Tuesday, August 21, 2007

....I hope you like Jamming too!...

We only have a tiny plum tree in our garden, but this year I managed to pick this basket full of fruits from just two of its branches. There is still plenty more to harvest for pies, crumbles and for a tasty snack at any time....

I decided to use this bounty to make some plum jam.
This recipe is less sweet than many jams, as it uses a lot less sugar per pound of fruit, so it retains a slight tang and is full of flavour:

1 lb plums
12oz sugar
(use no water if fruit is ripe (1/8 pint if under-ripe.))
Cooking time: 20 - 25 minutes.

Simmer the plums with the water, if used, until fruit is soft.
Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
Boil rapidly until set.
Fill jars.

I used 4lbs of plums (plus additional sugar), which made 6 jars of jam and the china dish full......and it's delicious!

I have always loved to see homemade jams and chutneys displayed in the country kitchen; there is something comforting and homely about it.
I used paper napkins to decorate the jam jar lids, secured with a loop of narrow elastic. I then trimmed the napkins to shape.

...Think I shall take the girls blackberry picking at the weekend! This was so easy and great fun....I feel a production line coming on....!


  1. Oh, what a bounty, two limbs? Amazing. You will be busy this late summer/fall. Sounds like you enjoy it. And I so admire your using the CK napkins. I have some around here (somewhere). What a fab idea using them for jar covers! Too pretty. Ooooh, and your shelving looks straight out of a store window. So delightful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe and such a pretty "product." Lovely.

  2. Everything looks so so nice , so glad you are almost back.

  3. Y'know I think they might sell well on the website, and your right they look great on a shelf with the pretty little napkin tops.

    best wisehs Ginny

  4. oops or even best wishes too ;o)


  5. They look yummy!
    I don't like things too sweet, so your recipe sounds good.

  6. Such beautiful photos!! They look too nice to open!!

  7. Anonymous12:57 pm

    I love Plum Jelly and I am really impressed how cute they look with the CK napkins on them. Also, I love your jam jars, they look like they came from a high end store.
    I made some peach jelly this year too but here in Texas we had too much rain and lost most of our peach crop and then we had no rain for the last month so it's been hard to get much to make into jelly.
    I added you to my favorites and I will come back and visit soon.
    Thanks :) Bren

  8. Your jam looks so yummy, especially in their rosey containers! Have fun shopping for your daughter; what an exciting time for her! Looking forward to seeing the treasures you will be listing. =)

  9. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Hi Niki, that jam sure does look good, trust you to make it look so pretty.
    I'm guessing that your daughter will be taking a jar or two to uni. Bitter sweet times, the fun of shopping together and the thought of why you are shopping but as you already know the hols come round awful quick. Bummer about the camera but they just keep getting better and better so I expect your going to love your new one.

    Carolyn - Willow House

  10. Hi Niki,

    What a lovely crop of plums you had! We had loads last year but not one this year - very strange!

    The jam jars looks very pretty - how about setting up a stall at Shepton this weekend?!

    Can't wait for the update BTW!

    Clare x

    PS. Loved your reference to the Bob Marley song!!

  11. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Love that wonderful fabric and all the ideas in your blog. Thanks so much for sharing. Gisela, Germany

  12. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Hi Niki

    What a great idea for lid covers. I made some jam a couple of weeks ago and was wondering how to make the jars look pretty.

    Does your jam recipe work equally well with other fruits? I hate really sweet jam.

    Marie x

  13. Hi Marie,
    Many thanks for your comment.
    I have been looking through my trusty jam making book and to be honest this is the only recipe I can find that uses less sugar. For other fruits the sugar is usually added in equal amounts to fruit (and sometimes in greater quantities!).
    Maybe you could cut down the sugar quantity if commercial pectin was added to help with setting, but I wouldn't like to say for definite!
    Sorry that I can't be more helpful!

  14. I just discovered your site and am so impressed with it! I enjoyed reading about your JAM session! Come and visit me sometime!

  15. Ohhhh, yummy, plum jam is my absolute favourite and the jars look so pretty too. I've never had a go at jam, maybe I should give it a try?

  16. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Those are soooooo gorgeous! The paper covers are just brilliant. These would make beautiful gifts. My address is... *tee hee*

  17. Aww Niki! Everything looks tasty and pretty...what a great idea to put those paper napkin covers on! Hey, lets throw a breakfast party together :)
    My mother makes plum muffins using store bought babyfood plums.

  18. Anonymous4:12 pm

    I think I might try your jam recipe as my first attempt at preserving. It sounds easy, and I don't like sweet jams, either. I'll let you know how it goes!
    I've just added you to my blogroll because I enjoyed my visit so much. Look forward to coming back!

  19. Hi Niki,
    That jam looks good and the jars are worthy of a prize!
    How pretty it looks. Glad you are feeling refreshed, after all yours is the first blog I ever visited and inspired me to start my own. Take care and enjoy your week-end.

  20. Hi Niki, I just stumbled on your blog, and I love your photos, your home looks wonderful,
    I am a compulsive jam maker, and plum is one of the best I think!


  21. All from just two limbs and more to come? I'm impressed. Looks delish. I think I need to visit my local teashop today for a cup of tea and a scone.

  22. Loved the little rose napkin toppers!

  23. Just found your blog today...lovely photos, etc. Good luck with your daughter going to University. It's a really hard thing to do. (It was for me, anyway.) Sue

  24. Some jam session Niki - and plums are music to my ears. Remembering my Mum's Victoria Plum jam - it was so good. The plums over here often don't have that wonderful intense flavor like English ones - must be all your rain!!
    Hope your daughter enjoys university life.

  25. Oh how beautiful! I have the same napkins, my those jam jars are fitting perfectly into your beautiful kitchen!!! Carol xox

  26. Your jam looks lovley displayed in your kitchen. I have just made my first ever batch of jam which was plum.


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