Monday, May 18, 2015

Child of 1965.

Back in the day when minis were minis and flower power was groovy...
Me and my next-door-neighbour/best friend from school pose with our 'footsie' skipping toys.
This is the greetings card I have made for her (using vintage fabrics of course :), as she celebrates her 50th Birthday today...
Happy Birthday my friend...where has the time gone?
Hope you all have a perfect day,
Niki xx


  1. Are you the blond ?
    Great pic, those were the days, I had lime green hot pants ... So trendy.
    Thanks for sharing
    Best wishes Ginny x

  2. Hi Ginny,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, I am the straggly haired blonde :)
    My friend's Mum was a dressmaker and would sometimes make me things...She made me some green hot pants with the bib and braces...I wore them to death I loved them!
    Niki x

  3. Perfect card for her! I remember having one of those skipping toys! Along with all my bell bottoms. . . :)

    I'm sure you've miscalculated the time passed, though. I believe it has only been just a few years ago. Surely not decades . . . ;)

  4. Thanks Willow - I had bell-bottomed denim dungarees which I used to have to wind around my leg twice (and tuck them in my socks) if I went out on my bike! :) N x


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