Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boudoir Babe!

My Hubby has been working abroad a lot recently. On his return last week, we went out on a little shopping trip to our local junk shop. Over the years a large amount of new/repro stuff has been creeping into the stock there and I was beginning to loose interest in going to look. But I'm so glad that we did this time......

Sitting in one of the cabinets was this beautiful French boudoir doll.
Well, what can I say, hubby bought her for me and I just adore her.

Such beautiful sultry eyes with 'real' eyelashes. Deep red painted lips and blushed cheeks,

And silk yarn hair set in rolls, typical of the 1930's from when she must date.

Her Chinese silk dress is entirely stitched by hand and is trimmed with diamante bars at her shoulders.

Luscious long legs in gold high heeled shoes and cotton lace edged bloomers hide beneath.

My boudoir babe sits in our bedroom on an antique French chair -
Oh la la!
Thank you hubby! xx
Thank you to everyone who purchased a vintage hat from my blog - there are a few left if anyone enjoys dressing-up ! See post below. Niki x


  1. Hi Niki
    She is stunning! What a face! Now why don't I ever find anything like that in my junk shop!

  2. Hello Nikki, she is so glamourous, what a find!....what a husband! it's wonderful when our beloved one's just know us so well. Have a super Easter....I'm just off to my junk shop.......
    Easter Hugs Lynn xx

  3. Oh la la is right! That is one stunning doll! =)

  4. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Hi Niki, she's amazing. Happy easter to you and your family. Julie x

  5. Wow shes gorgeous Hope you all enjoy Easter

  6. She's so pretty, well done for finding her. Debbie.

  7. It is totally Oh-La-La doll! With so many details and cute shoes! I love it! You are lucky girl!

  8. Niki, what a wonderful find!! I love the ones with the real eyelashes. These dolls go into the hundreds on ebay. I love her pretty blond hair and beautiful french flair! :)

    I have one on my blog that I found with the sweetest face. She is a little different and doesn't have those real eyelashes. She is stuffed with straw.

    xoxo Heather

  9. Wow Niki, she's amazing. What a lucky girl you are!

  10. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Awesome doll and stunning dress!
    What a great find!
    Have a lovely Easter,

  11. Hi Niki...What a doll! I'm jealous of her gorgeous legs...I guess it's true, "French women don't get fat"...Katie

  12. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Oh, she is really elegant Niki, how lovely she looks poised among your cushions. Love Jackie Mx

  13. What a nice hubby!!

  14. oh my- your french dollys divine-you lucky girl-singing and skipping love jo. p.s happy easter to you my dear friend.

  15. Those boudoir dolls have great faces don't they and the hair is beautiful.

    best wishes Ginny

  16. She is SO fabulous!! What a lucky find!!

  17. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Hi Niki, How wonderful to have your hubby home for Easter. I just love your site. Have a lovely weekend. Jeanjeannie.xXx

  18. Anonymous8:35 pm

    What a doll! She's very glam. Fi x

  19. Hi Niki, just popped back to wish you a Happy Easter (with some treasure hunting, I suspect? - hope it's successful)
    Lucy x

  20. Hi Niki! She is lovely and is perfect for your sweet home. She is one lucky gal to get to go home with you. Great find! Now only if my legs were long and pretty like hers. ha


  21. Anonymous12:11 am

    hello just found your blog love the doll what a find enjoy . angie

  22. What a terrific find, how lucky is that and what a lovely blog too....shall be looking in often


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