Thursday, May 09, 2013

Family First

My middle daughter has been in a lot of pain for over a year or more...On Wednesday she finally received the treatment needed (by way of an operation), which will hopefully set her on the road to a full recovery.
Whilst she has had all of this to get through, her little-one stayed with us over-night. Keen for her not to miss her Mummy too much, my youngest daughter and I took her out for some farmyard fun as a distraction. Already a definite animal lover, this was just the thing to keep her happy and thoroughly entertained all morning.
Young aunties have so many great uses! ;-))
Whilst my daughter recovers from her ordeal, I shall be on hand for lots more baby-sitting and helping in her home. I may be off the radar for a little while, until things get back to normal...I'm already aware that I owe several emails to people (two days away from my PC and I fall way behind!)  I'm also aware that I probably would have struggled being an older mother with young children...I'd forgotten how energetic little-ones are and the fun they like to have during their every waking moment - But its a joy trying to keep up! :)

I had to go into work today though...
Please excuse the dark circles around my eyes(!) - its been a worrying couple of days...but as a lovely distraction from all of that, look who came to visit my shop today! - It's Maria, with her hubby Sergio! Once again, they had travelled from Italy and stopped-by my shop looking for Nostalgic lovelies! :) ...
And in return I received these typically Italian tasty lovelies...Oh the calories!! 
Enjoy the rest of your week - I'll leave my blog now with some photos of our garden, taken on Tuesday when the sun was shining...

Niki x


  1. I hope you daughter is soon on the road to recovery, lovely pics of her little one.

  2. Niki,

    So sorry to hear your daughter has been in pain so long. I hope this treatment takes care of that for her and that she makes a full and speedy recovery!

    Looks like you have been taking great care of that grandbaby! It looks like she is having a blast!

    How nice to be have such a lovely visit with Maria and what yummy treats she brought! ! ! :D

    Take care!

  3. Wish your daughter a speedy recovery. We nanny's do have our uses, but get lots of pleasure for our trouble. I am currently doing maternity cover for my daughters employee, and in my spare time! looking after my grandsons. Can understand therefore if you have to neglect your blog a little at the mo...I am.

  4. Hope all goes back well soon, Niki. How clean your garden is! I always wonder how you do it to manage it all- you are a star!

  5. Hope your daughter make a full recovery soon. Your treats look absolutely yummy. You have a very pretty garden.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery and you some peaceful, worry free days. Lovely photographs of your day our and the little one. Jane xx

  7. Your little granddaughter is adorable. I was just wondering if you had any old tin jelly moulds for sale? Thanks, Lucey x

  8. Sorry forgot to say "I hope your daughter soon recovers and feels much better" xx

  9. Hi Lucey,
    Thanks for your comments - Sorry, no, I don't have any tin jelly moulds for sale at the moment.

  10. Hi Niki,
    So sorry your daughter has been in pain for so long,i wish her a full and pain free recovery xxx


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