Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time Out.

As many of you may know, I have always tried to keep my blog upbeat and not too personal. Over the last few months I feel I have worked myself into the ground and am now suffering from stress. Reluctantly, I have decided to close my website for a few weeks and I shall also stop Blogging for this time too. I want to take some time-out to rejuvenate myself. I also want to spend some quality time with my girls before my two eldest daughters go off to University at the end of the summer.
I would like to thank all who have made a purchase from my website so far this year. I do intend to have a huge update when I return, with lots of new items and new ideas for gifts or the home. (I will inform all of those on my mailing list when the update has been made and I shall also post it on my blog.)
I have experienced lots of problems with 'Portland' who host my website, which has been out of my control. I therefore expect that when my website is back up and running, these will all be in the past.
I hope that you understand and I also hope that this will be of benefit to my website and blog's future, keeping them both fresh and interesting.
As a taster of what will be to come, here are some photos of some new items that I have been working on recently......

I hope that you all have a fantastic summer (if you are in the Northern hemisphere! Otherwise, winter!) and I look forward to coming back in a few weeks time....
Niki x
Update 25th July - Thanks to all for your kind comments. I am finding it very hard to switch off from my website and am working on a new range of dolls and bags at the moment.
(I have had to turn off anonymous comments to my blog for now, as I have been receiving spam comments.)


  1. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Oh Niki I'm not surprised you feel you need a break after a whole year of blogging and what seems to be an incredibly successful business you certainly deserve a holiday! I should think that the website problems were kinda "the last straw". Have a simply wonderful time with your girls and we will all be here to see your lovely products when you come back.

  2. Wishing you lots of happiness with your girls, and take all the time you need to de-stress! Summer is a wonderful time to spend with family and just enjoy life. Many hugs and love to you! xo

  3. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Hi Niki, Sounds like a good time to take time out and be with your girls. I certainly will look forward to the return of your website shop, having bought lots of lovely things from you....Have a great summer and enjoy yourself

  4. Niki, enjoy our break and spending time with your family.

  5. I wish you good luck and hope that this break gives you all the time you need to relax.
    I also wish you a great summer,
    best wishes,

  6. Awe Niki I so know how you feel! Take your time and don't stress, we'll be here waiting for you! Your peeks are looking very promising! I had to take some time out too recently and only blogged in a fortnight in order to spend more time with friends and family away from the pc and I need some time to realise more ideas for my etsy shop (I have this hope that one day I can make and sell more and work less hours in the office, well that may be a only a dream) but time always seem to run away from me. Enjoy the quality time with your girls! Hugs Carol xox

  7. Dear Niki
    take care - good health is precious and without it everything else can fall down. Perhaps with the pressure off you can use your creative talent in a more relaxing way. I do hope so. Best Wishes. Mary

  8. Anonymous8:57 pm

    I'll miss your blog, which I really enjoy, but I hope you have a good break with your family. They are more important and you can't look after them if you don't take care of yourself! Best wishes

  9. It's a great idea to have a break!! Sounds like you need one too! Hope you have a wonderful summer with your family- see you after your holiday!! x

  10. Enjoy your time off.
    Relax and have fun!!
    Will look forward to your return.

  11. Hi Niki

    I think you've earned this break from your website and blogger - you've worked so hard creating gorgeous items and maintaining a wonderful business, not to mention running your beautiful home and taking care of your family - I don't know that I could do all of that!

    Have a wonderful time over the next few weeks with your girls and your husband - perhaps your decision will encourage the sun to shine on us all!

    Take care, speak soon!

    Clare x

  12. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Heres wishing you a lovely summer with your girls. I do sympathise over the stress thing I recently had to take five weeks off work because of it, I felt so much better for taking time out for myself, hope you do too.

  13. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Enjoy your time away and realx with your girls. I will look forward to seeing your now projects when you return!

  14. I'm sorry, I hope things straighten out for you and we'll be seeing you again soon. Take care!

  15. Hi Niki:

    Please do look after yourself, and I hope that you will have a well deserved nice break with your daugthers...
    Of course we will be miss you loads, and we can`t wait for you to return soon, with more beautiful TREASURES to share with us!
    Kisses Kisses

  16. I totally understand the feelings of stress. Taking a break for the summer is really such a good idea and I'm sure it will be very good for you. I'll miss your lovely blog but very much look forward to your return and seeing more of your gorgeous pictures. Enjoy the time spent with your family. Hopefully the sun might shine more the rest of the summer. Take care. x

  17. Hope you have a fantastic summer too and get some special time with your daughters. Let's hope you feel refreshed and inspired soon, wishing you a great summer!
    Kim x

  18. Enjoy your break and the time out with your girls.
    Looking forward to your return.

  19. niki x
    enjoy your well earned break - we will all be here when you arrive back x
    tracy x

  20. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Niki, you take care of yourself & get that relaxation & fun time with your girls...we all know how important it is to just stop & put yourself on vacation. Have a wonderful summer & many thanks for sharing all your pretty ideas, pics & words with us. :)

  21. Hi Niki

    How sensible to take a break, and perfectly timed.

    Enjoy a rest, a holiday, fun with the girls and think of yourself for a change!!!

    As you can see, everyone wishes you well, and looks forward to your return in (I hate to say it) the autumn!

    Sue xx

  22. Niki, wishing you a happy summer with your girls and your family!!! I love your sneak peeks and I wish you many sunny days ahead! Summer is the perfect time to take a break and refresh.

    xo Heather

  23. I forgot to say...when I miss your lovely posts I will scroll through your past months posts and enjoy all of your lovelies. I have only been blogging since March and have wanted to look through your whole blog but haven't had the time. :)

    Enjoy your summer, Heather

    Just like on the airline, first strap the oxygen mask to yourself before you will be of help to anyone else!!! YOU NEED THE BREAK as we all do from time to time.
    We will all be looking forward to seeing you soon.
    HUGS and LOVE and take time with those is too short!!!
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  25. Awww bless your heart. We all love you and hope you get all rested and all the internet problems dissolve into thin air! I love the sight of your pretties here :) See you in a few weeks.

  26. I hope you enjoy your time off!

    Summer is always hectic, anyway, especially if you have kids.

    And, boy oh boy, do I know about website problems! Sooooo frustrating!
    After months of my own "web woes" its still not back to normal.
    I hope yours are straightened out quickly! :)

    Take care and have a great summer!

    Kimberly :)

  27. Hi Niki sweetheart. Taking a break from blogging is a great idea. I have found it quite liberating to just let it go for the time being. I shall miss your gorgeous website but hopefully will see you at Honiton next month(?) If not have a lovely summer, enjoy your girls and have fun xxx

  28. Niki,
    I understand, stress is No fun.
    Have a great time off.
    I will miss seeing and hearing about all your lovely vintage treasures.Hope to see you back when you are ready.

  29. Rest and rejuvenate. Have a wonderful time playing with your girls and enjoying life. I will drop in from time to time to see you when you return. AnnieElf

  30. Oh Niki! I do hope you are ok,you so deserve a break, you work so hard,I cant remember who,but somebody once said,"As women,we cant have it all, because we are far too busy trying to do it all" Aint that the truth!Enjoy the summer(?) with your family Darling,Blessings to you and yours xxx

  31. Have a good break!

  32. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Stress is a horrible thing that can lead to all sorts of health complications so you are very wise to take time out now before things get worse. Enjoy your time out with your family.

  33. Hi Nikki!

    Don't worry. Just take your time en enjoy the summer with your family and friends. We will be here when you come back!
    Take care!

  34. I'll miss your blog, but have a good rest and come back soon!

  35. Ya know, I've been thinking the same thing....but still hanging in there with not so much activity...always enjoy the serentity and inspiration as I stop by here.....cityfarmer

  36. Hi Niki~~ Amy at Four Sisters told me that you are taking a rest. Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and read it weekly. I just started blogging and have been so inspired by yours. Love England, too! Just get some good rest, spend lots of cherished moments with your girls and rejuvinate your soul and spirit. I so understand the stresses of seeing your children son lives in England and it is a bit far for us to go and visit. xo, Becky

  37. Niki, I just wanted to say hello and that you are in my thoughts & prayers....I so understand what you are going through. You must take care of yourself..

  38. Hello Niki, being a very new visitor to your blog I will look forward to your return and understand the preasure of such a lovely time we all have with blogging as we would never want to miss out or not respond to a dear blogger friend.

    You enjoy your break and remember blogging will always be waiting here for you.

    best wishes from Australia~Lee-ann

  39. Anonymous4:20 pm

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  40. I'll be back when you are!

  41. Blog Burn Out on top of it ? Good Idea to take a break ! Hope you are feeling better and the pictures here are LOVELY !

  42. Well just back from holiday but anyway just wanted to say you have such a great blog and I am such a big fan of all your wonderful things that you create. I can't wait for your return.

    But in the meantime we have some wonderful weather at the moment for you to totally relax in. Forget fairies, twinkle or even the word vintage. Just enjoy!!!

    best wishes Ginny

  43. Hi. Just peeking in to see how you are and to say hello. Annie


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