Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Floral Delights.

Been working hard in the garden for the last few days...
And nature hasn't been shirking either! - So many beautiful flowers bursting forth...
Our wisteria is my favourite for the moment...
Its scent is divine.

So much promise...

Flowers are also featuring heavily in my new etsy store!
Thank you to those who have already visited and made a purchase.
Have a lovely day,
Niki x
Update: May 13th - LOTS more fabrics added to my etsy shop this evening! N x 


  1. Hello Niki:

    I only recently found your blog and am so enjoying it!

    would it be possible for you to add a gadget on your side bar so we could follow you by getting emails each time you post?

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  2. Hi Alma, thanks for your visit and interest in my blog. Think I've added an email link now - (near the top of my sidebar).
    Best wishes,
    Niki :)

  3. Gorgeous Wisteria and a very pretty garden,lucky you!!


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx