Sunday, May 18, 2008

Linens, Fabrics and Flowers.

Today's 'Show & Tell' organised by Cerri is 'Vintage Linens'.

I love red-work embroidery. This one is a French table runner, which I use on my kitchen table.
One of my favourite pieces is this hand embroidered tablecloth with a thatched cottage and garden.
These are also special to me, as they were all made by my grandmother.
As is this one, which was given to me by my Mum when I became engaged (around 25 years ago!)
Well, I know I have been neglecting Blogger for a while, but I have been very busy moving into my new basement workroom. Hubby returned from working away again in the States on Thursday evening. On Friday he made me some fantastic storage shelves, which I gave a coat of white paint to.
Yesterday I spent the day walking up and down the stairs, bringing my stacks of vintage and antique fabrics to their new home - I think I probably walked about 5 miles! I'm so glad that I had managed to keep them tidy from my last mammoth tidy-up, as it made the task slightly easier.

Anyway, they are all in place now and so I shall move on to bringing the rest of my supplies down here and will show some more photos soon.
My middle daughter returns home from Uni on Monday, my in-laws are coming to stay as from Tuesday and then my eldest daughter returns from Uni next Saturday......I hope to find some crafting time some time this year!!
In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with some photos of my Aquilegias, or as my Grandad always called them 'Granny Bonnets'.
I started off with this purple one, the frilly pink and cream one called 'Nora Barlow'.....
And this classic pale pink one.

Well, last year I think some cross-pollinating went on! I like to let the plants seed themselves and I am happy to leave them where they want to grow and so I have a few surprise creations this year....
Lost of frills and exciting colours......
happily flowering with plenty of buds still to open.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x


  1. Love the "frilly bonnets" Niki, they are very pretty. Your workspace is looking great. How I would love to rummage in that fabric stash!!! Good luck with all your visitors this week, hope you find time to enjoy it all. Take care
    Love too the linen

  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    Oh Niki! I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your linens, your superb shelves in the workroom and how you've filled them with fabrics and things, and your gorgeous Aquilegias!


  3. Anonymous11:50 am

    Your linen's are just beautiful,your work room is to die for. I'm in love with all your fabric, and your flower's are just wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Everything is so beautiful,I had to read it through again and again ;-) Sal

  5. Niki
    How pretty your fabric looks all stacked up, hopefully some will be used to make more of your exquisite bags as i would love to buy one for my bedroom .
    Have fun.

  6. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Buongiorno Niki.
    Visito sempre il tuo blog...le tue creazioni sono un sogno, un viaggio nel tempo che fu...adoro la merceria e la stoffa antica...
    Baci, Maristella.

  7. So glad hub didn't suffer from too much jetlag on Friday. I'll have to send Pauley over for shelf-making lessons! It's looking good!

    And as for the aquilegia - almost as favourite as poppies!!!

    Sue x

  8. Your vintage linens are wonderful, but your collection of vintage fabrics is amazing! Wow!
    I hope you will show us the rest of your studio!
    Thank you for joining us today!
    ~Cerri xo

  9. I'm drooling over that fabric collection!
    We had some gorgeous aquilegia in our garden last year but this year something has stripped them of their leaves so they don't look quite as beautiful.
    Can't wait to see the finished studio
    Julia x

  10. Niki, your linens are so so pretty!! love the redwork one and that cupboard is AMAZING with all of your pretty fabrics!! You will laugh but I saved it as my desktop background for inspiration to get my stuff organized! Everything is gorgoeus...and your flowers are so pretty.

    xo heather

  11. all that fabric! I would just love to rummage through it all and have a nosey in the drawers as well! Josie x

  12. Wow to your fabric collection! Beautiful embroidery too!

  13. Niki, i think you have the largest collection of vintage fabrics i have ever seen!!! wow!!! your linens are beautiful, love the red~work piece...and your columbines are so gorgeous, Nora Barlow is my favorite as she stays where you put her and doesn't wander like some of her sisters...mine have yet to bloom, so thanks for sharing yours today!!!

  14. Woooo Wee Girlie ! that is one amazing Fabric Collection !!! Congratulations on the storage set-up too.

    I love redwork. I have actually been soaking half a dozen +100 year old pieces this weekend. They are coming clean slowly with just warm water and patience.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures.

    ~ Karen at Ciderantiques

  15. Wow! and I thought I had a lot of fabric! Work roon is looking just fab, - now you have lots of family 'stuff' and can't get to work in there! Life can be a little***!* well you know!!!!
    x Vicky x

  16. Anonymous3:02 am

    wow, that's a lot of fabric!

    Lakewood florist

  17. Wow! I want to come and sort through your fabric and linen collection. It is amazing!
    I've never seen those flowers. They're so pretty! Do they tolerate heat?

  18. Beautiful and precious linens. I want to come and play in your workroom:) Rachael

  19. My mum always calls them columbines, aren't they wonderful. I've transplanted a few into my garden from hers but they won't flower until next year I think. Every year the amount of frills seem to increase.
    What a fabulous fabric store Niki, my idea of heaven.

  20. Oh Niki your Columbines are spectacular and so is your enormous collection of vintage fabrics! I also enjoyed your last garden post! We have been blessed with this great May weather too and I spent most of my vacation in the garden.
    Have a wonderful week
    Carol xox

  21. Wow, your vintage linen collection is amazing!! And I love the shelves filled with vintage fabric, what a dream!

  22. Just beautiful ... all of it. Boy, would I love to rummage through those shelves!!

  23. Hi there I don't hink I have ever seen such a fantastic stash of fabrics..very envious!

    Dev X


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