Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gardeners Diary

In honour of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show turning 100 years old this year, I'd like to share a few photos taken in our modest little garden today. All created on a very tight budget, but with quite a bit of back aching work (nothing a good soak in the tub doesn't sort out), we've fashioned our little haven to escape to when we can...

Won't be long now before the wisteria explodes into a riot of blooms...

And the lilac too...Can't wait! :) 

It was only last year I told of my reasons for wanting to find a Viburnum Opulus for a corner of our garden. Well, I was lucky enough to be able to buy a fine specimen, which duly found its place amongst the other botanical treasures...And already I am to be rewarded with a fine crop of snowballs in May! :)
They make my heart sing...

The joy of blogging comes into its own when we can compare posts from previous years, to find out what was looking its best in the garden at about the same time...

Take time to smell the flowers...
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping-by...

Photo courtesy of here.
Congratulations to Chelsea on 100 years of horticultural inspiration.
Niki x
PS: My grateful thanks to Maria for her wonderful blog post about here recent visit to my shop...Always a pleasure to welcome her and her husband from Italy.

I'll be back tomorrow to show some of the items that I shall be taking with me to the Vintage & Handmade Fair on Saturday. 


  1. I love all gardens plain ,fancy ,over the top ,whatever . I'm always posting mine on my blog .
    Ah! I don't have a virburnam #
    My family live in Bristol . Almondsbury and Kingswood and Oldland common
    I look at your blog when posted

  2. I planted wisteria two years ago but it's still not ready to produce flowers. Love lilac and planted some last year. That's going to bloom beautifully this year. I like the chimney pots and iron pots you have around the garden. xx

  3. Your garden is lovely, and must be a source of enjoyment for your family. I live in Ohio, and our temperatures must be quite similar, as I have almost the same plants and flowers as you do! Exception: The Wisteria, of which I am totally envious. This may be the year that I plot an area to grow some. It is such a luscious flower in bloom. Ah, the Chelsea Garden Show is on my "bucket" list if and when I make it to England.

  4. Your garden is so beautiful! Exactly what I think an English garden should look like, casual and unstructured. I'm going to try and do something similar in my yard, but it gets so hot here in Texas that everything gets burned up if you don't water every day. Thank you for sharing your pictures, your yard is so dreamy!

  5. Your garden is gorgeous Niki. I can only aspire to something so lovely. We are just starting out on ours really. It's our 2nd full summer here but I was pregnant all last summer so didn't manage a lot of gardening. I'm addicted to the Chelsea programs every night. Just getting ready to watch tonights installment of loveliness. I'm hoping to visit one year. Fiona x

  6. Niki, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed looking through all your garden photos. Your gardens are so yummy! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Oh what a glorious garden you have ! I adore it. One day I will go to the Chelsea Flower Show and I will take a gazillion photo's I am sure.
    Your garden is enchanting and so green, I love it !

  8. Hi Niki.
    Thank you for your words, you are a treasure! ;o))
    Hugs and kisses, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)


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