Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank You, Rain!

The steady fall of rain this afternoon has surprised me with its focusing influence...
Too wet to venture out into my garden, or further afield...
But actually reassuringly calming and cocooning...
I've sat all afternoon in my small basement workroom, with the door propped open...
The rain amplified by the funnelling effect of being under the wooden balcony...

No breath of wind, has allowed the rain to fall in long vertical lines which smack the ground.
Small pools of water have intensified the damp aroma, and there’s an over powering sense of growth and renewal amongst the lush vegetation.

A cool, peaceful, soothing air; like soft background music with a comforting, romantic quality.

It's certainly woven its magic over me today to help channel my energy...

Thank you rain, you were just what I needed.
(Only, please don't fall tomorrow, as I have plans! ;-))
Niki x


  1. you described that feeling very well.. I know it too! I hope the rain goes to sooth some other souls tomorrow so you can go out to play!

  2. One can never predict the weather but I do hope you will have a wonderful day, wet or dry. Don't you love the smell of rain? We need it so bad here in Georgia, USA....Sharon

  3. It's so nice when these things happen when you need them! Here's to no rain tomorrow!
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. What a pretty little setting you have to create in. I can imagine it must have been quite lovely sitting there, listening to the rain fall outside the door. One of the simple pleasures in life for sure. Well done to your daughter as well!! Good on her.

  5. It is good to "go with the flow" sometimes, instead of moaning about the weather................. I often do the same & the results can be surprising!
    Liz xxx

  6. I do hope it has stopped for you today...sometimes the rain is so peaceful, I remember building tents in the fields with old deckchairs and blankets and then crawling inside to overheat!! and just praying it would rain...tu! never did though...long hot summers...dreams....wonderful
    Have a lovely weekend Nikki
    Lynn xx

  7. I love the rain and always find it soothing. My daughter has inherited this from me. She made me smile the other day when she said 'when my new bedroom is done it will be as beautiful as a long wet week!'
    That is a lovely post, Niki. It was like poetry. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  8. Oh I love the smell when it's rained! I don't like listening to rain much though because it always makes me feel all cold!

    Mel xxx

  9. Rain gives everything a good wash, releases those earthy smells and is somehow calming when you can sit and listen.

    I espied your Dewhurst's Sylko drawers, I have one like that I picked up a few years ago in England.


  10. It recently rained in Houston too, after a long period of "drought". The feeling was utterly remarkable.

    Besides merely thanking the rain for that effect, rain also powers this Earth through its cycle, helping give water to many across the globe. Your blog is wonderful, it's full of thanksgiving and nostalgia, something I also love to blog about at my site. What camera do you use? The pictures are quite remarkable!

    If you would be so kind as to drop me an answer at my blog, that would be great! I also blogged about rain on the same day. Seems like it's a universal joy!


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