Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vintage & Handmade Jumble

I'll be here...
This Saturday 28th February 2015
Vintage Jumble sale,
Selwyn Hall, Box, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 8NT.
10am - 1pm.
Free admission. 
I hope to get back to Blogging again very soon too...
Needed a bit of time away to think and decide...
Love Niki x
Update: My thanks to Jayne and Michele for organising such a great event and to all who visited my stall and made a purchase - It was lovely to see so much of my stuff go off to new homes! Lots of photos of the day can be seen via the link above. 
Enjoy a peaceful Sunday,
Niki x


  1. If all goes to plan, I shall see you then:-)

  2. Yay! Look forward to seeing you A! :) :) N xx

  3. We'll wait! Happy thinking! ;)

  4. Niki, Thought I'd stop by for a visit.. haven't been here in such a very long time.. I see your blog is still as enjoyable as ever! Wishing you a happy day!
    Mary isabellascloset

  5. Glad to hear that the Jumble went well Niki. I expect there were lots of lovely treasures on your stand that I would have been tempted to purchase! Have a lovely Sunday. Liz xx

  6. Lovely to see you the other day Niki. I do hope you are at, or call into Devizes next Saturday Jane xx

  7. Hi Niki,
    I hope you are well,just popping in to say i love your new look :) xxx


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx