Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Feeling

A little card to say 'thank you' to all who visited my on-line shop - I have posted out lots of calendars already, so they should be with you all very soon. I hope that you will enjoy using them throughout next year!
Update: I've been asked a couple of times: Yes, any calendars that I have left unsold will be coming with me to the V&H Fair. (I will also be bringing postcards.)

And now the Friday feeling is kicking in and its time to look towards the weekend...
If the beautiful weather continues, I think I shall be spending mine in the garden, cutting some of the plants back for their winter sleep. I'll scatter the hollyhock seeds around, as they've finished flowering now and I'm happy for them to grow where they please...

Perhaps I shall harvest the hydrangea heads and sedums too, for drying...

They're a lovely rich red now so should hold their colour well for at least a year.

Maybe a little blackberry picking will be on the cards as well...My middle daughter made some jam a couple of weeks ago, with the first bramble fruits of the season, but she went off to Uni last weekend, taking all the jars that she made with her, except for this little bit! I think I'll have to get the jam pan out again...

I also have plans for this old Deco mirror. It had a crinoline lady painted on it, but sadly it had been left out in the rain at the flea market and all the paint had lifted, so the seller let me take it away for nothing. The remainder of the paint wiped away easily, so I'm left with a plain mirror ripe for a little make-over.
I've been collecting the broken and chipped flowers from old posy ornaments and I think I have enough now to create a Barbola-like garland across the top of the mirror.

I've been putting it off as I wasn't entirely sure what glue to use. 'Araldite' is good and strong, but is expensive. A glue gun is quick and easy, but I thought the flowers might easily peel away from the smooth mirror glass. The other option would be to use tile adhesive, but that could be unsightly...if anyone has made anything similar, I would welcome your suggestions as to what glue might be best.
Whether you have grand-plans or not-so-grand-plans for this weekend, I hope you have an enjoyable one with plenty of relaxation and doing what makes you happy.
(Love those stripy socks - adorable!!)
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki, The flower collection for your mirror are wonderful! I have no clue what glue to use, but I'd love to know what works when you find out as I've had similar ideas. I was thinking of tile adhesive too... but for the same reasons you gave, have not done anything further.

    My weekend will have something to do with the local flea market. (: Have a wonderful weekend~ xx Vicki

  2. Have a lovely weekend Niki, got any spare hollyhock seeds? I would love to get some going in my garden! Lizzie x

  3. Your garden is looking a lot more colourful than ours! We have pumpkins and a fuchia for colour, I think - that's all.

    Now, I'm under oath (more or less) to only buy handmade and second hand for a year (check out my blog if you haven't seen this challenge). Would you describe your excellent calendars as hand made? If so, I'll nab one straight away! It's a bit of a tricky definition, I guess...

  4. they used a form of putty for the original barbola's (apparently they came in kit form with all the requirements needed ... would have been useful) so maybe some modern day putty and then colour the putty with a wash of art paint. Not actually tried it myself, or there is polyfilla, have used that, used it to hold shells on mirror and that was strong.

    Good luck can't wait to see the finished mirror,

  5. Could you blow some of those hollyhocks seeds this way?! hee hee My little playyard when I was a tot was lined with hollyhocks, so I have fond memories of those pretty flowers. What a stunning idea for your mirror!!!

  6. leilani3:19 am

    The only advice I can give is do NOT use a glue gun. I glued sea shells all around a very large mirror using a glue gun. The heavier shells have a tendency to kerplunk in the middle of the night. I'm still experimenting with the right glue so I'm no help as to what to use.

    The mirror will be lovely, though.

  7. The mirror will be beautiful I'm sure. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a wonderful idea, to use the flowers on the mirror. I'm sure that it will be stunning! I can't wait to see the results.

  9. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see your finished project!!! What a wonderful idea!!!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  10. Anonymous9:25 am

    I stick crystals onto mirrors with craft PVA glue. Works fine and they don't come off.

    Gillie xx

  11. Superglue? I never coped with the original, but it now comes in a gel form too, more controllable. You would obviously have to do a test one..... (just a thought). Lucky you to have hydrangea flowers. Mine has sulked this year for the first time ever. I think I pruned it too hard last autumn.

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  13. Hi Niki
    Your hydrangeas look really good, this year our garden has not done as well. Only one hydrangea flowered, 2 others didn't flower and 2 died!
    The Mendip Hills weather is not kind to our plants.

    I love what you are going to do with the mirror, great idea. I too glued shells on a mirror years ago and they stayed on well, unfortunately I can't remember what I used. Your porcelain flowers are quite heavy so it has to be something very strong. Maybe a hardware shop could advise? It would be interesting to know.

    I hope that you had a good weekend
    Isabelle x
    PS It was me who deleted previous comment, I used the wrong login...

  14. That mirror is going to be fabulous! I will wait impatiently to see if your putty method works.....


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