Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gift Ideas at Nostalgia at No.1!

Lots of pretty brooch pillows lovingly handmade by me, from antique and vintage fabrics...

I sold today - thank you!

Boudoir 50's kitsch...

Stunning vintage coloured glass treasures!
And feminine lovelies! (- To name but a few!)
There will be a special Christmas shopping event in Shepton Mallet on the evening of Friday 3rd December, in conjunction with an end-of-series party for Turn Back Time; the High Street series which will come to an end on the following Tuesday. (More details will be available on the Shepton Life website)
Niki x


  1. Move over Teddy, I want to sit in that chair too - in that house - with all those pretties! Oh if only I lived nearer`!

    Fleur (emailing you in a min)

  2. Such wonderful treasures, I couldn't pick a favourite! I love the ted in the last pic, how sweet xx


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