Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday Foray

Well, it wasn't really going to happen, was it? A lie-in on a Sunday(?), with the pull of all those vintage lovelies to be discovered on such a beautifully bright and sunny morning (admittedly accompanied by the first frost of the season)...And the added thoughts in my mind of the fairs that start in just a couple of weeks time, that I 'need' extra stock for... ;-))
So tired or not, I pulled myself out of bed in the hope that my trip would be fruitful...
Here we go with a quick post of mostly photos, to show you some of the items that I came home with yesterday morning...

Linens and hand crochet lace, including tablecloths and hand embroidered runners - Some to sell 'as-is' and some to recycle.

A few of them are boiling on the hob at the moment...You can't beat beautifully clean and pressed linens to make your table look special, can you?

A cute pyjama case.

This gorgeous old cotton item is actually an apron, probably from wartime...

As it has its original Red Cross label.

And two very fine floaty silk items from the same era...Possibly made from parachute silk?
There's a pair of fancy hand knitted socks too (...just in need of a small amount of darning.)

More creative handiwork in the form of a set of pansy doilies. Adorable!

Someones collection of antique bottles was another worthwhile find for me.

Next, a funny little collection of bits and bobs that spoke to me; including a china door finger plate, enamel backed clothes brush, quirky little box and some vintage brooches and dress clips.

The tiny pepper pot is wonderful too.

Love the colour of this glass bowl...
And my china finds included a Victorian vase and a c1940's trio.

I have plans for this collection of odd tea cups...They will reappear at the Vintage Bazaar, Frome.
OK, off I go...Dolls and angels to make, and stocking fillers to complete...Not to mention the housework (so I won't! ;-))

I would just like to mention though, something that I was alerted to by Barbara - She had seen that an article about the BBC's documentary in Shepton Mallet had appeared in the Daily Mail's TV supplement on Saturday and wondered if I'd seen it. Unfortunately I hadn't, so I asked Belinda if she had...Belinda has managed to track the piece down on the newspaper's website, which makes interesting reading for those keen to know more of what the programmes will be about. The article can be found here on Belinda's blog (which incidentally has a fab new look!)
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Beautiful treasures as always, Niki. I particularly am fond of the wartime linens. ;)

  2. What a beautiful array of lovely items!
    I'm glad you got up early to find them, Niki!

  3. Wow Niki, you did well from your Sunday foray !! Lovely items, especially the china - always my weakness ;-)
    I love that rose print fabric in the second photo, is it barkcloth? What will you do with it? Do you want to sell it - to me preferably ???!!!
    Denise xx

  4. What beautiful and unusual finds, particularly love the pansy doilies :)Linda

  5. Great finds but I like the way you describe them....pansy doilies....adorable. You make my day!

  6. Wow! What an amazing haul of goodies! I am in love with the Red Cross Apron and the pansies doilies!

  7. Great finds as always...the Red Cross labelled apron and the hand knitted socks would have come home with me too...
    Julie x

  8. Absolutely beautiful treasures you found, especially the apron. I did find a treasure myself in charity shop in Pickering (Wartime Weekend) a good sized crocheted mat with lots of pansies around the edge, really love it.
    I do so enjoy visintg your blog, it is so full of beautiful photos, thank you.
    Carol xx

  9. Hi Niki
    What brilliant finds I think they were worth getting up for. I was pleased to see this evening that they had a trailer for the new programme on BBC2 of Shopping through the ages that you have been watching filming in the last few months!
    Jill x

  10. Delightful finds as usual Niki...I love the crochet doilies, stunning!

  11. Niki!
    Wow girl!!!!!
    This was totally worth you getting out of bed for...WOW!!!

    I love the old war time items...that Red Cross tag is just soooooo awesome! I'd have fainted if I'd have found those things here in the U.S.
    They are so far and few between and are VERY lucky finds!
    You did awesome :))))


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