Thursday, February 05, 2015

Miss Havisham

I had to nip into Bath this morning as there were a few Birthdays I needed to buy for this month. To be honest, I'm not usually seduced by new items in the shops, preferring to do my shopping at flea markets, antique/junk shops and vintage fairs, but I was stopped in my tracks by these stunning velvet arm chairs sat in a shop window on Milsom Street. 
Sorry the photos aren't great - There was a lot of reflection, but hopefully they give you an idea of how they look - There were three colour choices and the antiqued ombre effect of the silk velvet really gave them a wonderful character. They were being sold in Savannah Home
There was no indication of price, but I'm guessing they'd be beyond my budget - The gorgeous cushions as seen in the top photo are available online at £148.00 each - Just fabulous! They have a well worn almost decayed look about them, certainly not fresh and new, which is probably why I like them! - Which tenuously links me to my next subject...
I have been wanting to create a Miss Havisham style fairy for a while now...I'm always keen to try and give my fairies an authentic antique feel, but going one step further by using materials with obvious signs of wear and tear was something I was excited to try. 
I was inspired by the quote in Great Expectations where Miss Havisham talks of her brother.
The box that I decorated to keep her safe, is covered in antique book pages, a lace doily and paper glittered butterflies. I also added a butterfly to her headpiece...
My fairies always have simple facial features, but Miss Havisham's needed to be different to my usual style. I wanted her to have a more haunted look. 
She's dressed in antique netted lace which has become grey with time and which is frayed and torn along the hem.
Other details include a veil fashioned from tattered lace, a bodice covered in discoloured sequins with beaded sleeve sections and old squished millinery flowers in her hair. 

She even carries a small bouquet and a rusty key. 
I'm pleased with how she's turned out (Can I say she's my favourite one of the moment?) 
I reluctantly offer her for sale in my on-line shop.
I'm reserved - thank you! 
Thanks for stopping-by and for your kind comments to my previous posts. My friend called me this lunchtime as she’s already received the doll in the post – she was so surprised and happy to have her – we had a long chat and a catch-up and she’s being very positive.
Niki x


  1. Love the Miss Haversham fairy. Think I need to visit Bath to see these chairs, they look wonderful
    Julie xxxx

  2. Anonymous6:46 pm

    "Imagine what is out there for someone different and extraordinary"
    Miss Havisham

    The chairs are super, but not as lovely as Miss H - you certainly embraced the 'Great Expectations' Niki.

    Stay warm
    Frances x

  3. Ooh those chairs are gorgeous Niki! i really love worn looking velvet it's so old world and romantic looking,talking of which isn't Miss Haversham beautiful! ah the mojo is back ;) xxx

  4. Me again :) Miss Havisham!! not haversham hehe xxx

  5. Yes Niki, do more like this, I'm all for the aged, fraying look! I think the more subtle colour palette is beautiful too. x


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