Thursday, November 01, 2007

Unique Gift Sets.

On a recent buying trip I discovered this pile of pretty bone china saucers for sale. They are made by Royal Albert, England and are from the 'Flower of the Month' series.

Each one features a pretty floral printed transfer design.......

And I thought that they would make perfect soap dishes for the vintage inspired bathroom or kitchen, which could be changed with the seasons.....

I have made some gift set with them for my website, by wrapping the handmade lavender soaps in vintage wallpapers and adding ribbon ties and vintage costume brooches.

I love putting sets like this together, coordinating the colours of each element to create a thoughtful gift.

Sorry, all sold - THANK YOU!
I have also been making some candle gift sets for the winter season. Some have vintage fabric covered matchboxes and others are tied with antique lace with a matching vintage brooch and postcard; each one being unique.

I have updated my on-line catalogue today - I hope you will enjoy taking a look if you get the chance to.
A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to receive a surprise parcel from Michele of Cowboys & Custard. I had entered a competition of hers and although I didn't guess the correct answer (!) she still rewarded me with a prize, which was a set of her delightful handmade cards. Thank you Michele, they are fabulous - I shall send them to extra special people!
Michele also awarded me with the 'Christmas Spirit' Award for encouraging her start her own blog, which I am flattered to accept! Thank you!
I have received several emails from kind hearted bloggers who have asked why I have switched off the comment option on my blog. It was a tough decision, but it had got to the stage where I was spending so much time replying to comments and questions (I am not very good at ignoring emails!) that I wasn't getting enough of my work done. My website is my only income and I have to work hard making my handmade creations, answering customer emails/orders, packing the orders, regular trips to the Post Office, sourcing vintage goodies, typing website listings - oooo that takes FAR too long!, taking photos of new items....................................I could go on and on and on......
Anyway, it was suggested by a few that I switch the option back on for those who like to leave comments or read them, which I will do but I am sorry in advance if I am not be able to reply to any comments/questions received. I certainly wasn't looking to cut myself off from the Blogging community, I just felt guilty for not having the time to comment on other blogs!


  1. Hi Niki. Those sets are really gorgeous. I'm going to pop over to your shop now for a better look. I'm pleased to see you've turned your comments back on. I know what you mean about feeling under pressure to reply to comments. I never seem to have the time for many replies given that I work full time and am trying to develop my own business in my spare time. But it is nice to be able to comment on other blogs, especially when there is something lovely to comment on as there always is on your blog. I never expect to receive replies to comments I leave because I know how time consumming it is. Hopefully most others realise this too.

  2. Hi Niki
    Before I go any further... please do not feel obliged to reply to this in any way..
    I just wanted to say how lovely your little dishes are and what a great idea for pressies..
    and.. thank you so much for mentioning my cards .. much appreciated!

  3. Anonymous11:48 am

    Hi Niki,

    I'm glad to see that you have turned the comments back on ~ I know exactly how you feel ~ sometimes it can feel like blogging is completely taking over your life. I have really had to cut down on the blogs I read and concentrate on my business.

    Your creations are quite lovely ~ the saucers are so pretty and make wonderful soap dishes.

    Marie x

  4. Anonymous11:58 am

    Oh I agree with Nonnie, I never expect to get comments back either. I read lots of blogs and only manage to comment on a few.
    I am so glad you switched your comments back on because I just have to say what a fabulous idea with the saucers!

  5. Hi Niki,
    It's nice to be able to tell you how lovely your creations are, the angel is just beautiful and the gift sets too. As the others have already said, don't feel under pressure to reply.
    Take care,

  6. Hello Niki! I am just happy to let you know how much I've loved every item I've purchased from your shop! My daughter LOVES her eiderdown!

  7. I don't know how I ever missed your online catalog! I am dying over that deco china set. I must have another look. (But I don't have room! I really, really don't! --I keep telling myself.) Oh my.

  8. So nice to be able to leave comments to you Niki, replies aren't always necessary as we can all appreciate not everyone has the time as we stay at home ladies have ;o)
    As always wonderful ideas and beautiful creations, thank you for sharing your pics

    Peg :o)


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