Monday, November 22, 2010

Golden Years...

On Saturday, my parents celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. We made the long journey to Norfolk to be with them for the weekend.

Congratulations to my Mum and Dad on this fabulous milestone.
I know it meant a lot to them to have all the family around them to celebrate their special day.
It was lovely for me to have my gorgeous girls all together too.
4 Generations - My adorable Nan (now 96 years young!), my Mum, me and my three girls.

4 generations again, including my Dad and my brother with his son.
A wonderful time was had by all...
Don't worry, I won't bore you with hundreds of family photos! Sunday was a smaller gathering for lunch, of close family at my parents Victorian home.


Whilst I was there, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of my Mum's collection of antique hat pins and china stands, as I had promised to show these on my blog in the past...
Unfortunately my camera appears to be on the way out, so they aren't great shots.

We're back home now after a lot of travelling in two days, but wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was great to catch up with aunts, uncles and cousins that we haven't seen for many years.
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous10:25 am

    Congratulations to your parents Niki,
    I love that your mum is wearing a gold dress,family times are really the best,
    Love Kristina x

  2. Anonymous10:42 am

    Congratulations to your Mum and Dad, quite a milestone. My Mum and Dad celebrated theirs 2 years ago and we had a lovely family day too.

    Thanks also for your lovely calendar. I shall thoroughly enjoy that next year.

  3. am

    Dear Niki
    Its so nice to have photographs isn't it - memories in time tend to fade but just looking back at a photo seems to bring it all back.
    Tried to do the link thing as you said don't know if I've succeeded!
    Will have to wait and see.
    Congratulations to your mum and dad!
    June - Catsdogs and eiderdowns

  4. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Van Harte Gefeliciteerd ! Many happy congratulations ! This is such an achievement. As we all know married life is a verb: it is married living, and that is sure often as difficult as can be. But such a splendid celebration with 4 generations : geweldig !
    Lieve groeten
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  5. I see where you've inherited your eye for treasures, Nicki ~ your Mum's collection of hatpins is fabulous!

    A very happy 50th to your dear parents!

  6. Hi Niki ...
    Best wishes to mom and dad!
    Thank you for sharing with us
    this beautiful party! ;o))
    The collection your mom is lovely!
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (With translator)

  7. What a lovely celebration and beautiful family. I am excited, as I have been able to find Turn Back Time on YouTube here in the US and have watched what is available to this point. I'm so happy! What a wonderful series. I can't wait for the next installment, and I truly do want to visit Shepton Mallet myself one day!

  8. Congrats to your parents on their milestone Nikki! Lovely photos too!


  9. Hi Niki

    Glad you had such a lovely time - what a line-up of gorgeous girls!!

    See you Sunday!

    Sue x

  10. Congratulations to your parents! But they look way too young to have reached their golden wedding anniversary, Tamara x

  11. Congratulations to your mum and dad on their golden wedding, Lucey xx

  12. congrats to your parents. Quite a milestone - I tried to buy a golden wedding card once and the shopped saidf they didn't stock them due to lack of demand! your parents are special! Wonderful. Love Helen

  13. What a lovely post on your dear parents' milestone - a hearty congratulations to them! What a beautiful family you have! Your mother's collection is just a delight - it's easy to see where you get your love for all things old and lovely. Really love your blog and shop - it'll be my first place to visit if I ever get over to England! :-) Love & best wishes to you, Brenda


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