Friday, July 06, 2007

And the Winner is......

Thank you to all who entered my Birthday Giveaway! I can't believe how many comments I received! Special thanks to all who had the courage to de-lurk!! I placed all the comments I received into the draw and my daughter pulled a name from a vintage hat!
And the winner is..........-Becca-Bluebird Rose! Congratulations Becca!

To everyone else, I am so sorry that you couldn't all win; these are for you!

I have utilised some of my purchases from the textile fair now. The redwork embroidery is on the kitchen table and the French papers are on the alcove shelf.

And Sophie asked bloggers to share a photo of their beds! Here is mine; it is a wooden antique bedstead, painted a soft white/grey. I have it piled with cushions - something my husband just doesn't understand! Each morning I plump them up and arrange them on the bed and every evening I have to remove them and pile them up on the floor, so that we can get into bed!

I love my Victorian patchwork quilt that I bought from my local flea market. The red coordinates with the vintage eiderdown at the foot of the bed, which also has to be removed and piled with the cushions every night! hehe!

I have also been asked about my new sewing machine. It is a 'Singer' and is model number 7464 and I love it!!
Have a great weekend!


  1. great bed and love the quilt Mary

  2. Anonymous11:08 am

    Love your bed!

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Thank you for the flowers they are lovely! Your bed is just gorgeous. Why don't husbands understand when we want our bed to look pretty?

    Marie x

  4. Niki!!! Your bed is just FABULOUS!!! I love the french grey colour, and I am just the same as you-I pile our bed up with cushions and quilts that have to be removed every night (much to Tom's dismay...)
    Glad you got your Romantic Homes too-can't wait till Victoria magazine arrives as well in October!!

  5. Oh Becca! You lucky girl ~ a sweeter gal couldn't have won! so happy for you!

    Niki, I love your bed and all the cushions! I do the same exact thing on my I love the french self papers..they look so cute on your shelf. Have a great day!


  6. Yay for Becca, I love her. She is so nice.
    Love your bed. I do the same with all of my pillows at night too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Found your blog through Across the Pond and am glad I did. Love the photos. And you live in a wonderful part of England. We now live in America, but Bath was a place we often enjoyed.

    I also have a competition running on my blog if you want to check it out. It's called "Spotlight the Youth." A click on my name will take you there. Enjoy!

  8. Hi Niki

    A worthy winner, and thank you for the flowers for the runners up!

    Your textile fair finds look really good - but then you knew they would!!!

    Sue x

  9. You have the neatest your writings..thanks for sharing your finds..

  10. Hi Niki! What a lovely quilt and pillows..
    Yeah!!! to Becca so glad she won your birthday give a way...I'm sure she will enjoy her fabrics. What dear Gals you both are!!
    Have a great day :-} ~Mary~

  11. Congrats to the lucky winner! Love what you've done with your finds. And your bed is lovely. My husband and I have the same conversations about decorative pillows.

  12. I love your quilt! I have a couple of quilts that used to belong to my grandmother. Some of them are in such bad shape because our family got SO much use out of them over the years. I guess that's a good thing, but I sure wish we had preserved them a little better, none the less. I'll have to take some pictures and post them on my blog. I have one that, according to family legend, was sewn using ribbons from old flower arrangements left in the cemetary. Sounds gruesome, doesn't it? But way back then in Alabama (U.S.A.), the ribbons were cloth and once the flowers died off, they'd collect them from the gravesites for use in sewing. I guess you made good use of whatever resources you could in those days. That poor quilt is almost in tatters - but I loved curling up underneath it when I was young. It was so very soft (and I wasn't told about the cemetary business until MUCH later in my life! lol).

  13. Beautiful bed, Niki! And I do the very same thing with all my pillows... on the floor at night, and back onto the bed all plumped up in the morning! Congrats to Becca, too!

  14. Breathtaking finds! And the way that you use them is inspiring, as usual! :-)

  15. I am surprised and just overjoyed to be the winner! Thank you so much!!
    I can hardly wait to receive these beautiful fabrics ~ what fun I will have creating with them ~ or perhaps just admiring them and displaying them at first!
    Thank you, Niki! What a delight!!
    P.S. Your bed is GORGEOUS!

  16. Well done Becca - You LUCKY girl!

    You have a grand bed Niki, I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes through this ritual with the pillows. Trouble is my pillow collection is growing like the quilts.

    At least you can find the bed to get in it:) he he.

    best wishes Ginny

  17. Well done Becca, you lucky thing!
    I love your bed, it looks so comfortable and inviting!
    Alison x

  18. I love your wonderfully french and english bed! And reading backwards in your posts...I'm so smitten with all of your recent purchases...the rose piece...the shelf paper...what great pictures it all makes together.

  19. Your bed is so pretty and so is that alcove with those pretty papers. Actually everything is pretty. I love visiting here!

  20. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Very glad to have found your lovely blog- but too late to enter your giveaway! Typical!

  21. Thank you for the flowers and congratulations to the lucky winner. Your bed is gorgeous - of course! The alcove looks good too with the new trim, very pretty.

  22. Such beautiful beds. They are popping up all over.

  23. Your kitchen is wonderful! It makes me dream about our upcoming vacation in an english country cottage.

  24. So glad that Laurie won your give a way material, she is very talented and will put it to good use. I like the flowers and you have a lovely Victorian bed

  25. Wow...stunning bed!!!!

  26. Hi Niki, gorgeous quilt!!!

    The flowers are lovely, thank you!

    You can never have too many cushions I say!

    Clare x

  27. Great bed, such a pretty headboard!

    And congrats to Becca!!

  28. Hi,

    I've listed your blog as one of my Favourites, I'll keep checking back. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Anonymous4:53 am

    Your site is just the most gorgeous! Oh how I wish I lived in son does and he says it is gorgeous! I just read on Amy's blog that you made her a hat! I love it! Do you have a picture to share with us? Amy is such a sweet lady and I love her to pieces! Take care!!! Becky at Cottage*Dreams (eBay) blog yet, but working on one!!


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