Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm taking a blogging break until later next week as things are way too manic around here...!
Its my daughters 17th Birthday today (Happy Birthday my baby!) - Party to organise at the weekend...
She is in the cabaret at school all this week, which involves 18 mile round trips taking her back and forth every evening...(We'll be going to watch her one evening too.)
Tomorrow I have to take some stock to the Downside Inn in Shepton Mallet for their Christmas Fair (and go back and collect again the following day.)
I need some time to make some last minute goodies for the Vintage and Handmade Fair on Sunday. Hope to see you there!
Not to mention keeping my shop running and general family life at home, of course. There's the late night shopping/end of series party in Shepton on Dec. 3rd too!
And then something scary...My hubby will be having an operation on his back next week, so at the moment we're not sure how long he'll need help with his recovery...I'll be back when things are hopefully a bit calmer...
Niki x


  1. Dear Niki
    Oh you definitely need a blogging break with all that going on! Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter :-) It's my eldest niece's birthday today too !
    Looking forward to seeing you at the V&H on Sunday :-)
    Denise x

  2. I wish your hubby all the best with his surgery, Niki!

    You are certainly due a blogging break. Happy Birthday to your daughter, and enjoy her Cabaret performance! We went through something similar with my daughter last year -- she sang in the children's chorus with the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra for their annual Christmas Spectacular; I can't tell you how many back-and-forth trips (30min each way) we made for all the performances! ;)

  3. Hope everything works out as planned, especially your hubby's operation.
    Happy 17th Birthday wishes to your daughter.
    Don't overstretch yourself, you really need some "me" time Niki.
    Carol xx

  4. Have a well earned break, well sort of break.

    My dad had a back operation years back, the surgeon usually did brain surgery, so he was in safe, steady hands. Hope all goes well.

  5. Hope everything goes well with your husbands operation and he makes a very quick recovery. I should think you will need a lovely holiday when things calm down for you. We have been really enjoying Turn Back Time - never watch those type of programmes normally but thought we would after you had posted about it. Lovely to see your shop frequently and saw Isabelle twice last night. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter too. Karen X

  6. Sounds like a hectic time coming up!Good luck to your OH and look forward to your return.

  7. Hi Niki!
    I want to be at the Fair on Sunday, but will be close to you with my heart ... . I wish you good work and success.
    A dear greetings to you and hubby, Maria.
    (with translator)

  8. Hi Niki, try not to overdo it! Mad time before Christmas... Good luck for the op:)

  9. WE LOVE YOU NIKI....take all the time you need.
    When it comes down to it...Your family is more important than anything else.
    Will say a pray for your hubby that all goes well with his back surgery.
    Love and Hugs, Amy

  10. Holy heck, girl, take some time off to attend to your family life. We'll still be here whenever you get back.


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