Monday, November 17, 2008

Fair Days

I couldn't pass up these French boudoir lovelies on a recent trip to an antique fair, now could I?
There is a pair of little circular cushions covered in textured damask and silk. A sweet little half-doll pin cushion attached to a sewing case. One of my favourite items was the tiny patterned silk purse with celluloid clasp, containing loose powder with a combined powder-puff and mirror inside...
An incredibly intricate fabric covered box, stitched by hand and studded inside with beads on a pale blue ruched lining. The dainty dressing table mirror with scroll metal frame is just 7 inches tall.
I love the fabric case printed inside and out with art nouveau poppies. And just one sparkling costume brooch this time, to add to my collection that I mentioned in the post below.
I also bought some more rare French fabrics with my dolls in mind. As well as the lovely Scottish mohair scarf which will be recycled into a coat for one of them.
I'm sure I shall never tire of finding these gorgeous old floral fabrics....sigh....

This one is a pure silk mixed fabric and is printed with the prettiest pink rose garlands.
And a C19th cotton with a simple little rose motif - just lovely.

I also bought these pottery rose buds, French again, which I intend to thread up with lace to hang from our Christmas tree.
And lastly this little chubby chap pleaded with me to bring him home....or did I imagine that?! Anyway, he seems happy here amongst the tête-à-tête in my kitchen.

I also wanted to mention the 'Vintage & Handmade Fair' which is being held this Saturday. Sadly I'm unable to attend; something Sue knew I was a little miffed about! So she very kindly offered to take along one of my rag dolls to sit on her stand!

I have made this little lady especially for the fair. She is dressed in a c1930's rose printed French cotton dress, with a beautiful pale green background. A spriggy print petticoat with broderie Anglais hem and a pair of ankle length bloomers made from C19th French ticking.
But the piece de resistance of her festive outfit is her pure wool coat, which I have made from a large section from a Welsh plaid blanket. It's finished by hand and trimmed with c1930's hand painted wooden buttons.
Sue asked if I could name her Myfanwy, which I think is fitting, given the origin of the blanket!
So Myfanwy will be seated on Sue's stand at the fair, with the perfect vantage point for viewing all of Sue's beautiful wares and also all of the other stalls in the hall.
Wishing all who have booked a stand, a wonderful and prosperous day! See you at the next one!

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has placed an order on my website recently. I have been kept very busy wrapping, packing and despatching parcels for 3 or 4 days.
I have also had several emails from people asking if I intend to add some more handmade stock to the listings soon. I am hoping to later, and so may not be able to visit other blogs for a little while.

Running my website keeps me very busy, on a daily basis, which often limits me to the amount of time I can then spend on sewing. It can be very difficult to find a balance when there are emails to answer and orders to invoice for. Of course I am very grateful for the orders, but with no crafting time, I have no new stock -This is my only source of income, so please forgive me if I don't come to visit your blogs for a little while. Thanks!
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. I'm in love with those gorgeous fabrics Niki, especially the garlands. What a wonderful haul. Beautiful.
    Hope you don't have to work your fingers too close to the bone. You'll deserve a lovely break at Christmas.

  2. Niki...can you see me drooling from where you are...why can I ever find flea markets like that???? I havent been to a good flea market for years...everything you bought is lovely especialy the little dog, I think he would love to come and live in Yorkshire!!!Wonderful news about all the items you are selling I am not suprised everything on your website is lovely... Its a shame you are feeling pulled in all dirctions with work and websites etc etc It's all about balance...I should know I have been trying to find balance for the last twenty years love and hugs H

  3. Niki What great finds!Your dolly is so adorable and of course the fabrics are to die for!

  4. Hi Niki

    Myfanwy is comfortably settled amongst the lace and patchwork and quite likes the chair I plan to sit her on! I shall take great care of her until she goes to her new home, wherever that may be.

    Sue xx

  5. ooh I NEVER see such fabrics at flea markets up here! I expect it's that you have spent years developing a very good eye for spotting them!
    Myfanwy is just beautiful - Oh and that lovely mohair scarf - I have a few vintage ones and I keep kidding myself I'll wear them, but they tickle and I always look less 'arty vintage' than 'crabby sneezing granny' so it's not a good look! :-)
    Don't worry about visiting blogs- you just make the most of the Christmas orders and concentrate on making all your fans happy by keeping that shop stocked! t.xxxxxx

  6. Beautiful finds (I LOVE the fabrics), an exquisite ragdoll, and yet never a need to excuse yourself from blogging... craft and sew to your heart's delight, my friend! =) hugs! -beachy xo

  7. Anonymous8:54 am

    I adore your blog and am not surprised it has been extended to such a sublime book. As one of your "fans" who sent an e-mail, I would be sorry not to read anymore of your musings regarding the old, tattered and previously loved. BUT hands up, I wait with bated breath for my poor beleagured postie to arrive with a NOSTALGIA box. In London vintage goodies are limited and then tend to be repros in some "yummy-mummy" shop in Notting Hill. Everything you do, would be marked up to at least 4 times! You have a keen eye, rare talent and strike me as the most generous & gracious person...just do what makes you happy.
    P.S Did you say more will be added to the catalogue for Christmas..:0)

  8. Hi Claudette,
    Many thanks for your kind, sweet comment! Hope your parcel will be with you soon! I agree with you about the London prices - I am originally from Hertfordshire and regularly went to London on shopping trips years ago. I was lucky to do my work experience through college at Liberty’s!
    I fully intend to keep prattling-on on my blog - just I may not get round to visit others - just for a little while, whilst I catch-up!
    Yes, hope to add more before Christmas! ;-))
    Have a great week,

  9. Gosh I love so many of the things that you've picked up. I have my eye on a few things that I may have to treat myself to. Although my husband may kill me!

  10. Lovely, lovely fabrics....
    Marion :0)

  11. Hi Niki!

    I just wanted to let you know your GORGEOUS /FABULOUS/ STUNNING :) BOOK arrived this morning!! I just heated up some tea and sat down to glance through it and I was blown away, it is so beautiful, I was pulled into a cottage world .....and what a great collection of photographs and not to mention all the ideas it is packed with!! You did a fabulous job and you were so right when you said it has more photos than most books ever do!!

    I dont want to read the whole thing in one sitting, it will be my treat to myself everyday , a little at a time :) I want to savior it and let it linger about in all its pretties!!

    Thank you so much for giving us a "get-away" without leaving the sofa , quilt and cup of tea behind!!

    btw, I would love to feature it as a post on my blog and tell a little about how wonderful it is, but I wasnt sure of that would be ok, Id love to show a few of the pages in it , or link it to the site that allows people to see the first 10 etc, but let me know what you think first! no rush, I know you'r busy, thank you so much for such a beautiful read!!

    I will treasure it!

    ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  12. Your "new" fabrics & treasures are lovely Niki. I am really looking forward to meeting Myfanwy on Saturday!

  13. PS: I have you plaster dog's twin, except mine still has his original silk ribbon!

  14. Nikki, I just love to see what you have soooo many goodies. Please stop by my blog and pick up something special. :)

  15. Your treasures are delightful and your little lady is precious. I would like to put a link to your site on my blog! Hope that's OK! THANK YOU!

  16. Hi Niki,

    Im still savoring it :) Im going to pick it up again tonight! its really so wonderful, you should be so so proud!!! I wished I was a better photographer, I wanted to show it in all its glory and my skills have much to be desired in that department, so I hope my words filled in! :)

    anyway, was that cottage your home AND your store?? or was is just a store ?? I misunderstood that :) if that was your home, OMG, you lucky duck :)!! let me know when you move :) Its right out of a story book !!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  17. Dear Niki
    I am certain that Myfanwy will not be sitting on Sue's shelf for long... I think she will be the cause of a stampede once the doors open! It is nice to know that part of you will be able to come to the fair!
    I have been meaning to thank you for your very generous comment on my last blog post.. thank you so much. I do feel that you have had so much to do with my inspiration this year.. as it was you that started me on this exciting journey!
    I hope you have a lovely Birthday weekend with your daughter..
    With love
    Michele x

  18. I just discovered your blog and I'm heading over to look at the book that has been highl recommended.. I'm definetly put you on my favorite blog roll..
    hugs ~lynne~

  19. Such gorgeous fabrics and I adore the sweet doggy!!

  20. Anonymous9:02 am

    Wonderfuls finds and such a beautiful doll, she really is a beauty! By the way, How do you pronounce "Myfanwy"? Oooh i do love the Andrews sisters too, brilliant arrangements and their voices make me feel all vintage inside! I know every word. hehehehe.

  21. Those fabrics are just so beautiful!
    Sandra Evertson

  22. Anonymous10:50 am


  23. warmest congrats on the book. i just read a glowing review at/from cynthia's cottage design and had to visit your blog. everything is a treat to look at. your store was right out of a fairy tale!


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