Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank You!

A friend of mine dropped by for a cuppa yesterday afternoon and surprised me with this stunningly perfect bouquet of roses, all picked from her beautiful cottage garden. They are heavenly and just make me want to sigh - too gorgeous for words.....

I had an amazing response to my website update yesterday and so wanted to thank you all for stopping by and for all of your kind and supportive emails. It is always humbling to sell a handmade item, to think that someone appreciates what you have worked on and that you have put a piece of your heart into (not literally of course! hehe) Such a confidence boost too, when sometimes doubt creeps in or life throws up things to test you.
I have been wrapping, packing and taking your parcels to the Post Office today - I do hope that you will be pleased with your purchases and thank you once again.
Enjoy the roses,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Thank you for sharing the roses with us Niki, they are divine, and photographed so beautifully as always. I'm really looking forward to receiving my parcel of goodies, thanks so much. Jackie Mx

  2. Frankly, Niki, I don't see how you could do ANYTHING wrong!! Exquisite site update, sweetpea......

  3. What a nice arrangement!


  4. Amazing roses! If that's a bunch the whole garden must be enough to make a girl swoon! xx

  5. Those roses are stunning!!!

  6. The roses are beautiful. I have lots in my garden in those colours at the moment but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to cut them. Perhaps a small posy for the weekend? As usual I was too late looking at your website and the things I loved were already taken! Perhaps one day I'll be lucky. I know we all have doubts about our work from time to time, but really, yours is always so beautiful you should never lose confidence.

  7. Anonymous8:46 am

    ....what a lovely friend to bring you something she knows you really love.
    Thank you for sharing them.


  8. Gorgeous blooms! What a delightful gift from your friend. Lucky you!

  9. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Your work is awesome Niki, I admire your skills and I am so looking forward to receiving my rose bag...I will treasure it. Have a good weekend, Julie x

  10. What absolutely beautiful roses!
    Your things are so lovely. I use the bag I won from you to hold my skin lotions and get to admire it every day :)


  11. Anonymous4:40 pm

    What a sweet friend you have to bring you those flowers!!
    Have a nice weekend.

  12. Those roses are so beautiful Niki, they just look homegrown don't they, not at all mass produced. your friend must have a beautiful garden. It comes as no surprise to me that your things sold so quickly, you are very very talented!

  13. Lovely flowers...The best!...Take care, Katie

  14. Did you hear me Swoon! That giant cabbage rose is so Beautiful! And I LOVE the amazing pillows below!
    Sandra Evertson

  15. Those flowers are gorgeous ~ Come by and say hi and enter my giveaway!


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Niki xx