love,

    Clare xx

  16. I was glad to see your post today.
    I've missed it.
    Happy Birthday to the girls!!
    Love all of your beautiful finds.
    Have lots more fun!

  17. So nice to hear that you have had a restful, recuperative time! And I thank yoU for the sweet note you left on my blog! I've been unable to craft this summer due to circumstances beyond my control, and I am so antsy to get back to it!

  18. Such lovely pictures. Anxious for your website!

  19. Niki - took a chance and have found you back, yippee, you have been missed so much.

    I love Stoke Gabriel and Totnes - spent a lot of time in both places when growing up and when visiting home (Torquay). Glad your vacation there was fun and that you lucked out with good weather - know it's been a wet Summer over there - I'm hoping for dry days when I come home in Oct.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you - your house is gorgeous and love to hear all about your creations and decorating projects.
    Hope you have a sunny weekend.
    Hugs, Mary

  20. Looks like that holiday has done you the world of good!Thanks for the update it's nice to know that you are feeling more like your old self again.

  21. NIKI,
    No fair!! Teasing us with that picture update on your site!!!!!

  22. Bonjour Niki,
    Je découvre votre univers (blog et website) qui sont ravissants... et j'en attends la mise à jour puisque promis ;-)

    Félicitations pour votre article dans la presse !

    @ bientôt.

  23. So nice to see your post!
    It looks like you and the girls had fun in the little pink cottage.

    And vintage fabrics are just the thing to spark creativity.
    Can't wait to see what beautiful items you'll make.

    Kimberly :)

  24. I just found you and love your blog! OH, your house is just lovely. Happy birthday to your daughters! My son just turned 18 too. What a time.

  25. Welcome back Niki! You sure are loved and were missed by many...
    How sweet that you have daughters 18 & 20. I too have daughters..they are such a blessing!
    What an adorable cottae you got to stay in. Sounds like you had a very nice time.
    Glad you were able to rest a bit. Take care & have a lovely day!
    ~Mary~ :-}

  26. So lovely to see a new post from you and to hear that you've been having the enjoyable and inspiring summer you were in need of. Looking forward to your full return and seeing the website update.

  27. Hi Niki
    Lovely to see you back albeit a brief return. I was sorry to miss you in Ashburton, how funny that we went down on the same day. I too bought a chocolate box! I could happily sit in The Snug all day long. Your photo doesn't do you justice you are so much more gorgeous in the flesh! Looking forward to seeing your new creations soon xxx

  28. Hi Niki

    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday (with threads!!). Glad you've been having fun with your purchases. Can't wait to see ...

    Promise, no raindance. Even I've had enough of it for this year!!

    Sue xx

  29. Hello there sweet Niki!! WOW, your home looks so have such a good eye for designing. I love everything! I am glad you are enjoying your summer and hope to see you soon!


  30. Would you mind if I add you to my fav list?

  31. Oh hey! Niki's here!
    And look what she has gotten into...
    Your vacation home looks intriguing! Especially that meal :)
    Looking forward to your new fall items!

  32. Niki!!! You sneaked back into your blog without me even noticing lol! I have checked here often but somehow gave up cheking just before you came back. Welcome back!!! And what a fabulous post! Congrats on having a 20 year old daughter now (mine gets 20 in January too) and what an amount of pressies she's got, I bet she loved it. That telephone you have in your kitchen is the icing on the cake! Congrats also on being published again! Looks like you have spent a lovely summer vacation in that sweet pink cottage! So glad to have you back online! Hugs Carol xox


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