Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feel the Love!

Thank you for all the supportive comments I received to my last post - I know so many of us have a heavy workload, so can easily empathise when a fellow blogger talks of feeling snowed under, over-worked, overwhelmed or just plain shattered....its a shame that women still feel the need to 'do it all', often at the detriment of looking after themselves properly. I appreciate the fact that you actually read my ramblings, and so were constructive in your remarks. It means a lot that you took the time to do so...I think this very hot weather is getting us all a bit jittery too, so look after yourselves! x

After making a fairy doll yesterday (wahoo, go me!), and spurred-on by feelings of embarrassment, I had to do a bit more hacking and slaying in the garden...We have a huge grapevine growing up over a rusty metal arch tunnel. Our window cleaner arrived bright and early - He's one of a dying breed who still uses long ladders and not those cleaning tools on long poles; apparently he's probably breaking a health and safety law, as our top windows are three floors up at the back of our house. Anyway, there he was grappling with his ladder, trying to negotiate the grape vine, which looked like it could devour him at any moment, in an attempt to reach and clean our tiny utility room window.
So, with feelings of guilt that I'd made his job even more arduous, the hair cut began!
Another filled wheelie bin later, the hot task was over. The vine creates a shady area in the garden and a walkway out from my basement workroom - as demonstrated by Miss Millie here!
Later on I thought I'd take a few photos of whats looking lovely in the garden just now...
The other rose that my brother bought for me is now in flower - its called 'Times Past' and is a climbing variety.

My foxgloves have been sprouting baby flower spikes from their base.



I love these astilbes - they really are that colour - I've not digitally altered these photos at all - a gorgeous rich ruby red, with the off-white ones in the background.

Summer bedding in a terracotta pot.
Penstemons are another of my favourites.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the flowers...
buzzzz...buzzzz..yummy, yummy....

A bit more 'faffing-time' and I should be able to show you the summerhouse...hubby and I sat and had a cuppa in there yesterday evening, listening to the was wonderful to escape the day for a few restorative moments...
Have a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. Beautiful pictures! The rose Times Past is glorious and what a stunning name! I look forward to seeing your new summer house. xx

  2. Julie - Oxford.11:22 am

    Hi Niki, I have just caught up with the last two posts and agree that you should make more time for yourself and enjoy your 'world'...simple everyday thinks that everyone deserves and not beat yourself up when some things do not get done. Love your hallway, we need to start painting all the doors and skirting boards from top to bottom (oh joy) in our house but not in this heat, hope yours is a lovely day, Julie x

  3. Thank you so much for all the lovely pictures of your garden. Right now in San Antonio TX it's very hot and most yards/gardens are on the brown side. We are in the middle of a year long drought and praying for rain. Green year round was what I loved the most about living in Bedford,England. Take time for yourself and enjoy a cup of tea on me.

  4. You have a wonderful garden, that vine covered arch appeals to me a lot. The photos of your very colourful flowers are gorgeous! Oh, and the summer house, can't wait to see that properly.

  5. Such pretty a person who lacks pretty garden space, I so have enjoyed yours today....thank you!xx

  6. Hi Niki, what beautiful pictures of your lovely garden, hope the summer house is coming on so you can relax and enjoy your flowers to the full. As I have been out of blog land for a while I will go and catch up on all your posts I feel sure they are as lovely as always.

  7. Your garden flowers look wonderful Niki! When you are feeling snowed under it must be the perfect place to relax!


  8. Gosh..Nikki, everything looks gorgeous, especially the beautiful rooster! I love the fact that your brother gave you a rose with a meaningful name: Times special!

  9. That's a tantalising photo at the end of the post! Can imagine what the rest looks like! The flowers are looking good, too.

  10. Looks awesome! Glad your window cleaner is ok and not eaten by the grape vine, you know how those grape vines can be! hehehe! Your garden is just beautiful!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. Anonymous12:35 am

    Your garden is beautiful! I love the rosy wallpaper you installed in your hallway (yesterday's pics). Where do you get the energy? I hope you never get so overwhelmed you give up your blog. It gives so much satisfaction to so many. You do of course need to take care of yourself.
    All the best,
    Kathy in Ca. USA

  12. The photo's of your garden are lovely

  13. Anonymous8:24 am

    I read your post yesterday and felt compelled to comment today on it; I love the fact you have so much energy and get so much done, but take it from someone who is the same and has had chronic fatigue as a result: insist on an hour of quiet and calm for yourself every day. Your brain needs a chance to wind down and be still.

    Your garden is lovely and I can't wait to see the summerhouse!


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