Monday, September 07, 2009

The Fabric of My Life

Hope you all had a lovely weekend...
I spent most of mine tidying the house, but I did escape for a short while on Sunday for a spot of vintage retail therapy in Bath...
First I spotted this gorgeous French fabric...

And then this bold floral on a soft cotton, French again...

And of course I couldn't leave this little scrap behind. Dating from the C19th, these ancient textiles are becoming so much harder to find...there's justification for you! ;-))
I find it very difficult to walk away, knowing that I may never see a design again.

And yes this piece; it really is only a tiny oblong, but such a stunning plush velvet, very 1930's French and needed to be at home with me - smile again!
Not quite sure what it will be used for yet, but it will be used...
A fabulous hand painted panel on black silk, of a Catherine Klein style but signed 'Gisele', deserves to be framed.

Incredible peachy-pink lace, that looks to be hand worked - and a whole card full of it...delicious!
Finally two unusual brooches and the old French rosary made my shopping trip complete.
So back home and to justify buying more fabric!
I tidied up the shelves in my workroom a little. In my defence, I don't think that there is a fabric here that I haven't used at one time or another, apart from a few that I keep just for looking at and ooing and ahhing over! I only ever buy fabrics that I love or that I know will prove useful...
What can I say? - I'm easily pleased!
Each one has been snipped and stitched over the years, and been made into a pretty boudoir accessory, cushion, bag or doll's outfit.

Maybe my new fabric pieces will fit in here somewhere...
Or tucked in here?
Hmmm, better get on with the sewing then...

Have a great week,
Niki x
(Thanks to Donna for the inspiration for the title of this post - it sums up me and my workroom a treat! :))


  1. Love the fabrics that you purchased. Your mannequin looks gorgeous - love the sash and the brooches are fab.

    Bonne semaine

    Leeann x

  2. Oh golly, it's fabulous. Never any need to justify buying fabric to me!
    Hen x

  3. WOW - that is a lot of fabric...! So neatly stored as well! xxx

  4. Well I know that you may have a lot of fabric, but it couldn't be in a better home as you truly appreciate every centimetre of it. Have a good week too and good luck with the visitors on Wednesday (sounds intriguing!)

  5. They are gorgeous pieces of fabric. What I can't get ove is your stash of fabrics!!! Omg I never knew people had fabric obsessions like my paper one LOL. They look beautiful on your shelves though.

  6. Oh Niki, you are so tidy, you should see the mess that I have. I may have as much fabric but when its tidy I think I may find a whole lot more. Thank you for the inspiration as always, I will tidy my workroom I really will .... sooon lol

    thanks for sharing
    best wishes always Ginny

  7. On my next trip to England, I would like to book a tour in your fabric room for a little sightseeing! ;)

  8. So many beautiful fabrics! Wow!

  9. I can see a tiny space on one of the shelves that would indicate that there's room for yet another shopping expedition soon!!!!

    Sue x

  10. oh my I would be pouring over those fabrics all the time. Look how much you have, what bliss!!

  11. You certainly have a fabric stash to be proud of Niki!


  12. Ahhh... Fabric!!! My favorite subject!!!! And your collection is to die for!!!

  13. Lovely to see you on Sunday. you bought some beautiful fabrics. What a fabric haven you've created Niki..I bet you could just sit in there for hours just looking.

  14. Hello Niki
    I have some way to go yet before I build up such a stash of fabrics! Alan thought I had a lot, wait until I show him your post! They must be such a pleasure to take out and look at every so often. Deciding on which one you will choose for a new doll, cushion or other project.Your work room must be such a pleasure to work in.
    Lovely finds at the fair. I do look forward to getting back out there but duty calls in the decorating dept for now!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  15. Niki, you find th very best fabrics, I am just in awe!! So much beauty!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  16. Well, that's a stash to aspire to - I can just imagine the fun of sorting and folding!

    Pomona x

  17. Your workroom is amazing , you must get so much inspiration from being surrounded by such beautiful colour, patterns and textures. The rose fabric you found is gorgeous.
    Ann x

  18. Fabulous work space, a collection of fabrics any crafty would adore. Cavania x

  19. Niki, if I was a piece of fabric I would weep to go home with you! To sit in such a lovely space and make friends with all your lovely fabrics. I feel so sad for all the materials that you never purchased that day! xx

  20. What a delightful post before bed time. I pray I dream of cottage roses and old world charm...Calgone, take me away...thats bubble bath material too!

  21. Just gorgeous - my favourite combination - roses and ticking!

  22. holy moly you should open a shop!

  23. Fabulous fabulous! You know I love your studio room (and your stack of fabrics too ;))!!!!!!)
    I'd like you to see one of my latest creations- it is currently posted on my blog!
    Hugs, and sorry for the lack of emails, life's sooo hectic at the moment!

  24. How wonderful makes me want to start another collection! Warm wishes, Esther

  25. How I love you have room to display all your fabrics, I envy you so much! Your mannekin reminds me of a picture of Lord Nelson with a sash and his medals and stars Elizabeth

  26. Very much makes me want to sew, especially with all the pretty colors. Hope your studio never gets robbed, you have a fortune in fabric lol. Happy creating!

  27. WOW! Bet you want to spend all your time in this room.

  28. Your workroom, Niki, is just so wonderful. You have an amazing collection of vintage fabrics, indeed. What a collection to treasure.

  29. I just had to go get my smelling salts! MY GOODNESS what finds and what an incredible stash. I am still weak, I had better go lay down... and dream of having such an array of fabrics.

  30. Oh my goodness, your collection of vintage fabric is enough to make me swoon! And, your workspace is a dream.

  31. One can never have too much of a good thing! At least we have healthy addictions I say.

  32. Well you know what I think, you can NEVER have too much fabric! I agree with Sue, there is a tiny bit of space left, I think you need to come and visit me ;-)

  33. I think it would have been the worst sort of negligence not to bring those fabrics home with you! Perfection! t.x

  34. Hello!
    Oh, god i love those romantic fabric. I wold like to sew a patchwork with old fashon fabric.
    Br Linda


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