Friday, May 31, 2013

Sofa Project

Three bolts of velvet have been sitting in our living room since January! - You may remember that I mentioned lots of items in our home seemed to be wearing out all at once...
First we replaced the stair runner when I found a replacement at the flea market. Then our thoughts turned to the sofas...
We chose three colours in the end, taking inspiration from the antique patchwork curtains that hang in our living room. I've used vintage fabrics to recover the cushions on our sofa before, but sadly because they've generally already had a life, they aren't always up to heavy wear...
Which is why we decided to buy new velvet fabrics this time. This seemed like a good idea, but each time I thought 'I must make a start', I chickened-out! Velvet is notoriously difficult to work with as it creeps as you stitch. I now have complete admiration for anyone who uses it in their work!  
Wednesday was finally the day I put aside to get the job done. I don't have any more vintage or handmade fairs booked until August, so to have a bit of breathing space has been fantastic. The pressure to always be hand making for fairs means time for home projects is always put on a back burner. 
Anyway, this week, out came the scissors...
I tried to keep it all as simple as I could...the backs of the sofas are actually just continental square feather-filled alternating the colours, I made four covers in dusky pink and three in silvery grey. The rich deep purple was used for the seat pads. 
I just had to hope this mix of colours would tie in with the raspberry red leather of the sofa bases. 

A day's work later and here's the finished result! 

I also made a frilled throw for the footstool.
Its quite a relief now to walk into our living room and not be tormented by the uncut fabric that had been sitting all this time in the corner!

Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to dye the French linen armchair...
Give me another few months to decide! ;-))

Have a lovely weekend - 
Niki x


  1. Congrats on the end result, Niki, and for being more brave than me, in tackling velvet. I have enough trouble using it to make 4" hanging hearts! It's good that you'll have time to sit on them and enjoy, with no craft fairs for a while. Keep up the good work - I love reading your blog. x

  2. Great colour pallette x Jane

  3. Beautiful. What a pretty house you have.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Nicki, long time since I've been able to catch up with everyone and again no disappointment here. The sofas look great well done for tackling it, many moons ago I recovered the whole of our 3 pc suite but used dusk pink Draylon which can also have a mind of its own. My hands and arms ached so much for days lol.
    Personally I would leave the chair it gives a neutral pallet for you to use some of the amazing vintage floral fabric you have on cushions. : O)

    Lovely to have my vintage fix on your blog this morning, it will set me up for days.

    Peg xx

  5. Wonderful job!!! Should be in a magazine as the room is so lovely!

  6. A wonderful job, well done, I love the colours you have used and your room looks divine. :) Sue


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