Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is a Roller Coaster.....

Just coming up for air today.......life's been a little too stressful just recently.
My youngest daughter had an operation on her mouth last week. Thankfully all went well and she is now doing fine.
My eldest daughter fainted at work and was taken by ambulance to our local hospital on Saturday. She has been diagnosed with a heart condition, which will need further treatment; I won't go into it on my blog, but is something that she should be able to lead a normal life with. (Thank goodness) She was allowed home yesterday, with more appointments to come.
With all my trips to the hospital in Bath, I was worried I would run out of petrol due the strike that's on. Our local petrol station had run out by Saturday, but thankfully I managed to fill up again yesterday.
(Don't know if you U.S. girls are aware, but we pay nearly 5.50GBP (approx $11) per gallon for fuel here! The tanker drivers want more pay, so that they don't have to keep working long and unsocial hours.)
Anyway, I want to leave you with happy thoughts......I wasn't able to join in with the 'Show and Tell' on Sunday, with all that was going on here. It was to share one of your favourite flea market finds. Well, I have to say that I wouldn't be able to pick just one(!)....my favourite item is always my latest acquisition!

So here are some of my finds from productive flea market forays, which you may have seen before....

I need to take a breather now and catch-up with things at home.....

Get some sewing done......
And spend some time with my girls.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Niki x


  1. Oh Niki what a time you've been having. I hope that things are well with your girls now and wish them a good and speedy recovery. Take care of yourself

  2. Hi Niki,

    It's Sophie Perks Ward here - long time no see! Was just browsing your website for a birthday present for my Mum when I had a quick look at your blog (which is, of course, looking gorgeous). Sorry to hear you've been having a rotten time of late. Do wish your girls speedy recoveries. Hope all improves soon. Must dash to work now but will be back later to look for that present! Love and hugs, Sophie x

  3. Gosh Nikki..sounds like you've had one of those weeks! I hope your girls are ok ..must have been quite frightening for you with all the hospital visits.
    As for petrol or diesel in my case..hasnt it got ridiculous!..we all need a payrise to pay for everything thats gone up in price because of oil..not just the tanker drivers at shell!
    Your latest finds are beautiful as always..and those flowers in your last post are stunning..enjoy your week..and i hope it isnt as stressfull as the last one!

  4. Hi Niki! I really hope your girls are ok now! Life is often stressful...believe me... I can understand you! I'm an Italian blogger loving home decor, shopping at flea markets, decorating and creating for my home and my web-shop! I enjoy your blog! It's so romantic! Two years ago I spent a long week-end in Bath and surroundings with my family. We enjoyed it so much!
    I wish you and your daughters all the best!
    Hugs from Italy!

  5. So sorry to hear about your girls, particularly the eldest. Must have been really horrible and worrying for you. Hope both of them are on the mend now. Know how you're feeling about the petrol. I stupidly let my car almost run out at the end of last week before realising that I may not be able to re-fill it. Luckily the garage I use hadn't run out. But I just use mine for getting to the station. Must have been extra worrying for you as you had to get somewhere really important. Enjoy getting on with the sewing and spending time with your girls. x

  6. Hi Niki, you are having a time of it - must have been quite a shock, glad things are on the mend.
    Petrol prices are ridiculous, luckily I get a lift to/from work but I could walk if I needed too.
    Lovely treasures, I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite from that lot too!
    Hope this week is a better one for you,
    Lucy x

  7. I'm so sorry to hear of both your daughters, and their health concerns. My thoughts are with you, for speedy recovery, and good health.

  8. Hi Niki
    Sorry to here about the girls , i bet you was so worried.
    Hope everyone is on the mend now.

  9. Dear Niki - I hope you and your girls and hubby are all in good spirits and good health! Taking blog breaks is a good thing I've found! =) Blogging when you feel obligated just lends itself to unwanted stress. Enjoy your time with your family and your crafting!

  10. So sorry to hear about all that is going on lately. Having a child with severe medical condition myself, I know how unbelievably hard it can be to have surgeries, doctors appts. and hear things about your child you don't want to hear. Hang in there, it will get better.Have a cup of tea and relax, tomorrow is another day...I hope it is a better one!
    xoxoxo, TIffany

  11. My goodnes, girl, you've been busy!! Whoooooooa........ It'll get better now perhaps.

    Eleven dollars a gallon??!?!!?!?? At those prices I think I'd hi-jack a gasoline truck!!!

    Take a break, sweet chick!!


  12. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Hello my dear,
    I was so sorry to read of all that has been happening in your world but hopefully you are through the worst of it and over some of the shock.
    When I was going through the worst time of my life last year your blog cheered me up so much..just looking at all the beautiful things in the photographs made the world seem like a better place. Love and blessings. Dawn Robson xxx

  13. What a totally lovely collection of flea market finds. So sorry to hear about your daughters, but I am glad to know they are on the mend. WOW..and here I was complaining about the cost of gas when I filled my tank this morning, but it is nothing compared to the prices you are paying. Sending long distance hugs.

  14. Niki so sorry to hear about yout daughters, wishing them both speedy recoveries and you take care too!

  15. Please give my best wishes to both your daughters. I just have to tell you that your pictures remain the best, even if we see them a 1000 times. Don't forget to take care of yourself, warm wishes, LiLi

  16. Hi Niki, your blog is always the best eye candy. Hope all goes will with your daughter. xo, suzy

  17. Hope your girls recover quickly...Sometimes it happens like that, everything at once!
    Here I am complaining about the cost of petrol here in Australia, and yours is terrible!

  18. Lovely delicious photos are always!
    Hope your girl is ok. Something similar happened to myself but once I'd had the real indepth tests turned out my heart was fine (just got a diesel engine running instead of a petrol). Hope your daughter gets all the relevant tests soon

  19. So sorry to hear about your difficult week, hope both your girls are feeling much better.
    Rosie x

  20. Hey honey! I can't believe I'm having Christmas bauble envy - in June!! Lovely lovely pictures. Hang in there. Cosy on down with your girls in the workroom (as long as they don't forget it's mum's special space!!)! High fuel prices a great excuse not to dash about the countryside.... unless you actually have to be somewhere... then what are we to do? Are we all supposed to move back into the cities where they actually have some public transport?!?! t.xxxx

  21. Niki - sorry to read of all the stressful things you are going through, I really hope everything works out for your family.

  22. So sorry to hear about your daughters, all will turn out well.

    You really find the most gorgeous stuff! The pictures of your flowers are just picture perfect.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  23. Best wishes to both of your girls - I know how stressful it can be when they are ill.


  24. Your blog is beautiful, I found it while looking for vintage places in Cardiff (your cardiff vintage fair entry came up).

    so sorrry about your girls, hopefully everything is much better now.

    I love all your stuff! oh I want it all!

  25. Niki, hoping things are better for your girls and you.... how scary for you! Thinking of you, xoxo Heather

  26. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Sweet goodies you have found, luv the little dolls! I have enjoyed my first visit and thought it important to lt you know your are inspiring. Oklahoma hugs! Carla

  27. Oh my Lord Niki! I hope your Daughters are ok,and my thoughts are with you and your hubby,you just never stop worrying about them do you? keeping you all in my prayers,Gena xxx


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