Friday, November 28, 2014

The Vintage Christmas Bazaar, Devises.

The long awaited Vintage Christmas Bazaar, Corn Exchange, Devises.
Saturday 29th November 2014
9.30am to 3.30pm.
Admission £2
Here are some of the goodies coming with me...
Some handmade angels...
This is Blush



And Snowflake.

I've previously shown some of the tinned vintage jewellery that I'd created. Here's another to add to that collection. I revamped an old Stratton box and added vintage violets and matching 50's brooch. 

Another fairy dress box frame completed too. 

An old spelter figure that I bought at this month's Antiques Fair has been transformed into an angel with antique lace wings and tunic. He holds a clear glass chandelier crystal and hangs from white ribbon. 
These are pretty postcard pockets made from vintage wool, embroidered linens, lace and scraps...
Each is complete with three original old postcards...with plenty of room to add more as your collection grows.

I have a large collection of butterfly angels, each made from an original old photo - Some I showed previously. 
I'll be bringing lots of small vintage items along too...I've collected a lovely assortment of bits...all packed and ready to go. 

c1920's velvet cape.
Hope to see you there for some fun Christmas shopping!
I'm just off now, to my shop, for my very last day there! I'm really going to miss all the lovely people I have met through having my shop in Shepton Mallet - I wish the town well for 2015. (There are many signs of new shops/cafes opening in the New Year, so it could mean I am leaving at just the wrong time!!)
It will be a long day today - This evening the town switches on their Christmas lights up the High Street and on the lovely big tree on the Market Place outside my shop...I may stay late if I can keep going, but have the very early start for the fair in the morning...
Niki x


  1. Hello Niki,
    what a bittersweet farewell post. Wish you a great successful day in Devizes and all the best for the future without shop and plenty of time for new ventures. Love, Anke

  2. Sending you big hugs to get through today and all the best for the show and the future. I,m sure it will go very well for you. You have some exquisite bits and pieces. X

  3. What a bittersweet day for you, Niki!

    Your things are so lovely, but I especially like Snowflake and the little fairy dress box frames. So sweet and delicate! I can just imagine a little fairy staring with awe and wistfulness through a shop window longing for such a fabulous dress!


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