Friday, July 06, 2012


July...and its still raining... :( ...which is making gardening very difficult this year...
Most of our roses have been turned to squishy brown blobs of goo that are unable to unfurl...and I think I've lost a beautiful peachy/pink poppy that I've had for years, which has rotted-off at the roots.

Some of the flowers are happier though - So looking on the bright side, during a slightly drier day yesterday, I managed to capture a few photos of those putting on a brave face...

Foxgloves all grown from seed last year - Gardening for free! :)

At my shop today, I've been wrapping French soaps in vintage wallpapers, and displaying them amongst the flowery china.
There's lavender, rose, and honeysuckle...the scents of proper summer gardens!
Have a lovely weekend...whatever the weather,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Hi Niki,another British summer wash out! Hope it gets better :)
    Lovely blooms that have managed to survive,the foxgloves are fab! some of my roses are the same ,little blobs of brown goo :(
    I LOVE the picture you made at the top of the post,such a lovely idea to use up some vintage embroidered linen. The soaps look so pretty too. Hope you have a great weekend,love juliexx

  2. When will the rain stop? Pretty flowers
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. looking on the positive side (I'm loathe to say the bright side), if I were a hydrangea I'd be a VERY happy flower!

  4. Love your Penstemons and all your other pretty flowers. Just a shame we can't get out into the garden to enjoy them more. Not exactly 'flaming' July is it? Your soaps look very pretty and your handmade 'July' picture too.

  5. Some of our roses also look like soggy paper bags but others such as Graham Thomas and Ballerina are managing to shine unlike the sun, although it did pop out for a few hours this morning.
    Some beautiful blooms in your garden.
    Carol xx

  6. So sorry about your rain! We had a bout of it late Spring, and I lost my favorite blush pink poppy. Hoping she will return next year. I see many of the same flowers you have in my own gardens (those orange daylilies grow like weeds here on the Cape... they grow along the sides of the roads almost as much as the wild beach roses do). I also spotted your lovely four-o'clocks which I have a few of (not sure if you call them by the same name). Foxgloves I'd love to try my hand at... yours are beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful picture/collage..and lovely pics of the garden too...hoping the sun will be shining soon..
    Callie x

  8. Sorry to her about your garden not growing at it's best because of rain. Next year will be better Niki.



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