Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lovely Lilacs

The high winds were whirling yesterday, sending our lilac tree boughs in all directions - I was worried they'd end up hitting the telephone wires that stretch over the top of it...So we decided to take down a couple of the highest branches...
Gave us the lovely excuse to enjoy some of the flowers inside though.
Always one of my favourites of the season.
My sweet French girl is enjoying them too :)
Have a perfect day,
(I'm still sorting stock for the Vintage & Handmade Fair, which is on this Saturday.)
Niki x


  1. Good thing I stumble upon on your lovely blog! It reminds me of home, where my mom, have Lilacs in her garden that beautify our morning! Your living room Niki is fantastic!

  2. I love lilacs! Most varieties don't do well in my area (too hot). I have a couple small shrubs but they don't produce a lot of blooms and they are only here for a very, very short time. But, a few weeks ago just as mine faded I was back in the midwest (mid-USA) and they were in bloom all over town. I had to stop the car quite often to get out and sniff! These are especially great photos!

  3. Thanks ladies - the scent from them is filling the air this evening...Love!

  4. Gorgeous display,I said last year I'd plant a lilac then forgot,oh dear!Pam.


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