Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time Flies...

I've hardly had a free minute recently, so my poor blog has sat without an update for almost a week...terrible woman!
In between taxiing one of my daughters about to and from dental appointments, a trip to the station so she could get back to uni in Aberystwyth again, Birthday preparations for my youngest, regular visits to the Post Office, and the general chaos that comes with family life, I have been sewing....I have some pieces to finish off, but hope to have another update to my website well before Christmas.....

This morning I allowed myself the time to visit a vintage textile fair in Bath, which was bliss. Afterwards I took a leisurely walk back through the city to try to get myself in a festive frame of mind. Working from home can be a little isolating and sometimes I have to remind myself what day of the week it is, let alone what month we're in! Christmas seems to be fast approaching and I've barely given it a second thought. Its my daughters actual Birthday tomorrow, so after that I shall have to knuckle down...
Some of the individual shops in Bath are getting ready for the Christmas rush. Pretty window displays brighten up the side streets....
(Oh look! There's one of my dolls sat in that window! ;-))

More cheerful reds and greens here too...

The fairy lights have been strung up in the Corridor...

And decorations have started to appear on the lampposts.

The beautiful fir tree now stands in front of the Abbey and Pump Rooms, ready for the opening of the Christmas Market...

with the wooden chalets in the square patiently awaiting their vendors.

Back home, I've just snapped a few shots of my purchases from the fair. Lots of lovely French fabrics again...have you ever known me to walk past them?!

Beaded daisies, which I thought could look pretty hanging from the Christmas tree.

I just loved the pale blue silk velvet ribbon and these tiny forget-me-not flowers.

Finally, fluffy mohair scarves from Lizzie to keep some more of my dollies warm!
And in between cooking the dinner, cleaning, doing the ironing etc.(you know how it goes!), I've been making-over a cupboard!

I bought this large 1930's utility glazed cabinet for £20.
Gave it a coat of French grey paint...

Lined the back of it in glamorous pages from an 1890 French magazine...
Quickly covered the shelves in fabric using my staple gun.
And hubby and I hung it from the wall on our landing.

I wanted to use it to display my vintage shoe collection properly.
I can now appreciate them more here and they will be kept dust free behind the glass.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Niki x


  1. What a wonderful post you have today. I pictured myself walking along the store fronts. In San Francisco each December we have the Charles Dickens Fair indoors of a huge facility. It is totally historical with store fronts, homes, people dressed in the historical clothes milling about. You just go and mingle and eat the traditional english food and you actually feel like you are in England back in the day.

  2. Your dolly is in that shop window!!! How lovely! I think all your purchases are gorgeous - I especially LOVE that pale blue velvet ribbon!

    Bath looks dreamy preparing for the holidays! My very last trip to England was in late November into early December, and I remember how joyous it was to watch the shops and arcades dressing up for the holidays! =) Have a productive week, and Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!

  3. Hi Niki

    Your cupboard looks great - what a lot you've achieved since I saw it last week!!

    I love the little forget-me-nots. I have a photo somewhere of me aged 9 wearing a pale blue duster coat with a bunch of the very same forget-me-nots pinned to it. Sadly 50 years on they've vanished, but I used to feel so grown up wearing them!!!

    Glad you had such a good day in Bath. I really do want to try and get there before Christmas.

    Sue xx

  4. Just beautiful...I love the way you have transformed that cupboard and the shoes look awe and slightly green with jealousy...Helen

  5. Hi Niki, what lovely things you have bought this week, I saw one of your wonderful dolls at the Rangeworthy Fair and she was gorgeous she was so lovely with so much fabulous fabric used on her and absolutely charming. I had the pleasure of meeting Sue on her wonderful stall and of course bought lots of yummy things..
    As it happens we have just got home from Aberystwyth from visiting our youngest daughter who is also at university there, she was a bit tearful on the phone last night so I felt the need to give her a hug, we haven't seen her since September so we had a very nice lunch with her a very big hug and set off home. Quite a drive isn't it.
    It would be a very small world if they knew each other!!!
    Jan x

  6. Hi Niki,

    Love your beautiful new fabrics and the lovely cabinet you have redone.

    I am honoring you with a special award. Please stop by my blog when you have a chance to pick up your award.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  7. That was neat to find your doll in the shop window! My favorite thing you the blue velvet ribbon! That will be fun to play with!
    Niki! This is so funny...the code I have to type in here is bonstsh

    Bon Stash! Yes, I'll agree :)

  8. hi l love your cupboard you have worked very hard on it ,what a transformation well done pat

  9. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Your vintage shoe collection looks fantastic in the paper/Fabric covered cabinet : )

  10. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Everything looks beautiful. You live where people dream of!

  11. Anonymous1:00 am

    I just love them dolls, well ok all the pictures but they are lovley thanks for sharing fiona

  12. What a pretty post! I wish I could have taken that same stroll today. :) I love what you have done to the utility cabinet! Just gorgeous. :)

  13. Wow I wish that I had a cabinet like that for my shoe collection! You did a wonderful job it looks beautiful...

  14. Great to see you yesterday! So glad you didn't tell me which shop on the blog photos had the painted dolls house in it...(next to one of your dolls..) I would have been off like a shot with the Fair takings.. can you imagine the trouble I would have been in!!!
    Lizzie xx

  15. you have such a good taste..
    your display is beautiful.. in every single detail..
    love it..
    enjoy.. a lot..

  16. Hi Niki..
    How did you know that Broad Street Bath is my favourite for Vintage finds..
    I do hope you had a thoroughly enjoyable Birthday weekend for your daughter..
    Thanks for reminding me about Christmas.. I have put it to the back of my mind until now.. Don't know if I will ever be ready for it!
    Lots of love
    Michele x

  17. P.s.. Fabulous cupboard makeover.. you are so very clever!


  18. Hello Nicky you are so generous with your lovely comments, how kind of you to say that thankyou. I have sent a tiny little gift with your friend hope you like themxxx
    I just adore your dollys, and I keep looking at them in their lovely clothes....I would love to dress myself like that, and may make myself a blanket coat just in that very style ha are yourself so gifted.
    I would have loved to stay for the textile fair but my hubbie has taken on extra work and my daughter needed to get back...and they helped me SO much I could not refuse. I may come to the spring fair...just to vist though not to I am hoping very much to meet you then, won't that be good all the fun and none of the work...well for me ha ha !!!
    Love and Hugs Lynn xx

  19. Cabinet looks wonderful! YAY! to not having to dust them! I have no idea where you found the time! Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! I'd grab a birthday hug if she were closer! t.xx

  20. Anonymous2:08 pm

    I'm quite besotted with that dollshouse/cupboard affair in the shop next to your doll.

  21. I love your beautiful newsy post as well as the shots of around your town. How fun is that. I love the bright colored bus. Thanks for the fun blog.

  22. Sounds like you have been quite busy. I love what you did with that sweet cabinet. It is so pretty now. The buildings are gorgeous.

  23. Hi Niki
    Love your blog-have been reading it for a while now, and I love the photos you post, makes me want to visit Bath one day! I live in Aberystwyth where you said your daughter is in uni!! What a small world it is sometomes. Keep on doing what you are doing with the shop and blog-really lovely, all of it!

  24. wow! what a fantastic make over! i love that you decoupaged the french black and white pictures inside. gives the cupboard a whole new personality :) awesome!


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