Monday, February 09, 2015

Two Fairies to Welcome Spring...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
It's certainly beginning to feel like spring is just around the corner now, so with no more prompting required from the lovely sun in the sky, I set about making some colourful new season fairy folk...
I always take my time selecting just the right vintage textiles and trims, because if I get this wrong at the start, the fairy won't turn out well. I decided upon a beautiful kingfisher blue and another of a soft salmon pink. 
First the pink...
I've called her Bunny. 
She's dressed in a very full and fabulous c1950's stiffened flocked chiffon skirt. 
I added lots of springlike accessories, including a handmade bunny ear headpiece! Also, an Easter basket brooch at her waist and faux glittered bird's eggs and flowers.
She wears a pompom tail on her bottom!
She will arrive in her hand decorated box, which I have papered in antique sheet music and spring themed book pages...with a sprinkling of glitter. 
She will also be accompanied by a special bird clip friend, which can be fastened to her arm, or used elsewhere in your Easter decorating. 
Bunny is now reserved - thank you! 
Then there's Solace...
Dressed in the most beautiful kingfisher blue ensemble. 
Her skirt was stitched from a c1950's chiffon headscarf, with an overlay of hand crochet lace with pansy motifs. 
Solace also has Easter-themed accessories, including faux glittered bird's eggs and a diamante crucifix.
A pretty bird clip will accompany on her journey too. 
She will arrive carefully packed inside her hand decorated box, papered with original book pages and a sprinkling of glitter. 

Both girls have just been added to my on-line shop. I hope you will enjoy taking a look when you have a moment. 
Have a perfect week!
Niki x


  1. They are Stunning!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. They are both gorgeous Niki, you are so talented! x

  3. Oh, my! How beautiful are these two! I can picture them having tea together in some lovely spring garden!

  4. Niki these are so wonderful! beautiful colours and love the boxes they each have too,you are so very talented xxx


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