Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Winter treasures:  Rose buds found in my garden, with winter-flowering honeysuckle, slipped in amongst carnations saved from a Christmas bouquet.

I was inspired to get a little creative this morning...
A quick and easy tutorial to make inexpensive boxed soaps into special little gifts...if you'd like to have a go too!
I used the traditional transparent Pears soap, which comes in a lovely firm box.
Taking a page of antique sheet music, I particularly like the title pages, so chose to use these, I wrapped the soap neatly, as if wrapping a parcel. A glue stick held the paper in place invisibly. (Photocopied pages would work just as well if you don't like to use original old papers.)
In my supplies, I had some vintage purple silk ruffle that had been salvaged from a dress. One dot of glue from my glue gun held it in place on the underside of the box. I wrapped  it around and cut off the excess, gluing the other end in place too, slightly overlapping for neatness. The ruffle was secured by a length of narrow velvet ribbon tied in a tight knot. (Another dot of glue will stop this from moving about - I used glue sparingly, as I wanted the soap to be easily unwrapped when required.)
If you don't happen to have any suitable ruffles in your supplies, there are lots of tutorials on-line for making easy crepe paper ones. (For example.)
I then decorated the top with a small selection of crumpled millinery flowers and an inch of vintage tinsel. (Again, secured in place with my glue gun.)
Pretty soap gifts with old-fashioned charm to give on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays...

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  1. Was that Astrantia too in your garden bouquet?!
    Love the soap gift too.

  2. Hi Sandie, thanks for your comment. - Yes, astrantia too - I was given a bouquet for Christmas from my friend...most of the flowers dried over the festive period, so I was able to save them. Pics here:

    Niki :)

  3. What a lovely idea
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Wonderful! I like it. So simple and beautiful idea!

  5. Oh what a great idea! I am planning to make some soap for a friends's birthday gift, and this is such a lovely way to present it!

  6. my mum would've said "oh that's FAR too nice to use"!

  7. oh so pretty Niki and a wonderful look!I adore pears soap i was raised with it on the side of the bath,the smell always brings back lovely memories.


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