Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One for the Nostalgia Photo Album

Yesterday was a special day for our family.
It began with us leaving home in the morning, at the start of a rather epic car journey to complete in one day...
We crossed The Severn...

and passed through the beautiful Welsh valleys,

enjoying the scenery in all its rugged glory.

To finally arrive here for the very special ceremony.
It was the day for our first-born to graduate!


Smiles all round and a swelling of pride that she'd finally achieved her goal...

and was now about to embark on the next chapter of her life.

With the formalities over, we all walked down to the seafront for a few moments of fresh air and quiet.

We'd booked a celebratory evening meal at the Constitution Hill Restaurant, which is reached by taking the cliff railway up the steep terrain.
The journey up allows for some of the best views over this old fashioned seaside town.

Then it was time for fun and laughter, and good food shared amongst friends.

After a wonderful evening, we took our daughter back to her new (very old!) flat, which we hadn't seen before, as she only moved in last Saturday. Thankfully I didn't need to go home and weep, as it really wasn't too bad!
And just to refocus on what my blog is usually all about, have a look at what can be found a couple of doors down from her new residence, on the corner of the street...

This quirky little display shop has been set up by the town council, with the objects inside coming from an Aberystwyth clothes shop that closed down in 1923. Its tucked away down the side streets of Aber for tourists to chance upon.

Sorry for the quality of my photos - it was 9pm by this stage, the light was fading and I had to capture the images through the glass windows.
More details about the museum can be found on this information sheet below. (click to enlarge the photo)

Wouldn't you love to go shopping here?





Later, our goodbyes were said and we left our dear daughter at her new home in Wales to begin the long drive back to ours...
Three and a half hours later we'd made it, and were more than ready for bed, but it had been a happy day and one we shall look back on with pride and fondness.
I'm feeling rather tired this morning, but its been lovely to relive the day - looking through the hundreds of photos that I took, which include many new and precious memories.
Niki x


  1. It's a special moment when one's first born graduates! Well done to you all! lovely pics of shop - will have to check it when I am next down there.

  2. Julie - Oxford.12:22 pm

    What an emotional and proud day for you all, our children are nearly all grown up...where did those years go. x

  3. Congratulations on your daughter's achievement! It is an achievement for her parents, as well! ;) What a beautiful place to live, and that shop is the icing on the cake. The train ride to the restaurant looks so charming. It sounds as though your family had a joyous day!

  4. it's so a talking about trollies...the sea....Wales....historic sites....

    we just do not have that out here at all.....old barns yes, which our 'our castles' but let me just tell you it's fascinating thinking that is just a short car ride! for

  5. Hi there!
    Many congratulations to your daughter! You must be so proud!
    (I've now blubbed through three ceremonies ) ;-)
    Fancy finding that little display that thrilled you!

  6. Congratulations to your daughter. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. Beautiful countryside.

  7. Such incredibly beautiful pictures, thank you for posting. I can hardly believe the view your daughter has out of her new apartment. Congratulations on her graduation!

  8. how super, congrats to your daughter! my husband went to Aber for his degree although that was a good few years ago now! You're right I'd love to be let loose in that shop.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS to your daughter. I remember I felt so proud at my sons graduation, and I bet you felt extememly pround too.

  10. What a momentous day for you all Niki.. and how very proud and emotional you must have felt..
    I always feel a sense of pride when I see the young graduates in town .. wearing their gowns.. and they aren't even my offspring.. so I can imagine what an important day this has been for you and your daughter.. Congratulations!

    Michele xx

  11. *Congratulations* to your daughter.
    What a lovely idea that shop is, so special.

  12. What a day - it sounded like three days in one. You must have been bubbling with pride. Then to find the neighbourhood has such a fabulous mock shop of delights too.

    Lisa x

  13. Congrats to your daughter! Photos of Wales brought back some great memories when I travelled there 5 years ago, it was so lovely!
    That shop looks like your style, you may have to go back and admire when visiting your daughter again.

  14. Congratulations to your daughter, Niki! Your photos will surely be precious memories of this important day for many years to come!
    Monica xx.

  15. Congratulations to your precious child/woman! Thank you for taking us along for such a wonderful celebration...Sharon

  16. Congratulations to your daughter, Niki! Thank you for sharing such a special time. The seaside town looks wonderful. What a lovely day for you to treasure. xx

  17. What a wonderful post! You must have been bursting with pride all day? What a fabulous 'shop' you discovered too! Katie x

  18. Congratulations & well done to your daughter! You must be so proud!


  19. Hi sweetie, remember me...I have been sooooooooooo busy at work I have neglected all my blogging...I have felt physically battered I have been so tired....but the good news is that I am finally coming up for air...I may even manage a catch up post...and I have lots of wonderful knitting projects and super books to read this summer...hope you are well...I have missed eveyone...that shop looks amazing...lots of my Kids went to that uni and loved a wonderful achievement.....

  20. A lovely day for you all. Shall look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow!

    Sue x

  21. How wonderful Niki, you must be a very proud mummy :-)

    I can just imagine you with your nose pressed up against the glass window of the shop, hehehe!

  22. What a special moment it is when our children graduate with a college degree,very proud moment it is. Hope your daughter enjoys her future now that all the pressure is off and she can stop and smell the roses..... :)


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