Monday, July 02, 2007

Vintage Textile Fair

As I mentioned on my previous post, I visited a Vintage Textile Fair on Friday. It was located in the historic town of Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire. I couldn't resist clicking these few images of the ancient buildings there - I LOVE that tiny gable window!

My purchases from the day included this beautiful little quilted throw, made from 1920's fabric. I bought it from Jen Jones, who is known for her fabulous collection of Welsh quilts and blankets. If you love these old textiles, have a look at her website

This charming red-work embroidery has been done by hand on linen and is French. I am going to use it as a table centre on my kitchen dining table.

I bought the pretty piece of French cotton fabric, printed with daisies in the classic French red, perfect for patchwork projects or to dress a rag doll. And I just adore the set of shelf papers......

The exact same ones appear in Kaari Meng's book 'French Inspired Home'!!

I bought some green ones several years ago and always regretted not buying a few couldn't believe my luck that I was able to buy them again!! It's rare to get that second chance with vintage goods......

My other favourite purchase of the day was this pair of charming little pleated fabric lampshade covers. Soooo sweet......I now need to find some old French wire frames for them.

There are often quirky and unusual items that are not textile related at these little fairs. They add fun to the displays and you can never be sure what you may find. The soda syphon was an impulse buy at £2! The bargain of the day! It has an old etched glass bottle with the 'Schweppes' logo and the royal warrant.

The C19th century towel holder has been hung on my kitchen wall already.....

and the plaster rose was an amazing piece of architectural salvage that I just had to buy. On the right are two tiny glass cloches perfect to keep a small treasure dust-free. (Although I am led to believe that they were for blood-letting!! I think display cloches will be a better idea!!)

A fun day's shopping!
Don't forget if you would like to be included in the prize draw for the little stack of vintage fabrics, please leave your comment on the Birthday post below, before the Friday deadline!


  1. Oooohh!!

    Niki you've done it again!

    I adore those lampshades they are beautiful!

    I was invited along to this fair by Jen. I obviously need to move closer to Bath and then I can visit all the good fairs:))

    Love all those fabrics too, yummmm!

    best wishes Ginny

  2. Congrats of having reached the one year of blogging mark Niki and on all your new beautiful finds too! Have a beautiful week! Hugs Carol xox

  3. Anonymous10:38 am

    Yes I think cloche is a far nicer way to think of those little glass domes, gret finds as usual Niki. Would love to go shopping (treasure hunting) with you.

  4. How exciting! And you've done the best job of treasure hunting again! Amazing that you've bought the same shelf liner as Kari from French Insired Home!!! That town looks beautiful!

    I went to an antique fair at a park right near the ocean on Saturday and made some wonderful purchases, but this time I spent most of my money on an old piece of doll furniture for my daughter, so she was the winner this time! =)

  5. Oh my...stunning treasures!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Such lovely things! I am smitten with the quilt! I've become "quilt happy" over the past year! I only hope to find such treasures!


  7. I can't even choose a favourite!! So many gorgeous things and I've always wanted a house with a little gabled window!
    Kim x

  8. Yea that blood letting thing is kind of out there, glad they decided that wasn't the best way to go with as a treatment.
    You had some nice finds, plus now you have more room to put all your new things.
    I had a few good days at the thrift this week, I must say I need a bigger area to keep all my stuff, but thats a good problem.

  9. Wow,
    Everything is so beautiful, including the town. I want to live there.
    I love the cloches!!
    I guess you had a fab time.

  10. Oh how pretty everything is! I love the redwork... I have a collection of that myself. The buildings are gorgeous and we overseas so appreciate seeing your beautiful country!

    xo Heather

  11. Hi Niki,

    We have friends in Bradford on Avon but haven't seen them for a few years! It would have been a good excuse to call by, especially as the textile fair was on Saturday as well, when Sue's antique fair was held.

    Your buys are wonderful and your photos superb - such a lovely mix of treasures!

    Clare x

  12. Hi Niki

    One of the textile fair stallholders came into the antiques fair and said hello. She wanted me to pop over to see them but I couldn't get away. Such a shame, especialy after seeing the lovely goodies you went home with. So near yet so far!!

    Sue xx

  13. Niki, such fabulous finds! Those tiny cloches are hard to find, although I recently saw several at Chatou - but couldn't buy them, I'd already bought so much!

  14. Fabulous finds! That old Samaritaine label is wonderful. It's one of the department stores my mother used to take me shopping in when I was a child!

  15. Gotta love that red stitchwork!!

  16. Once again, thank you soo much for sharing your new treasures with us, they all soo FAB!
    By the way Congrats, on your First Blog Birthday!
    Kisses Kisses

  17. Anonymous11:13 am

    Oh Niki, it is all lovely. What a marvellous collection of beautiful treasures.

    I wish that there were some vintage textile fairs here. I would be in heaven choosing...

    Marie x

  18. hi niki,it did'nt take you long to use your new items! the little cupboard looks gorgeous,really pretty,and what a gorgeous amount of fabrics you have for your give a way, best wishes ann.

  19. Hi Niki

    Thanks for your comment ... and I wish I'd been able to get to the textile fair! Life just ain't fair sometimes!!!!! it'll be nice to see you at the next BoA Fair if you can make it - 28.7.07. Remind me to do the button thing!!

    Sue xx

  20. Anonymous12:26 am

    Really pretty & delicate treasures...I especially love the lampshades & shelf paper. Is it very brittle? I have some from the 50s that I can't even use so I just display it folded up. Thanks for sharing your pics - I sure wish we had textile fairs here or maybe they do & I just haven't heard of them.

  21. Bonjour ! I just discovered your blog via Fine Bessot's one. I believe we are neighbours of sorts (although I'm French). I wanted to attend that fair in beautiful Bradford-on-Avon but had to travel to the south east instead. Looking at what you gleaned there, I'm even more sorry I didn't make it... But I'm so glad you did!

  22. such beautiful fabrics I must try to get to these fairs I love French fabric and enamel Mary

  23. As always you show some very pretty things. I love all your vintage stuff, and got a lot of inspiration from your store and blog.

    I have been sewing a vintage purse for myself yesterday, I will show you some photos of it at my blog, to night.

  24. hi
    Thanks for the comments. Still very new to all of this. I didnt realise just how many people loved the same things as me. The weather today is awful. torrential showers thanks goodness we are not threatened by floods. I had planned my first summer of retirement in the garden!!

  25. What a neat sale. You buy the niciest things :)

  26. Absolutely Beautiful I wish I had been there to spend lots of money! We don't have anything at all like this in Bonny Scotland so thank goodness for the internet. I would just love to win all those wonderful fabrics; my fingers and toes are firmly crossed.


  27. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for your comment - you asked about the shelf papers.
    The paper that they are printed on is very lightweight - slightly thicker than tissue, but it is not brittle in any way. I have used them in my home with no problems. (See the 'home' page of my website at the moment!)

  28. Those photos are just wonderful- it's funny how the colours of what you bought all blend together!! Glad you had fun x

  29. I recently added your blog to my favs! I hope that is ok, because I dearly love your your photos! I get weepy just looking at your photos of England! I'd love to visit there! Sigh.
    Kelly, Texas

  30. Ohhh...I've never seen shelf paper like that. It is gorgeous!

  31. You do have a talent for finding great fabrics, don't you?

  32. Could that be a more perfect day!!??? Oh, how I wish I'd been there with you to shop. You chose all the things I love!! I think we were seperated at birth! Come see my blog. Love yours!!

  33. hi niki, i simply adore those lamp shades. will you be listing those on your web site or are those pretties for you to keep? thanks! debbie =)

  34. OH NIKI!!!
    I love all the pictures and couldn't resist heading over to your website and buying myself a "TREAT" from across the pond.
    Thanks so much for ALL THE EYE CANDY!!!
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  35. Your blog is gorgeous! So glad I found you, but so SAD I missed the giveaway!

  36. Anonymous4:24 am

    I'm really intrigued by those jars filled with what looks like candy. It's so alluring. Love it!

  37. Anonymous7:40 am

    This site and your photographs are wonderful! I am really inspired!

    Thank you for sharing your love of all vintage!


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