Monday, May 12, 2008

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!......

WOW! Its been another hottie today! Just wish I had more time to sit here...............

Wish you could join me too....
the Wisteria is blooming now and smells delicious.....

And the Iris are relishing the sunshine.

The white Lilac is at the 'just perfect' stage.
And as my chickens can't get into the front garden to trample it daily (something they insist on doing in the back garden!), it is doing very well. The rambling roses are at the bud stage - I can't wait for those to burst, along with a deep purple clematis.

I hope you have been enjoying some early summer sunshine too.
****For the first time in a long while it didn't rain at the Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair on Saturday. When I used to have an outside arcade stand at this fair, I regularly had textile stock ruined by rain - it was one of the reasons that I decided to stop trading there.....

The inside stands missed out on the lovely warm weather this time though.....

Sue's was one of them and very pretty it was too.

Liz also had some wonderful treasures for sale. The next Shepton fair isn't until September....I wonder what the weather will be like then?....
Some of my purchases included this amazing light fitting, which I bought from Amanda ('Shabby Chick'), who you may have read about on Jane's 'Posy' blog many times. It is going to hang over the new staircase into our basement, when hubby has time.

I love this original Florence Upton print dated 1896 - its the first one that I have seen for a while that doesn't have a sad or scary image. (OK, I'm easily scared! - but if you've seen some of these, you'll know what I mean!) I have wanted one for a while and am going to display it with my original wooden peggy dolls like the ones in the illustration.
This sweet little frame would have been made in the C19th and is gorgeous; as are these precious wedding photos from Paris.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend,
Niki x

Thank you Happy!
date: I am overjoyed to have been given the 'Excellent' award by
'Happy Loves Rosie', which is such an amazingly excellent blog and one which I would send the award straight back to! Thank you so very much, I am chuffed to bits. As for the other four blogs that I should also bestow the award upon....well I'll have to think about that as you are all so excellent.....have a great day! Niki x


  1. Lovely purchases and lovely pics!
    I adore the light fitting!
    I know Amanda very well and knew she was at Shepton. She has some gorgeous things too. Sal ;-)

  2. such lovely photos, from the garden to the market. it all looks so inviting!

  3. Oh I would so love to go to an antiques market in London! =) Beautiful finds as always, Niki!

    Our weather is precisely the opposite. It is only 47F today (about 25 degrees below normal). It's been cold far too long... and we have our big Memorial Day weekend coming up in two weeks, which historically is the weekend Cape Cod greets its first major influx of tourists who jam all the shops, fish-n-ships shacks and load the beaches! I hope it warms up soon!

  4. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Hi Niki!
    I'm so sorry that I missed you on Saturday but was thrilled to learn that you loved the chandelier! Thank you very much indeed! I do hope that it makes the perfect finishing touch to all of your hard work.
    Shepton was a real pleasure to do this time because the weather was amazing but I have to say that the fair is not the same any more since you have stopped doing it! I do miss you and the gorgeous spectacle that was your stall!
    Anyway, hope to get to see you over the Summer, any plans to visit Totnes and sunny Devon this year?
    Lots of love
    Amanda xxx

  5. I was sorry to have missed you too Amanda, but your lovely Mum looked after me very well! I love the chandelier and can't wait to have it hanging in place.
    Yes, we will be visiting Devon again this year....we've booked a cottage in Kingsweir for a week, so I hope to come and see you at the Totnes flea market again.....
    Love Niki x

  6. Niki,

    Your flowers are lovely. What a view you have. The light fixture is fantastic-hopefully you'll post a picture of it when it's up? Really like your blog.


  7. Lovely purchases and lovely pics! all pictures and post are amazing! I love it! You are invited my virtual party-22 nd may. regards From Argentina

  8. Your garden is looking beautiful Niki. I would find it so hard to leave that little table and do anything else. What a wonderful view you have

  9. Hi Niki,what a gorgeous balcony you have..those views are just incredible..
    My hens trample and eat the front so the back garden is our hen free zone where I can plant the delicate and pretty plants..they just walk in a straight line dont they,no matter what's in the way!!
    Shepton fair looks wonderful... lovely looking stalls and your purchases are so pretty, I keep seeing more lovely things each time I enlarge a photo..oooh!!

  10. Hi Niki - you are soooo sweet to nominate me back and thank YOU for saying Thank you, I understand you being busy don't worry!...I love your blog, its so full of pretty things....You can change the tag to a black and white one if you wish...I have put the original label on my blog now!...Luv Happy x

  11. Hi Niki.
    The view looks so pretty,and all of your flowers too. i love looking at your many treasures and i think your blog and website deserve an award as well,
    I am just starting my own and have lots to learn yet,have a great week love Debbie.

  12. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Lovely pictures,a real picture shoud be telling a story.

  13. Oh my!! I just adore your new lighting fixture and that Florence Upton print, too!! Wonderful finds!!

  14. Wow!! what a stunning post Niki, I loved the photographs of the garden, and you manage to make such fabulous finds. Thankyou for your kind words, you hit the nail right on the head!! thankyou...I will enjoy...
    Hugs you lovely lady
    Lynn xx

  15. Anonymous7:50 am

    Hi Niki, I wish I could join you for tea at your lovely table this morning, the view is beautiful. I love the chandelier, I'm sure it will look stunning in your basement. I am hopefully going to Totnes on Friday so I will say hello to Amanda and congratulate her on a wonderful chandelier!! x

  16. Hi Niki

    You found some lovely things - I think I saw the Upton print on one of my quick forays away from my stall.

    Your garden is looking super and I'm quite envious of the wisteria. Especially the perfume. I've realised that I've totally lost my sense of smell with this virus. I hope it's only short-term because I'd hate not to be able to smell the roses (and everything else) ever again.

    Congrats on your award!

    Sue x

  17. What a pretty post. Love the garden shots, we've got a small lilac tree and it looks and smells wonderful at the moment.
    Twiggy x

  18. Anonymous12:45 pm

    The flowers are so wonderful looking. I love reading your post. I alway's feel so inspired and uplifted after visiting you.

  19. Anonymous12:35 am

    I so want that light!!! It's very hard to find them in the northern US. and pink....just perfect...Vicki at

  20. Your chandelier is going to be so great hanging there! Love your finds and your gorgeous view Niki.

  21. Nice finds and love your flowers
    especially the white lilac. I have never seen lilac in white before.

  22. Anonymous5:39 am

    Have I been here before?? I don't think so and it is all so beautiful!!!

  23. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Wow, what a gorgeous view to have! Love your hanging lamp - perfect. :)

  24. Hi Nikki - I sooo understand re your comment on Freds blog - I think sometimes we do let on too much! I have friends that copy us so much it makes you want to spit, hence not letting on about that sale we went to - infact i feel I could do a whole blog about copycat's! my mum always says Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery! but being flattered constantly is slightly waring don't you think!...don't get me wrong I love to inspire people through my blog - but plain old copying without a mention to the original owner is WRONG...I wish I knew it was your idea originally and I would of given that lady at the 'decorative living fair' a thick ear for you! LOL - luv 'Not so Happy about copycats' happy x(@/*-*\@) xx


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