Sunday, November 30, 2014

Huge Thanks x

Friday was a long emotional day...
It was the last day I was to be open at my shop. 
My thanks to all who came to see me - I sold lots, received so many kind words, also cards, chocolates and was quite exhausting, but wonderful...A truer side to the human race, rather than the awful scenes shown on the TV summing up Black Friday! (Honestly, I can't fathom why we need that here...It's an American tradition that we don't need to adopt.) 

My day continued into the early evening, when Shepton Mallet's community came together for the start of the festive season.
Santa visited and the lights were lit...
And I finally closed the doors of my shop for the last time.
Here's the cards I received - thank you to everyone who visited my shop over the last 5 years. I shall never forget my time in Shepton, or the lovely people I met and shared my passion for 'vintage' with. 
The next morning I was up bright and early ready to set up my stall at the Vintage Christmas Bazaar, in Devises...

My thanks go to Lizzie and Clare for all their hard work organising such a lovely fair.
Huge thanks too to all who visited my stand and made a purchase. 

Surrounded by such beautiful items, I couldn't come away empty handed...
I bought two stunning pairs of vintage dance shoes. a section of antique quilt, velvet millinery leaves (perfect for fairly wings), wooden beads that I shall use as fairy halos and a tin filled with an assortment of beads. 
I owe lots of people emails and messages through Facebook, but this morning was another early start at my shop as we began the mammoth task of moving-out. We're hiring a van tomorrow to take away the furniture, but I promise I shall get back to those I need to as soon as I can...I have fairies to finish for the next big date in the vintage diary and I also hope to start listing some for sale in my on-line shop! All seems a bit daunting just now, but I'll get there...
Wishing you a happy week,
Niki xx


  1. It's always a sad day when you have to shut up shop, no matter how long it's been planned for or for what reason. I remember my last day of trading as though it were yesterday and still miss my little shop.

    The five years you have had the shop have gone by so quickly, I remember following your progress on the blog as you planned the opening :-)

  2. I am glad that your last day was a memorable one for some lovely reasons as well as the sad bit and wish you good luck in the future in all that you do. May I also say how pleased I am to hear someone else say that we do not need this awful Black Friday tradition here! My inbox was swamped with unwelcome emails from dozens of companies, all of which I deleted, as this custom needs to be too!

  3. Hi Niki,
    My heart aches as I read your lovely post. But when one door closes another will open somewhere...somehow. I have enjoyed following your blogs and also made a few purchases you so kindly mailed across the pond. I wish you many blessings in your next venture.

    Ann, from Arizona

    BTW there are many of us here in the US who stay home on Black Friday. Although I am happy that the stores go in the black (financially speaking thus the name) during this day, it is not for everyone.

  4. Anonymous3:06 pm

    "Black Friday" was not always referred to as that. It used to be the Thanksgiving sales, which gave many people a chance to afford gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. I do feel I must say that the things you see on TV about crazy people at the sales is not everywhere. They are isolated incidents that are sensationalised. As usual, the media love to play this sort of thing up, like they do nearly everything. I do think though that is rather embarrassing and terribly transparent of the companies here to suddenly start up "black friday" sales when most in the UK won't even know what that is. It is just silly to act as if it's something that has always been around....

  5. Beautiful post Niki. As they door closes, another will open..and I am sure that is true with your shop and what ever else awaits you in your next "Vintage adventure". Lizzie x

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I agree with you about the way the media sometime sensationalise such stories, but some people where behaving poorly which got reported. As I said in my post, all I witnessed was kindness and the gentle nature of the majority of the population. The Friday evening on the Market Place saw families coming together to sing carols, buy small gifts from the charity stalls and to watch the lights being lit up on the Christmas tree.
    Those on the news who went out looking for bargains were buying high-end items such as TV sets and other electric gadgets and gizmos! Why does Christmas need to be so excessive? Affording it has become monstrous for those who let it. When I was younger I used to make gifts for my parents, relatives and friends...Even today I make things for friends and would rather receive such gifts myself, than something from the big chains with a high price tag.
    Smaller independent shops on the high streets often have unusual pieces for sale at reasonable prices – choosing such goods shows you’ve taken time to buy wisely. I pride myself on knowing I’ve never charged high prices for my products and with regard to my handmade items, they are often one-offs, so what price can you put on that?
    And just to say, I don’t have a problem with the US having their Black Friday deals – I think it’s probably a nice way for them to start their Christmas shopping, going out as a family after Thanksgiving...I personally didn't appreciate having my email in-box filled with ‘Black Friday’ (all weekend actually!) deals and offers, as it doesn't have the same meaning here...
    I hope some of the lovely people I have met through having my shop will come and find me (and my fellow makers and dealers) at some of the vintage and handmade fairs. Here they will find beautiful affordable gift ideas, personal service from friendly stall holders and a calm shopping atmosphere away from crowds in the supermarkets and out -of-town retail outlets.
    I wanted to reply on your blog Kelly, but your link doesn't seem to lead me there any more...
    Hope you enjoy the festive season – Best wishes, Niki x

  7. Sorry Kelly, my mistake - one link works, one doesn't!

  8. Hello Niki,
    I regretted very much not being able to come at least for the last time in August, but your opening hours did not coincide with my passage in that area.
    Even more sorry that you have closed your beautiful shop,
    Shepton Mallet has lost a great and creative woman, I hope you understand.
    It seems that business go wrong anywhere, do not tell you here in Italy, worse
    that during the war, now staimo scraping the bottom of the barrel !!
    I wish you a world of good and business fairs and see you again in any of them.
    However, I always follow you on your blog, please, continue to write !!
    Love Susy x


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