Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Good Days Work!

The Sunday flea market that I attended, turned out to be a very productive days work of hunting and gathering! I only ever buy things that I love and would be happy to own myself, so it will be a while before I can decide which of the treasures that I can bare to part with, but for now, here is my haul:

The loveliest embroidered backed dressing table brush set that I think I have ever seen, a vintage toffee tin with a Bullfinch design, a sweet little perfume bottle for my bathroom collection, all resting on a vibrant rose printed barkcloth. The 3 doilies have tiny rose embroidered cameos which coordinate beautifully with the brushes.
Victorian greetings cards are always hard to resist.
There were several c1950's chocolate boxes with retro designs, that would be ideal as gift boxes for Easter treats. The purple satin covered egg is ripe for a Faberge style make-over!

The large Victorian jug was the bargain of the day at just £1, as it has a chip on the rim, but is perfect for displaying cut flowers.

I found several fabulous old wedding photos throughout the fair - some have heavy foxing to their cardboard mounts, so I shall probably add some lace or collage borders (If I can find the time......I'll add it to my list!)
More fabrics and trims and my best buy was the gorgeous glass beaded bulb covers - I have always wanted some, so these needed to come home with me!
Brooches, buttons and bowls for gift sets and handmade items.

And a stunning pair of single European quilts from the 1920's/30's, with the incredible Chrysanthemum design in typical colours of the era - still so vibrant and eye-catching.

Two framed prints that have already been hung on my kitchen wall; the top one is the home I aspire to live in one day, with a beautiful cottage garden and stone mullioned windows!
And the other is dated 1895 and reminds me of my three blonde daughters and our chickens - it is entitled 'The Eviction' - the little Victorian girl is chasing the cockerel from the cottage, puffing fire bellows at him.

And finally I couldn't leave without this little chap! He is VERY worn, with virtually no pile left on his coat at all, but he still has so much charm - I think it was because he reminded me of my daughter's favourite book when they were younger. 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes, was one of those books that I could sit and read to my girls and have them enthralled. When I finally got to the end of the story there would be a chorus of 'again...again' and I would have to read it from cover to cover once more.
(I've always been a sucker for nostalgia!)

Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    Fabulous goodies. You certainly had a successful day. Shame I wasn't there, but nothing (I hope) will stop me being on my pitch at the next one!

    Sue x

  2. Anonymous10:44 am

    I couldn't have left the dog behind either, he has so obviously been such a well loved companion he really needed a new loving home.
    Willow House

  3. Niki I have been drooling from beginning to end of this post!!! I don't even have a favourite and I agree I would have had to buy the dog too, I love Dogger! I'm going to be keeping an eye on your website, take care

  4. Such amazing finds! I can certainly see how it might be difficult to decide what you are willing to part with. Beautiful stuff.

  5. What a jaw-dropping haul! I'd have been pleased to have found just ONE of the many goodies you found! =)

  6. Niki, you just find the BEST stuff!!!! Love it all!


  7. Anonymous3:45 am

    oooh! you ALWAYS find the best things at flea markets =) i'd have a hard time parting with any of these lovely treasures... debbie

  8. You had some fantastic vintage finds!

  9. I try hard not to be jealous seeing all your new treasures Niki. You are the flea market treasure hunter No. 1 for me! Well done! I love the box with the bullfinches, the pretty Forget me nots card and that pink Victorian jug oh my what a beautiful bargain! I so have to go flea marketing again and I have another for it reason since I have signed up to Heather Pretty Petals fab Junque in my trunk swap today!
    Hugs Carol xox

  10. Niki,
    You always find the best stuff!!
    It would be hard to part with.

  11. What awonderful collection! You have given me a boost to go out junking again, I havent been for about 2 months, and Im getting itchy feet!

  12. oh what a wonderful haul! what gorgeous vintage pretties!

  13. Another fabulous haul you clever thing. I shall have to make it to Shepton one day

  14. What wonderful vintage postcards! Love them! Everything is beautiful, but the postcards are my fav. xoxo Nita

  15. Anonymous9:26 pm

    You always find the most beautiful things. I would love to be able to find gorgeous vintage items like that in Australia. I think I'll have to come to the UK just for the flea markets!

  16. He may be bald but he is adorable!
    Love that little doggy chap..



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