Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bazaar, Woo Hoo and Halloween!

Yesterday was the Vintage Bazaar at Frome, where organisers Clare and Lizzie estimate that 1150 people came through the doors...Wooh!

It certainly was a bustling fair and so I was not able to get round all the stalls to photograph them (or to buy from them! :( But I suspect a tour around blogland will give you a glimpse of most of them. I would recommend a visit to Sal's blog - she has worked hard making her entire post rhyme - hats-off to you Sal!)
I'm sorry my photos aren't great, but they'll hopefully give you a flavour of the day...
Donna's colourful array of fabrics and trims was one of the first double stands at the front of the hall.

My little selection was tucked in behind her...
I am very grateful to all who stopped by to say hello, or to make a was lovely to catch up with some familiar faces once again, and to meet some new ones.
My thanks to Radka for her kind words on her blog.


One 'newcomer' was my very good friend Debbie, who had a stall selling scrumptious gardenalia.
She was a little nervous to be doing her first fair, but I think you will agree that her stall was fantastic and would not have looked out of place at a prestigious event such as The Chelsea Flower Show!
(I have mentioned Debbie on my blog before, as I included her home and garden in my book - Some photos of her garden can be seen here.)
Opposite me was Tracey's beautifully opulent stall, which attracted many admiring visitors.
Here's Sal's stall, where you could find a wonderful collection of colourful fabrics...

Lucy had managed to pull together a huge array of goods, despite feeling unwell during the run up to the fair.
The same goes for Sue, who had arrived with some stunning antique French fabrics...
And this adorable velvet skater doll, to mention just a very small part of her tantalising display.

Helen, with her 'Every Small Stitch' embroideries arranged amongst pretty vintage pieces was an inspiration.

Clare had extended her range of wonderful felt hats to include these sweet tilt style numbers at the front of her stall.
Gertie had been busy creating too, using some antique French fabrics in her designs.

Finally Ali's stall caught my eye, and I couldn't pass by without treating myself to a small pressie! ;-))

This beautifully elegant lavender filled sachet, styled as an Edwardian hand bag is made from a fine Victorian silk.
I've hung it from my mannequin for now, to scent our bedroom.
Thanks to Lizzie and Clare for organising such a great event.
Now I'd just would like to mention a new shop that opens for the first time tomorrow in Shepton Mallet. During the filming for Turn Back Time by Wall to Wall, a 70's style boutique was set up as one of the shops for the show. Mandy, a local woman who was regularly filmed for the programme as a core customer, was so inspired by the experience, that she has decided to open the shop as a retro vintage clothing shop, keeping as much of the 'scenery' as possible. She is joined by her very good friend Zoe in the venture; Zoe already runs a clothing shop in Bruton, so between the two of them, I'm sure they will create a very unique shopping experience.
On Tuesday evening, they will be holding a Babycham celebration in the 'Woo Hoo' boutique, as part of the Victorian event. I'd like to wish these two lovely ladies much success - This is such exciting news to have another shop opening at the lower end of town. Hopefully it will encourage more businesses to join the 'vintage vibe' and the town can perhaps become known as the place to shop for a vintage-fix!
This is a photograph that I took of Mandy during the filming, after she had just had her hair done in the 1960's Hair Salon!
A busy week awaits me...As I just mentioned, its the Victorian Event on Tuesday, in Shepton, and I shall be open late. Then I shall be at Compton House, Axbridge at the weekend, for their Shopping Event. Hopefully I shall be able to pop back to my blog later in the week, when I will show some of the photos that I took during the filming of the 1870's on the Market Place, once the first programme has premiered on Tuesday evening.
Have a great week....
And Happy Halloween to those who like to celebrate it,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki,
    What a wonderful vintage bazaar. Such great photos, which made me feel like I was walking through the aisles. What fun!

  2. Hi Niki.
    Thanks so much for these wonderful images!
    How to be there (a little), sigh ...
    A good job and a good week to you,
    a dear greeting, Maria.
    (With translator)

  3. hi Niki, it was so lovely to meet you yesterday, and put a face to the words!

    I'm so pleased with my little Christmas tree decoration purchases- two presents for two "difficult-to-buy-for" acquaintances, whom I know will just LOVE something so different to the norm.

    Thankyou once again for displaying posters and flyers for my Vintage at the Village Hall fair in your shop, it's so much appreciated- I did a thankyou post this morning on the Fair blog because I'm really grateful for the support.

    Have a good week, Elaine xx

  4. Hi Niki

    Wasn't it a brilliant day - all those people ... all those purchases ... all that unloading and loading ...

    I realised at the end of the day that I hadn't even thought of taking any photos. However, I saw Clare with her camera several times, so I'm sure there will be plenty in blogland for us all to look at.

    Have a lovely time on Tuesday and good luck for Axbridge.

    Sue xx

  5. Lovely post, Niki, and great pictures, much better then mine! I am always a little nervous taking pictures at shows, some exhibitors don't like it, they think I will steal their ideas, I have been refused...
    I am very honoured by your link to my blog:))Have a good week and best wishes for Tuesday!

  6. it was lovely to have you and your beautiful stall there!

  7. hello it was lovely to see you on saturday ,it went so fast ,i didnt get to do much chatting ,which is the sign of a good fair .youre stall looked fab. im a bit out of practice, having a break while kids are still young ,so will try to just sell on line ,i dont know were you guys get youre energy from . love from hesta

  8. The Fair looks to have been a fabulous event! I think had I gone I would have spent my every penny there! ;)

  9. Oooooh such gorgeous stalls all of them! Sorry I couldn't be there - too busy in the shop during half-term week. I was in Truro today doing a bit of late shopping and there was a BBC poster on the window of a shop which closed down recently saying 'Turnbacktime coming soon to Truro'! A recreation of a 1930's Chemists I think it said. How exciting! Are the BBC going to be doing similar recreations all over Britain now? We wait with anticipation.....

  10. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Yes, pop-up shops will be springing up all around the country. More details can be found on Belinda's blog here:

    Niki xvb

  11. Hi Niki
    Lovely to see you again at the weekend ~ albeit for just a few words at the end of a very busy day!
    Your stall looked absolutely fabulous as usual, I just wish I had been able to do some shopping for myself ~ will hopefully see you at the V&H for that!
    Glad that you are pleased with your purchase ~ it looks perfect hung on your mannequin!
    Hope that you have a great evening tnight, looking forward to the BBC programme...
    Ali x


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