Friday, March 22, 2013

All Grown Up.

Time to reveal-all as to why I've been missing from my blog recently...But the weather has been so gloomy again, I've not been able to take any decent photographs of my daughter's bedroom makeover that we worked on together...
In natural light things look like this...
Very grey and not that pretty when compared to the real room...
So I've snapped a few in artificial light to hopefully give you an idea of what we've achieved in our spare time...
(There is a photo on this old blog post which shows how the bedroom used to look - Really quite different!)
We went for a restful duck egg blue/green on the walls,  with cream for the ceiling and floor.  Most of the accents were cream as well, with a touch of dusky pink. All my daughter's choices, but ones we both ultimately agreed upon - She leaves home this year for uni, but obviously needs a bedroom to come home to. In-between times we can use it as a spare room for guests.

For now though, there is evidence of a teenager in residence, as it should be...
(Little handmade hanging owls bought at Bath's Christmas Market this year.)

The two owl cushions were gifts and are from her old room...
They sit on a metal Victorian cot that I bought at the flea market last month.  It makes a great little sofa with the side folded down - The perfect spot for her to enjoy her TV, or to read a book.

I also bought this large oval mirror at the local flea!...Thankfully someone had already painted it the exact cream for the room...but there was plenty of other pieces that needed a repaint...

Such as the dressing table...

The little cabinet above the sink...

A metal table which had been living in the garden, outside the summer house...

A 70's stool to match, with freshly painted legs and a new vintage fabric seat.

The fireplace.

The mosaic hearth we made together a few years ago, from broken rose china.

The old light fitting was also given a new coat of paint...
As were the French window bars which we have on most of the windows throughout our house.
This lovely old cupboard was 'borrowed' from hubby's office 
;-)) ...getting it upstairs was a major task!
It makes a fabulous wardrobe in the alcove now. 

The glass panels were lined in another vintage fabric to hide the hoards of shoes and bags a teenager seems to collect!
I made the curtain from an old lace bedspread, lined with an antique French linen sheet.

A lampshade simply made like many others in our home. 
Flowers from her boyfriend :) for all her hard work.
Out on the landing things have returned to normal...which is something I'd quite like to do, if there is such a thing?! 
I'm taking a short break until sometime next week (except for work tomorrow). Hopefully I shall have something to post about on my return.
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. The bedroom looks fabulous - well done on all your hard work! It'll be a lovely room for her to spend time in during her last year at home, then a super room for guests. Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Niki I love your daughters room. It is so pretty. What a great idea for a sofa. I shall be looking out for a cot now.... My daughter is also going to Uni this year. I showed her your post and she said she loved it too, but I could not use her room for guests!

  3. Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful - how proud you must feel. I bet your daughter is just delighted. Oh and what lucky guests you are going to have!! What a beautiful place to dream. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    Love Portia xxx

  4. GORGEOUS !!!! I love the fireplace. Your home is so beautiful and interesting and full of character and wonderful things to look at. Your daughter must adore her new bedroom look. Great work ! x

  5. Oh,Niki,what a beautiful job you have both done.The bedroom looks stunning. A lovely calm and tranquil retreat x

  6. That is the most beautiful bedroom - it's just quite simply perfect!

  7. What a wonderful room you have put together. A joy to see : )

  8. So pretty, Niki! Your daughter will love coming home from uni to this fab room, and guests will be queuing up to stay while she's away! I hope you take a well earned rest now. Enjoy the weekend x

  9. Lucky girl, I would love a room like that- unfortunately my husband has other ideas.

  10. what a wonderful room to dream in!

  11. The room looks so pretty and you must have had great fun planning it together..Sue

  12. I love it Niki, I could easily move in there myself!

  13. I think you need to take a holiday in the cold north west, and give me some decorating advice xxxx I love what you have done it is beautiful xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  14. Oh Niki it looks wonderful,hat a beautiful bedroom!
    The colour of the walls is lovely with all the creamy white furniture and i love the hearth!!
    Wow you have really worked hard repainting everything and making pretty curtains,I think you should have a lay in that bed Niki ;) xx

  15. LOOKS GREAT ....LOVE THAT CUPBOARD....ciao Alison

  16. Such a lovely, restful bedroom. love the colors and the lace curtains are wonderful.

  17. Sooo pretty....the work invested shows! Love the cupboard!

  18. Looks amazing I love how it turned out. Looks like a very relaxing room. Well done on all the hard work :) Miss you all xxxxxx

  19. Hi Niki
    Sergio and I wish you a happy Easter!
    Hugs and kisses, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)


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