Saturday, February 01, 2014

Three Bags Full!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend...
At my shop today I was working with some of my lovely vintage Sanderson fabrics...
By the end of the day, I'd made


THREE generous size bags, ideal for shopping or for storage. 

Think we're in for a spring-like day tomorrow - Enjoy!
Niki x


  1. Sigh I just wished I live closer to you so I could drop in the shop LOL...

  2. Anonymous9:58 am

    Hi Niki
    Oh how I envy you your creative days..... I was working sadly, well only the morning really !
    I'm sure I can smell those Hyacinths from here, although not surprising as I'm only 15 minutes drive away from your fabulous shop.
    Bye Frances

  3. Oh I do love browsing your beautiful shop and seeing all the things I would love to buy! Your flowers and bags are lovely too.

  4. Hello Niki, all is looking brilliant and reading your post has made me feel Spring is round the corner! Jane xx

  5. Do you sew the bags by hand or by machine? They are lovely!

    And I can smell the hyacinths clear over here in Tennessee...

  6. My daughter owns a small business ADORN jewellers and I know what hard work it is keeping all the balls in the air so I'm sending you a virtual hug Nikki.Also I ADORE the pink basket of flowers with the lace in,please could I copy the idea for my space, La Boheme?Wishing you a lovely weekend ttfn Pam.

  7. Thanks Pam!
    The basket is decorated with paper-like flowers that have been stiffened somehow. It was given to me by my friend Lizzie (The washerwoman blog.) Perhaps you can make something similar with faux flowers.

    Niki :)


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