Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At Last....A Web Update!!

I have updated my website today with over 60 new items - I hope that you will enjoy taking a look. It is my aim to make lots more handmade items soon, but 'real' life has been getting in the way of this lately. I also have some pretty vintage eiderdowns that I hope to list soon, when I have time to photograph them and type write-ups......
This selection of unique handmade brooch pillows and boudoir bags can be found in my on-line catalogue. Sorry, all sold or reserved, but lots of vintage stock in 'textiles' and 'costume'.
I've recently been lucky enough to catch-up with an old family friend from my childhood. We lost contact years ago when we moved to opposite sides of the country, but now, thanks to the www, we are back in touch.
Here we are as mere babes in 1969 (I think) - that's me on the right with the white top and Teena is sat next to me.

....And a few years later (in the 70's!!! as if you couldn't guess from that wild wallpaper - Mum what were you thinking?! Lol) me, far left in purple and Teena, also in purple, third from the right. (Our brothers are standing at the back - mine on the left (blending into that wallpaper!) and Teena's on the right lifting up my cousin)

Awwww...time flies! (I have a few more photos, but that's enough embarrassment for one day!)
Teena recently sent me a parcel through the post, which was a complete surprise. All this loveliness......
The funny thing is, we both recycle vintage fabrics and sell on the www - such a coincidence!! Teena has recently started blogging too, so please take a peek at her sites when you have a moment - they are so cheerful and fun.
T makes these adorable little puppy dogs and I am so lucky to own one -this little girl was in my parcel and she immediately made herself at home.....

First she wandered into the garden to be in the sunshine and to explore the foxgloves.....

and then to sniff the rambling roses.....
and delicious honeysuckle.....
She met some of the other members of the family....

...before finding a snugly spot to take a nap!
Thanks again Teena for your kindness - I look forward to meeting up with you when I stay at my parents home next time.....
I would also just like to say that my daughter really loved reading all the comments that you left regarding her Art Foundation piece below. BIG thank you for your kind wishes.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Niki your pillows and bags are just beautiful, I'm amazed you found the time to do any sewing with all that's been going on. I love the new puppy, he looks like his made himself at home. How nice to meet up with childhood friends, it must have been great for you. Enjoy the week, I'm off to visit your friend's blog

  2. Glad you liked the goodies and that puppy is settling in well! (I notice someone has been very clever shortening that lovely blue bench!) Let me know when she has a name!
    LOVE all your makes! Beautiful colours! You have been so busy!! Hope it was a joy to work in your new space.
    Aren't we a pair of cuties! xxx

  3. How adorable your little items are, sweetpea! They're scrumptious!!!

    I think I had that very same wallpaper in a house in California in the 70s........yikes and yuck!


  4. How wonderful to meet up with an old childhood friend! I know just how you must feel; even though I never left Massachusetts, I left all my friends back up near Boston when I moved to the Cape. How amazing that you share the same interests and both sell online!

    I'm so happy you refilled your shop ~ I needed a Niki-pick-me-up! =) I just LOVE your creations!

  5. Yet more gorgeous items for your shop! How do you find the time to make so many?! I've just been over to your friends blog and also to her gorgeous website. If only I could afford one of her beautiful embroideries! I loved the pictures you shared with us.

  6. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Oooh, I want to snuggle up and take a nap there too! I just realized you are near Bath...on my recent trip I went out to bath, Castle Combe and Stonhenge! Loved it!!!!
    have a great Niki!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  7. I truly enjoy your blog and have added it as a link on mine! You really do beautiful work.

  8. Anonymous6:58 pm

    What awesome goodies you have . I'm sure to be back real soon. Thanks for sharing your style, Susie h

  9. This is my first time to your blog. It is nice to meet up with old friends and you have so much in common. How cool is that! I think I could spend hours here reading all of your old post. Your blog is like looking through the pages of a magazine. Just a beautiful blog. I am going back to my place to add you as a link to make sure I come back. It looks like your daughter was blessed with her mothers talent. Before I leave let me just say one more time: Beautiful!

  10. Your entire blog is great! There are so many wonderful things to see and great ideas.

  11. Your things are so precious. How lucky you are!!!

  12. Hello there dear friend....I've missed our chats...

    What I'm about to share over at my post, I've waited two years to experience...Nic's wedding....

    Here's a blanket invitation to share in our joy....

    let's chat

  13. That napping area is simply gorgeous!


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