Saturday, October 09, 2010


Although life was generally good (I had nothing to complain about really), there were the odd little things going on in the background that meant things weren't totally hunky-dory for me over the last couple of weeks. Nothing major, but just the little things that play on one's mind and niggle away.

Anyway, as I fiddled and faffed with the front display in the shop this morning, I glanced up the high street and saw a gentleman carrying a large bouquet of flowers. I wondered to myself who was to be the lucky recipient...

As I watched him walking nearer and nearer to the Market Place, I saw that they were the most beautiful bunch of pink roses...Sigh...
I turned back to my work and carried on...
A minute or two later, I was aware that he was about to come into my shop - I assumed that he was going to ask directions to a delivery address...
But with a ruffle of the cellophane, the roses were delivered onto my counter!

I wasn't expecting flowers...there must be some mistake...

No mistake - They were for me! A very naughty, but very kind lady, had sent them as a 'thank you'. A thank you that was far from necessary, but a very welcome one all the same.
Thank you Barbara for thinking of me and the wonderful surprise that I had this morning - the roses are did you know I love them so?! ;-))
I showed the roses to a lovely lady who travels from Bath to my shop sometimes…She said the same thing…'How kind some people can be, and how it makes you feel good inside'.
I have to say the last few days have readdressed the balance, and my faith in human nature has been restored.
This pretty card arrived for me yesterday, with the kindest words jotted down inside...

And a sweet customer to my shop called in to give me this selection of photographs that she had taken of me and my gorgeous girl at the special BBC Victorian Market back in July, which she wanted me to have.
I could go on, as I have also been given a pretty vintage print for my shop, by two local guys. They apologised for not being in for a few days and for not making a hoped that the print would make up for it. How sweet is that? They added that they didn't want to loose my shop on the Market Place, and they wanted me to survive there. I can't tell you how that makes me feel; to have the support of local people like that. I even had a hug from a couple who had been away for the summer and were back in the town that they loved - they were enjoying some shopping time at the Friday market, and at Nostalgia! ;-)) Shepton Mallet is a very difficult town to be trading in at the moment, as the footfall has dwindled to a very low count, but I am still happy to be there and am constantly being encouraged by it's local residents and visitors, who are willing the town to survive and regenerate.
Its such a good feeling to be starting a new week on a positive note...

Brooch pillows in the shop at the moment.

Freshly filled lavender sachet.

Sewing repair kits are back on my 'to make' list, as they are always popular Christmas stocking fillers.

Back home now, and I've arranged the roses in a large enamelware pitcher.

They will be greatly admired in our living room over the weekend...(Mine begins on a Saturday evening ...Yippee!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - We are promised a sunny day tomorrow :)
Niki x


  1. They do say that "What goes around, comes around"... and that has to be true when you do kind & nice things for people.. see you tomorrow! xx

  2. A kind gesture or a few words on a card or even a smile from someone can make allthe difference.I always give thanks and praise if I can,even in somewhere like the Clarks shoe shop,if I get good service.

  3. What a great post, Niki. I loved each pic and every word.... See you soon!;))

  4. They are beautiful !! It is because you share such beauty, that beauty was given back to you :) :)

  5. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Soooo lovely to hear such sweet news. Your roses are divine and all the other surprises are pretty special too when given from the heart. You are doing a fantastic job and it is always a real joy to check in on your blog that you obviously spend alot of time and effort on, despite owning and running the cutest shop around! If I can get to you when I visit the UK next month from Australia, I will! Blessings, love Debra (AllThingsPretty)X

  6. I am soooo happy for you! Enjoy those lovely flowers and have a great week! Kit

  7. Those roses are so perfect that they look unreal! How sweet!!
    Lori Lynn

  8. What a lovely lady to send you those Roses. I wish I could have made it to your lovely shop the other day, I was quite upset when I didn't get there. I will one day.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Just beautiful, I am sure it made you feel really special.

  10. Beautiful pics as usual.
    What special surprises. How kind people are.
    I love the brooch pillows. I embroidered one years ago guided by Una Stubbs' wonderful book 'In Stitches', but I really love the photo designs you have. xx

  11. More beautiful roses and more lovely creations for your shop.
    No wonder you are feeling better - the kindness of others, it goes such a long way to lifting our spirits.
    Hopefully the BBC series will generate lots of visitors to Shepton Mallet.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, it is indeed sunny here.
    Carol xx

  12. I know what you mean about 'niggles' adding up and getting to you. So glad to hear some kind hearts have lifted your spirits. Lovely to read.

  13. Dear Niki
    so pleased to hear that you've had all these positive affirmations of what a wonderful job you are doing! And yes, people can be so very kind and thoughtful, can't they? Beautiful roses - such a perfect shade of pink.
    I'm happy to hear you are starting the week on a happy note. Long may it last :-)
    We saw you from a distance at the flea market today - wasn't it a huge market! So many lovely things, so little cash in my purse! ha ha!
    Take care,
    Denise x

  14. How thoughtful people can be! I'm glad you're feeling better. Enjoy those flowers! :)

  15. How lovely Niki - unexpected gestures are so good for the soul.


  16. the colour of those roses are amazing!!!!


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