Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homely Touches

Its been a busy time at home, fitting in redecorating projects around usual family life and work.  I'll 'reveal all' when my daughter's bedroom makeover is complete. For now I'll show some of the smaller tasks that I've completed around the rest of our home. I picked up this lovely old lamp from a flea market recently. The shade was a bit ordinary so I decided to re-cover it.

Using PVA glue applied with a paintbrush I gently smoothed on one of my favourite Scheurer fabrics all around the shade - This lovely print dates from 1904. Then the excess fabric was trimmed away and the cut edges turned to the inside of the frame for a neat finish. 

I think the colours work nicely with the hand painted lamp base, which has a lovely 1930's look to it. It is for our spare single bedroom (the one for our granddaughter when she's old enough to sleep over.)

It sits prettily next to all the other Scheurer fabrics that I used in the patchwork curtains! 

With all the redecorating, we've had to move this little glazed cupboard further along the landing out of the way whilst we've been moving other furniture about in order to paint the bedroom floor. 
This gave me the opportunity to photograph the contents in natural daylight, there being a window directly opposite...
It is home to my vintage hat collection and hat stands...You may have seen these before on my blog, sorry about that, but this is one of my favourite collections, so I like to feature it now and then :) Its not a collection I am able to add to very much these days...Like many vintage items, affordable hats and hat stands are becoming very difficult to come-by.
Most of the hats are from the States and date from the 1950's. 

Hope you enjoyed the peek inside.

Another little project was created recently when I bought this gorgeous piece of appliquéd netting from Lizzie.  
I wanted to use it at our living room window, so I needed to add a small section to one of the long edges in order to create a channel in which to feed the curtain rod through. I used an embroidered lace net that I had in my stash.
After a good clean of the window(!) and a laundering of the other lace panels that have hung there for years, I positioned the new black lace panel in place.
I hooked on the smoked glass chandelier drops that hung at the window previously, to the lower edge to finish.
You may just be able to see out of the window that a lot of heavy pruning has been going on in our front garden. When the weather has allowed, I've been out there too, busy gardening and getting ready for spring to start (whenever that might be?!!) - But that's a whole other story...
Little cutie-pie has been enjoying times in granny's garden too :) 
Hope you're keeping warm,
Be back again soon,
Niki x


  1. Just beautiful...I am going to love visiting here :) Blessings

  2. Nikki, I love your collection of hats. The lamp is also very beautiful

  3. Fantastic collection Niki, and I admire you for getting out in the garden, I'm pretending its not there!

  4. Wonderful!!
    Thank you for these images,
    hugs and kisses, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)

  5. We can never see your collection too often Niki it's divine!
    I love the lamp with it's new shade,Looks so pretty in the window too next to the most beautiful curtains ever! What a lovely room for Grand daughter to while away the hours,I like your action shot of the two of you ;)
    The panel is breathtaking,Really it looks wonderful xxxx

  6. everything is so pretty. i love the curtains xx

  7. Love your collection of hats, they are so pretty, and the cabinet is sweet too.

  8. Love looking at your collections..that lamp looks really pretty too..Sue x



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