Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pink & Green Theme

Lizzie has just been saying on her blog how a colour scheme often appears, quite by accident, through her antique finds when she's been out on one of her forays. Funnily enough, the same thing often happens to me too...

For Lizzie it was green and red that ran through her treasures recently, but for me it seemed to be a green and pink themed treasure hunt over the weekend...

A Barbola topped frosted glass powder bowl and puff...

A pink and green Welsh waffle blanket, plaster pink paisley eiderdown, a green painted table and the two French vitrines; one pink and one green!

A dainty vase...

And the boxes that I showed in my last post.

Also over at Lizzie's, you may have seen the boudoir doll sat on a lovely old chair in her holiday cottage in France. Well I was able to buy this faded lovely from her over the weekend...

(Notice she's wearing a pink dress!) I ran a few repairs to her outfit last night, replacing the shredded lace of her bodice. The pink millinery flowers will be fastened to her wig, where part of her hair is missing. I somehow need to create some fluffy eye lashes which are also missing, to repair her shoe and give her some thumbs if I can.

And the pink and green theme continues with this old wooden deckchair. This morning I took off the old stained canvas and wiped down the frame. I love the old chippy green paint, so that's a keeper...
I thought this gorgeous old Barkcloth fabric would make a pretty replacement sling. It's good and strong, despite being a vintage fabric, and using it double, front and back, will increase its durability.

I stitched up the sides, turned it through and then used upholstery tacks to join it to the frame.

A feather filled matching cushion, hooked on by elasticated loops, adds a touch of luxurious comfort.


And talking of colour; over the summer I started to design the 'Nostalgia' calendar for 2010. I love colour and don't think I could live with a very restrained colour palette in our home. Red is one of my favourites, for its cheerful feel, even on a cold, wet day, but I also like more toned-down aqua blues and greens too...it depends on my mood...
The calendar is a riotous rainbow of every hue, with a different one representing each month of the year. I gathered together various little treasures from my personal collections and assembled them into a pleasing arrangement for each month, with a different Scheurer fabric as the background on each.
There will be a choice this year between a quality calendar-paper version with a matt finish, which will be teamed with a set of 13 matching postcards. And a premium card version (the same as last years) with a glossy finish.
Here is a preview for anyone interested:
The front cover with a rainbow of colours and the collection of postcards...
Silver for January, red for February and yellow for March.

Violet represents April, pale blue is May, and June is Ivory.
Pastel pink for July, August is red, white and blue, and September, magenta.
Orange and black for October, bronze browns for November and finally green for December.
I am awaiting delivery of the premium calendars, which are due to arrive this week, so I hope to have both types of calendar for sale in my on-line shop by the end of the week.
Niki x


  1. Niki, your posts are a feast for the eyes...you have the most wonderful goodies i have ever seen...your new doll is gorgeous, i just love her dress...and those boxes...*sigh*...i could look at those all day, truly a wonderful find!!!

  2. Hooray! I've been waiting with baited breath for your next calendar! I am so thrilled with my 2009 version! =)

  3. Oh, that powder bowl and vase are TOO DIE FOR!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful pics!!! I think I say that everytime I leave a comment. I think it's because they always leave me with my mouth open!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  4. Oh Niki, your calendars are incredible wonderful, what a good idea!!... and that doll, oh I felt in love with her... and oh eres una casacada de imaginaciòn y trabajo!!!!
    què bonito todo
    maría cecilia

  5. Oh terrific, I was wondering if you would do a calendar for next year. I have mine near the desk/pc so I can look at it easily. I'm loving the look of April with all its violets. The deckchair looks fab too, lovely fabric. My other half picked up a children's deckchair at the boor fair which I've been meaning to "improve" with cowboy fabric for Harry. I'd forgotten all about it!
    Hen x

  6. The calender looks gorgeous! Thats just gone onto my wish list.

  7. Wow,you have been busy! That deck chair is gorgeous,and the doll too.Will be fun bringing her 'back to life' so to speak.


  8. The calender looks wonderful. You do manage to get some lovely goodies don't you?

  9. All looking wonderful, Niki. I have a 'yellow' swap partner for Lululiz's swap, so I sincerely hope that a lot of my next finds will have a yellow theme! Two local Vide Greniers over the next two weekends... Hope I'll be lucky!

  10. Hello Niki

    Green & pink as such pleasing colours, favourites of mine. The 2 French vitrines are lovely, I can't wait to see what you will do with them.
    Your calender and cards are really beautiful, the photography is stunning!!! I love the way you display things, such an eye for it! They will no doubt sell like hot cakes ;-))
    Isabelle x

  11. The calendar looks wonderful! and what a great job on the chair, it looks stunning Niki

  12. Oh my, what a scrummy calendar. And that deckchair is a wonder to behold. Sigh.

  13. It looks lovely! I do enjoy your pictures!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Niki, I had no idea you did calenders as well. I am still lusting after your book! Pink and green are two of my favourite colours. You are so talented. xx

  15. Yipee!!! Can't wait to get my hands on another one of your calendars for my craft room!!! Thank you for all your hard work on them!

  16. Mrs Boudoir is looking very much at home isn't she? The new calendar looks fab, I am with you on colours, it really does depend on mood as to what you choose on a certain day at a certain time. I have nominated you for a blog award (if you don't already have it!!!!) ha ha, Lizzie x

  17. Hi Niki

    All looks great. The boudoir doll looks much better already!!

    And now I've seen the calendar my order still stands!!

    Sue x

  18. Those vitrines are gorgeous; where do you find all these wonderful things? I love your blog by the way. Your house is just my taste - I particularly like your kitchen. It doesn't look like any kicthen I have ever seen and I love it!

  19. WOW!! I love that seat you re~did. It is so pretty and colorful with all those flowers. Looking forward to seeing your calendar.
    ♥ Rebecca

  20. I love everything!! Especially the doll!!


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