Friday, March 07, 2008

Antique Sheet Music

Its been a hectic week this week and so I have not managed to achieve all that I set out to do. My hubby has been away working in Germany for the week and there have been lots of things going on with my as a chill out activity to do in the evenings, I decided to sort out my collection of vintage greetings postcards.

I discovered this antique music book a while ago. I loved the fact that it is shabby, worn and well loved! Some of the pages are dated to the mid 1800's and have wonderful old repairs.

I decided to use it like a scrap book, mounting the postcards inside with photo corners, so as not to damage them or the book.
I've arranged them in sections to make pleasing displays. Beautiful painterly roses.....

....Forget-me-nots for loved ones......

Violets for faithfulness.....

Charming portraits.....

....more roses!!

And Easter greetings.

Within the book are stunning title pages for each new section of music. I chose to leave these on view to add interest to the book.

I have only ever discovered two postcards with names printed into the design; unbelievably, the two that I have found, are my two grandmothers names! (Gertrude and Elsie.) I have surrounded these with hearts and hands.

Lovely ladies in their finery.....

And fancy French cards....I could go on!!

It will end up as rather a chunky book when it is complete, but should be a joy to pick up and look through now and then.

I hope to add a few music books to my website soon - they make delightful scrap books. The pages can be reproduced on a computer scanner and printer and used for crafts too.
The papers can be fun to use in all sorts of ways, such as binding lace and ribbons and creating vignettes around your home - I enjoyed gathering this little collection together for a future project.

I've also been creating some postcard storage boxes, covering and lining a simple box and embellishing with braids and a vintage postcard.

Have a great weekend,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki, what a great idea, I have a couple of those music books gathering dust, mind you I don't have nearly as many postcards, your collection is amazing - no need to tell you which are my favourites! Loved all your treasures in the previous post too, I couldn't go to the flea last weekend, but I'm going to try my darndest to get to the next one.
    Have a good weekend,

  2. What a large collection of postcards, that is a great idea to store them like that.

    best wishes Ginny

  3. this is such a lovely idea!

  4. Lots of lovely things going on in your home, Niki! =)

  5. Your blog is beautiful! Thanks for a great visit! I'll be back often!

  6. What a great idea Niki - the postcards suit the book perfectly. I keep my cards in an old tin but seeing that book ...! Take care

  7. Well, that is just beautiful. I collect antique postcards, too, and I love your idea of putting them in a book like that. So lovely!

  8. Niki,

    I love what you are doing with the vintage music sheets & postcards. Antique/vintage postcards and cards are simple the best!

    Lynne Laura

  9. I have vintage postcard envy!

  10. Anonymous11:40 pm

    what a super collection of such beautiful postcards and a wonderful idea to use the music book!

  11. Ooh Niki, the music theme paper is a great idea, I love the little bobbins!
    Lovely pictures too.
    Best wishes, Liz

  12. Anonymous1:56 am

    hi niki =) what a GREAT idea!!! i love how it is turning out. oh so VERY pretty. what fun to curl up and look through all of those beautiful cards. debbie

  13. What great ideas for an old music book! I love old books. You have a darling blog!

    :0) Sharon

  14. You are a genius! I mean that is just so neat. And the fact those two cards had your grandmothers' names on them!

  15. What a fabulous collection Niki and beautifully displayed!
    I am afraid my few vintage cards are not so well treated as yours.. pushed into a shoe box..
    Inspired once again by your creative talents I will have to do something about this!
    I can see you have used your time well.. as always!


  16. What a beautiful book you`ve made!
    Those dresses are really something aren`t they?
    I hope everyone stays safe over there. I`ve read that there`s a hurricane coming.


  17. wow I love your postcard collection, they are beautiful and what a great way to display them

  18. How lovely, i collect postcards too i love to read the messages from long ago,i have decided to send more postcards,something for the collectors not yet born.
    Love Debbie.

  19. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Oh Niki, I'm really jealous of all your beautiful postcards, what a fabulous collection and a truly original way of dispaying them, thanks for sharing those pictures with us.
    Love jackie Mxx

  20. You have been busy Niki.
    I love the way your srapbook turned out. I use vintage sheet music all the time for my crafts.

  21. Hi Nicki, you are so inspiring, and you make all that you touch look so beautiful.
    Have a super week.
    Lynn xx

  22. Niki, I love your beautiful scrap book you created... what a great idea so you can open and see them all clearly when you want to.

    Love yout little bits you made! and the postcard boxes are sooo adorable! I have bunches and bunches of postcards in plastic bags. this is a much nicer way to keep them. :)))


  23. im about to make a pot of jasmine tea- want to share-your cards are so dreamy- the 1s with the hands of friendship are divine- i wish i lived down the road from you- i knock on your door with my arms full of queenannes lace-

  24. Thanks for the inspiration!...Katie

  25. What a lovely way to store your cards. Thank you for sharing


  26. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Love, Love, Love the idea with the music book!! Love your blog site!! Drop by and say hi when you get the chance!

  27. What a wonderful post card collection
    you have Niki...I love the floral ones. You had a great idea to put them in the music book. I love it, Pinkie Denise

  28. ciao che meraviglia,buon sabato la piccola lù.....


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