Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bauble Wreath.

At last it is complete!! I have worked hard creating my bauble wreath over the last few days, juggling gluing time with taking care of my In-laws who came to visit us! I thought I had collected plenty of vintage baubles over the last year, but it is surprising how many were needed! Mind you, the only base that I could find was a very twiggy one that was around 2ft in diameter!

I used my glue gun and began attaching some of the larger baubles evenly around the wreath.

I had planned on keeping the colour scheme to pinks, turquoise and silver....but it soon became apparent that I wouldn't have enough! So I added a few in other colours.
Towards the end I ran out of glue sticks for my gun and then baubles!! I found a few more vintage ones in a charity shop, but had to add a few modern ones too (gasp!) So I hid these towards the back! I found it very difficult to know when to stop!! I kept seeing gaps that I wanted to fill!

Here it is complete and hanging on the mirror in our living room.

My eldest daughter returns home from her first semester at Montana University, USA tomorrow. Yippee, can't wait!!! A wreath is said to be a symbol of welcome - how appropriate!


  1. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Well that is amazing! it looks really great niki and you cant see any modern bulbs at all! Is it heavy? What a nice "present" to have your daughter home for Christmas. Let us know how she got on with it all. I bet she will be thrilled to be home.

  2. Wow I LOVE your bauble wreath! Now I want to make one! Guess I will have to start collecting for next year. Beautiful things on your blog.

  3. Your bauble wreath turned out fantastic! Love your fireplace -the wreath looks gorgeous above it!

  4. Nicki,
    There you are!! Love the wreath, after all that trouble it came out really nice. Love those glue guns, Was burning myself with mine this week. I also went a little glitter crazy, easy to do you know.
    Going to be on the look out at thrift stores for bulbs and old jewelery, can hardly wait for garage sale season in the spring, so many new ideas.

  5. Wonderful, charity shops are great.

  6. OH MY, that's absolutely beautiful!!!!!
    I also would love to make one now....I will start collecting right after Christmas.
    Your wreath looks great above your fireplace.
    Have a lovely time together with your daughter.

  7. Hi Niki, quite stunning, a wonderful work of art! How lovely to have your daughter home for Christmas, may you all have a brilliant Christmas together! Clare x

  8. Your wreath is fantastic, you did a terrific job assembling it.
    What a great heirloom..don't you think?
    Welcome home to your daughter, I expect you have missed her so much. Have a wonderfully Happy Christmas together..

  9. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Beautiful! I've been planning on making one for years, but just haven't done so. You've inspired me! I have hundreds of vintage ornaments, so I have no excuse! :)

  10. Fabulous, Niki!

    It looks fantastic. If many more people see your blog there'll be a distinct shortage of baubles left on the open market!!

    Just to let you know I've hung the angels from our picture rail - temporarily though, as I intend giving one as a gift to a dear friend and the other might just have to be attached to the top of Mum's Christmas stocking!

    Sue x

  11. Anonymous5:53 am

    Nikki your wreath looks absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful, bright welcome home for your daughter. I hope you have a wonderful time together:-)

  12. Hi Niki, your wreath is absolutely stunning!! When you decide to make something you really get on with it.

    I bought one from Ebay a couple of years ago. Can you imagine sending one of those in the post. When I think about it now it was a big risk. It was coming from the US and made it to me with only one bauble break. It is breathtaking. They really do make a beautiful image at Christmas.
    Best wishes Ginny

  13. Anonymous10:40 am

    What a lot of vintage baubles you had and still not enough, the wreath is an absolute WOW. Love it
    You must be so excited to see your daughter again - enjoy!
    Carolyn (Willow House)

  14. Your wreath is just beautiful! I have a boughten on but I think my next mission will be to start buying bulbs for a homemade one. I love it!!

  15. It is stunning Niki! I made one last year after reading a Rachel Ashwell book, the difficuly is storing it somewhere where it wont get damaged!
    I can imagine how excited you must be to see your Daughter, have a lovely time xx

  16. It's beautiful! I'm so envious. I will follow your lead and make one eventually. I really love yours.

  17. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Love it Ncki! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and telling me about your wreath. Now I wish I wouldn't have used any tinsel garland, yours is so beautiful and clean and bright. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  18. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Oh this is so beautiful! I love it!

  19. Anonymous5:46 pm

    very beautiful! it gave me an idea of what to do with all my old ornaments.

  20. Hi NIkki wow That turned out SUPER I am gonna start collecting for one for next year.

  21. Wow, your wreath is amazingly beauty, well done! How many bulbs did you use in the end!

    Hope your daugther arrived save at home today, enjoy the time with her!

  22. I have never seen a bauble wreath before, yours looks amazing! Hope you enjoy your time with your daughter.

  23. How absolutely beautiful! I would have a hard time not breaking any of those fragile vintage ornaments!

  24. Oh that's absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours. I think I'm going to have to start looking for old baubles for next year.

  25. That wreath is far too fabulous to be hidden away after Christmas! Louise x

  26. This is just beautiful! Sigh . . . yes that about sums it up.

  27. The wreath looks terrific! Making one has been on my to-do list for far too long.


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