Friday, March 15, 2013

The North Wind Doth Blow...

Well, it still doesn't look like spring is going to start any time soon...
Although there has been the odd day here and there, where we've been able to get a bit of much needed gardening under-way at home... and moments to enjoy the flowers that are daring to bloom, despite the cold...

Sadly we've lost an apple tree this year... Unfortunately it was supporting one of my favourite rambling roses - Blush Noisette. The tree has had to come down because it was dangerous and now my poor rose is left tied to a pole for now...
Lots of work left to do in this area of the garden...when time and weather allows. 
In the front garden we've pruned lots of the shrubs, giving the smaller plants space to breath...Can't wait until everything gets going again...

I harvested a huge bundle of twisted willow branches...

(White French table is sold - thank you!)
Which found their way to my shop last week. They are great for hanging Easter decorations from.
Hopefully spring is just around the corner...
Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x


  1. Everything in the garden is looking lovely, lucey x

  2. My, how many beautiful Spring flowers you have, Niki!
    Your garden is super lovely.

  3. I am trying to think positive and using this time of bad weather as time to prepare. Pruning, digging (even though wet) and tidying in the rain is the order of each day. However, I just noticed the sun streaming in the window...hello my old friend! Time to run outside again! Have a great weekend and love the willow idea! Chel x

  4. Thanks for sharing! We are working on our yard which is large and empty compared to your lush garden. I really like the pavers which adds some design element to the area. I'm sure when spring arrives your garden looks wonderful with all the flowers.

  5. I've not quite made it into the garden to work yet but your lovely photographs have inspired me! Jane xx

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