Monday, February 02, 2009

'News' (No, not the Ground Breaking Stuff!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

(Photo found on - Italian leather satchel)
Whenever I write a post about my weekend, I am reminded of those long accounts that we were told to record at school on a Monday morning, which had to be titled 'News'. It was something I usually struggled with... I mean, how many times can you write about watching your brother's football team play on a Saturday morning, or another (enjoyable, but none-the-less, another) visit to Granny’s, or of playing out in the street with the kids in your road? As hard as I tried to make it sound interesting, it always seemed to read a little mundane and ordinary. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that when I was in my 40’s I would still be writing similar reports, albeit for a slightly larger audience – and today I find it difficult to come to grips with the fact that anyone would actually be interested in reading my chronicle of the weekends events!!
It’s a funny world, Blogging, isn’t it?!

Anyway, here we go… (For anyone remotely interested!)
A dreaded local parish council meeting about a proposed development in our next door neighbours garden (something we are not looking forward to living in close proximity of if it goes ahead), had to be attended first thing on Saturday morning, but afterwards we decided to get out for a few hours.

Hubby, our youngest daughter and I, headed off to Clifton Village, Bristol, for a warming lunch in 'Amoeba'. My baked sweet potato with red onions and feta cheese went down very well!
Suitably refreshed we then walked around the corner to 'Focus on the Past'.
A wonderful shop jammed packed with vintage loveliness, but at a price!

Then it was off down the hill, past Bristol University to the lower end of Clifton, calling in some of the unique little shops on the way. The charity shops were doing a roaring trade...a popular haunt for the local students, I don't doubt!

Past an original Banksy mural on an otherwise bare wall...
As far as Bristol cathedral...
And the Council House at College Green...
Which are watched over by Queen Victoria!
Sunday was a quieter day with an hour of thrifting before getting back home to snuggle in the warm again with hot cups of tea.
My finds amounted to a respectable collection, including some c1950's fish printed toweling fabric, two old doll heads, framed fashion prints, a cottage tin, pretty china and more vintage bling.
I also completed a little project that I have been putting off for a while. I bought this pine wall cupboard a few weeks ago. Inside it had divided partitions, which were tatty from years of use, so I felt they needed a refurb. I wanted to line the cupboard in paper, but thought that all the compartments would make for a long and difficult job.

I set aside a couple of hours and measured and cut sections of paper to cover each of the areas in turn. An antique floral wallpaper was a perfect addition for the back, with old sheet music lining all the other surfaces. I used PVA glue to secure it, applied evenly with a paintbrush.
It felt good to have this project finished - I don't know why I put it off for so long really, as the satisfaction of having it completed is a relief.
It would make a cute filing cupboard for craft supplies such as postcards and photographs, cards of ribbons and lace or for small pieces of precious fabrics. (It will come with me to the V&H fair in May)
I admit, not the most exciting of weekends, but enjoyable all the same - hope you had a good one too!
My thanks for all of your lovely comments to my post below - if only you had all lived close by, I could have welcomed you into my little piece of paradise. We could have sipped tea and talked vintage, whilst being surrounded by more than a few pink roses! ;-))
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    It's time I went to Clifton again. I can't remember the last time ...

    What an amazing job you've done on the little cupboard. Can't wait to see it at the V&H Fair!

    Sue xx

  2. So glad l wasnt the only one on a Monday morning with a boring report of the weekend,l dont find it any easier doing my blog for some reason whats in my head doesnt come out sounding right but lets hope l get better with age LOL BEST WISHES FOR A GREAT WEEK PAT

  3. Anonymous10:47 am

    Oh it would have been wonderful to stop in at your house for many treasures to admire I am sure. That cupboard is gorgeous but it does look time consuming! Thanks for sharing your North East West and South.....the most important N.E.W.S.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  4. Lovely news Niki ... much better than the stuff on the radio!!! At first I thought you were making satchels (I bought my eldest a satchel just like for Christmas) and then realised it was weekend news, which is always very interesting. I love the cupboard, I'm off to build a snowman ...

  5. sounds like a lovely weekend.. far better than rummaging through the wretched plastic crates & trashing my home AGAIN... Liz xx

    PS love the phrase vintage bling!

  6. Sounds like you have a very lovely weekend!!! Mine was a little more hectic....but I still got to go thrifting!!!

  7. That shop looks scrummy, I'm not surprised you didn't come away empty handed. The Banksy you saw is fab, not seen that one before but how funny!

    Mel xxx

  8. Clifton looks so lovely! And your treasures once again are beautiful ~ I love what you've done to your cupboard! Now that our children are getting a little older, hubby and I are hinting to each other once again that a trip back to England should be on a "front burner" rather than a back one! =)

  9. "respectable collection" LOL. Yes, it is! Your meal looks soooo yummy, as does that antique shop!

  10. I must admit, I am one of those 'interested' people!!
    Your finds are great, and the cupboard beautiful! Love that pale blue background...
    Monica x.

  11. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend ( except for the meeting, of course) Thanks for sharing your photos - enjoyed the tour,

  12. Hi the inside of your cupboard...wish we had kept all the music we got when Pete's great aunt died...what a good idea to use it to line shelves...

  13. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Your blog about writing on Monday what you did at the weekend reminded me of when I was at primary school and had to do just not being very interesting that weekend i made up that I had taken my baby sister out for a walk in her pram and what we saw....the teacher congratulated my Mum that afternoon on her 'new arrival' as she hadn't realised she'd been expecting..and what a good story I'd written....Mum was somewhat taken aback as I was her last 'baby'..I always did have an over active imagination!! Thanks for the memory!!!

  14. Your weekend sounds VERY exciting! I love the doll heads! Would love to find something like that to play with! Love your blog...your life is so interesting!

  15. The giveaway parcel arrived today!!! I am the luckiest "girl" in the entire world~everysingle gift is so beautiful and it came all the way from England!
    Thankyou a million times over!
    Love the snow in your photos and all the lovely shots of Bristol!
    Hugs and a warm cup of tea~


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