Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Quick Post.......

Firstly, I would like to thank every one of you for your kind comments that you left on my new workroom post (I'm so glad that you like it!) and I apologise for not having had a spare moment to come visit you.......I haven't even had time to get into my new workroom yet! My in-laws stayed for the week until Sunday, so I couldn't really disappear into the basement all day.....
Also, my two eldest daughters came home from Uni. (One has just completed her finals and the other has finished her foundation course) Sadly, it has dawned on my middle daughter how in debt my eldest now is and so she is reluctant to continue with her Uni education.....Of course the debt is playing a big part in my eldests future plans and she doesn't know what to do next.....
I run the risk of becoming very political on my blog now, so am going to move on and keep thinks pretty and nostalgic!!
I'll leave you with a couple of photos of my new Foxglove plants, which are now in flower. They are a fairly new variety whose flowers face upwards towards the sun.

I took these photos a couple of days ago, before the awful Bank Holiday weather arrived and laid many of my tall plants horizontal.

Its half-term week now, but I am determined to get in front of my sewing machine sometime this week - have a great one,
Niki x
Updated 1:30pm. Forgot to include this photo of the lamp that I bought at the antiques fair recently. It has now been wired in by my hubby and hangs above the staircase to my workroom. (At the moment with odd bulbs as I need to go shopping!!Lol)


  1. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Hi Niki, That lamp looks fabulous hung up, a thing of beauty. I hope it gives you plenty of inspiration as you look at it on your way down to your work shop. The foxgloves are lovely, I lost some of mine at the week-end too. I look forward to your next blog. Jeanjeannie.x

  2. Oh Niki! Your lamp is GORGEOUS! It looks so perfect in that room!

    I sympathesize with you on the college costs! We went through a very similar situation when I went through college and my younger brother was still at home in grade school. I had to change colleges my sophomore year due to a money crunch, things had become tense at home... oh Niki I won't go into details but give your girls and yourself a big hug because I think I understand just what you are all going through! =)

  3. Niki, I love foxgloves! They remind me of my Mom, as she loves them and they grow so nicely for her.

    I am sorry to hear of the college issues... I am NOT looking forward to those days and it sure has gotten so expensive over the last years.

    Ok, so that lamp is just BEAUTIFUL!!! love it!

    xo Heather

  4. It just doesn't seem right to me too start off your working life with debt all be it at a reduced rate. I also don't quite get the cocept of paying kids (£30a week) to stay on at school and get A levels. The world has gone crazy.

  5. Me again, just wondered if your middle daughter had considered Open University, if they have a suitable course she could save herself thousands of pounds.

  6. I love the lamp! It looks wonderfull hung there and I'm very envious!

  7. **Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhhh**
    I didn't think your work room could be improved upon...too wrong!
    What a lamp! Ohhhhhhh booooy!

    M ^..^

  8. I wish I had your workroom!!

    My eldest is off to uni this year and I can't believe how much it's going to cost.

  9. Hi Niki, such a beautiful lamp. I don't want to go on about the university fees either but it's a ridiculous situation isn't it?! The foxgloves are lovely, hope they're still standing

  10. If we get another ray of sunshine I'll take a photo of Mum's foxgloves - we sprinked seed all round her garden from last year's new plants. Hope the rain doesn't spoil them. Yours look great - so does the light fitting. Looks as if it's always been there!

  11. Hi Niki your lamp looks lovely, very pretty as you go down to create.

    I hope your garden hasn't suffered too much... one of my small trees has blown over in the wind , my husband made me a prop from wood to hold it back up straight but i don't know if we saved it, have to wait and see.

    My daughter Emma-Lee has just finished her first year at Brighton uni,it has cost so much,next year will be even worse as she will be living off campus.
    It is hard for young people today
    Lets hope they can get good jobs and it will all be worth while.

    Good luck with the sewing.

  12. Hi Niki,
    Just checking in. Love your new work space. It's beautiful.
    What a great place to create.

  13. Pretty flowers! And I LOVE that chandelier you got!

  14. Hello Niki,
    Your foxgloves are just beautiful, I love the speckles on them and how they turn up, very unusal. I think your chandelier fits perfect in your new space thanks for sharing Pinkie Denise


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