Thursday, November 06, 2008

Glad Rags.

Just back from a lovely day out with Busy Lizzie, to Frome Town Centre. We visited all the usual haunts, but then stumbled across a newly opened shop called 'Make and Mend' in Catherine's Hill.

Donna, the owner, has a wonderful range of stock including vintage costume. (Loved the C1950's white dress printed with pink roses, above)

Lots of pretty accessories displayed behind the bar!

As well as kitsch and retro goodies, all beautifully laid out and styled.

And should you wish to try on any of these garments....
It can be done in the very glamorous surroundings of the fitting rooms, with walls plastered in images of beautiful women in stunning fashions to keep you company!
Later Liz and I treated ourselves to lunch at Diva's - creamy garlic mushrooms, spinach and brown bread was my order for today - delicious!
Liz managed far more shopping than I did (!) - lots of lovely hand knitted treasures and vintage clothing, but I did find this wonderful roll of floral hand blocked wallpaper.

A perfect paper for lining the back of a cabinet perhaps?

And I also picked up a copy of December's issue of 25 Beautiful Homes, which I shall settle down with this evening and enjoy reading all about Donna's festive home.
Thanks for a lovely day Liz - we must do it again sometime soon!
Niki x


  1. What a fabulous shop, Niki! All those vintage dresses look lovely! I think my favorite bits are the old mirrors behind the bar actually (probably because I have more wall space at home than I have closet space)! =)

    (It's Beachy -- I had a blog change.) =)

  2. Hi Niki
    You beat me to the blogging! I really enjoyed our day in Frome, thank you so much for showing me round the town.. look forward to doing a similar trip soon....Have a lovely evening!
    Lizzie xxxx

  3. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Just my kind of place.

  4. Oh you lucky lucky girls! That does look like it was fun! LOVE that wallpaper. t.xx

  5. It looks fantastic! I've decided to try and visit Frome next week as I live in Bristol and haven't been there yet.

  6. I'd spend ages in that shop poking around and trying things on... they'd probably have to call security to throw me out!

  7. Anonymous8:50 am

    What a great day out Niki, I love that wallpaper. I've just received your book and it is absolutely gorgeous, the most beautiful book I have ever seen by far. I shall treasure it for ever and am looking forward to many hours of pleasure feasting my eyes on all it's beauty. Highly, highly recommended, I adore it. Jackie Mx

  8. Hello Niki. Frome was one of the places I really wanted to visit when we were down in Bath, but we just ran out of time. After seeing photos of this new shop, I'm even more determined to visit next time ... Enjoy your weekend

  9. I am so glad to see that you have blogged "Make and Mend' Niki..
    We happened to be in Frome last on the day after this shop had opened and I didn't have my camera on me.
    It is a delightful shop and one I hope to return to as there were just one or two items I had my eye on.
    Donna is lovely and was so welcoming ..
    I hope she does really well in her new venture.
    Michele xx

  10. Ooooh how lovely. I really want to visit Frome and thought I might make it after the last Shepton Flea but of course we ran out of time. Must make a special trip. Love the look of that new shop!

  11. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Now that's my kind of shop!
    Haven't been to Frome (or the UK) in years, but this is a nice incentive to return.

    Loved all your pics, too.

  12. Hi, we were there this weekend and of course I visited this shop too!It is absolutely fascinating!
    Do you know there's an artisan's market on Catherine's Hill the first Sunday of each month? That's my excuse to go there regularly ;) (if I needed one)



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