Thursday, July 12, 2007

Every Day is Wash Day....

I've been struggling to think of what I can share with you on my blog just lately. We have been experiencing the wettest summer that I can remember, so getting the family's laundry dry has been a problem. I have been spending far too long in here for my liking!....

The laundry room!
Incidentally, our house was once a Bed and Breakfast; I found the old sign in the cellar when we moved in, so I hung it above the door. I have to tell visitors that we are always fully booked though!!

A friend gave me the old wooden clothes airer that hangs from the ceiling. It has been VERY useful during this wet weather.
I made the little fabric pelmet from a damaged embroidered tablecloth and the sheer gingham curtains are French.

My hub clad the whole room in tongue and groove paneling some years ago and I painted it in Farrow and Balls' 'Old White'. He also added the little shelf to break up the height of the walls.
The hooks are useful for storing my peg bag, wash tongs and shopping bags. I have just completed the one in the middle; made from a patchwork of vintage French linens.

The washing powder tablets are stored in an old enamelware rack.

I am hoping to see less of the laundry room - you can't beat washing dried by the summer sunshine....just hope it hurries up and arrives soon!

Antique French Vichy check child's dress.


  1. Anonymous10:30 am

    Well I can quite understand that you might not want to do the washing & drying but that room is so gorgeous I think I would happily sit in there drinking tea and reading magazines (vintage of course).

  2. I love the hum of the washer and dryer on a rainy day....having the pleasure of being an at home mom always made me enjoy the laundry

  3. Oh how lovely!
    I would love a laundry room, but I totally agree that you cant beat washing dried by the summer sun shine. I just hope the sunshine decides to visit us all again for at least a few weeks.

  4. I wouldn't mind doing the washing in a room like that! Full of eye candy! I do agree that there's nothing better than the smell of fresh washing dried outside. I have so much of it hanging around the house at the moment ...
    Kim x

  5. I wish my laundry room looked like that - seems I have some decorating to do!

  6. It looks like a magazine cover-a scrumptious room!! I really love tongue and groove painted rooms-it instantly makes them look so cosy and vintage! And the little check dress is gorgeous-sigh!!

  7. Anonymous1:34 pm

    What a beautiful environment for doing the laundry! It is so pretty - I love it!

    Couldn't agree with you more about the freshness of drying outdoors though - hope that the sun shines soon.

    Marie x

  8. Hi Niki

    I love that room - all those gorgeous rosey things! The bag you've just made is beautiful!

    Here's to lots of sunny and breezy drying days ahead of us!

    Clare x

  9. It's still raining here too, if it's any consolation. Your laundry room is really lovely!

  10. Oh Niki! It is all so very lovely! Red is my absolute favorite color, and I love the way you've used it to decorate your home. If you were operating as a B&B, I'd book a visit there in a second! =)

  11. Anonymous3:55 pm

    you have such a pretty website, your laundry room is so pretty!
    your blog is very inspiring.
    thankyou for posting.

  12. Here in Holland it isn't any better. Except for maybe a couple of dry hours it's been a very wet summer til now.
    We have such a tiny house so drying clothes indoors is really horrible. I would love a laundryroom! And if it would look anything like yours... heck I would be moving in there!

  13. Well if you have to do laundry, that is a nice place to do it.
    Beautiful pictures. Your husband is quite handy like mine.
    I love the sign.

  14. Oh if only I had a laundry room to go to.... oh the luxury .... and yours is so pretty.

    best wishes Ginny

  15. Another feast for the eyes. Your beautiful home seems to have a never ending supply of lovely things to photograph. I had one of those racks in my utility room for years. I pestered my husband for ages until he installed one for me. So useful in this climate.

  16. Hi Niki

    Green with envy, although I do at least have a little more room in mine now the fridge has gone into the kitchen!

    Have been thinking of getting one of the smaller modern airers like yours but I'm not sure if the ceiling is high enough.

    Sue xx

  17. What a great room very jealous of the enamel I would be a pleasure to do the laundry there. Mary

  18. I'm taken with the airing rack. When I was in the UK visiting a friend she had one but that's the only time I've seen one in person.

    Your red and white looks so fresh.


  19. Love your laundry. I miss having a proper room for my laundry as I love collecting stuff for this room!

  20. Lovely things you have in there!!!!

  21. I wish I had a laundry room half as pretty as yours.

  22. Anonymous11:06 am

    What a stunning room! I am so envious. I am having difficulties too in this weather!

  23. Hi Niki,

    I think your laundry room is absolutely wonderful! Washing is drudgery, but having a room like that could help make the task not be so bad. Always love your blog and your bags...


  24. Oh Niki, that laundry room is an inspiration!
    I must decorate mine sometime soon!

    I just discovered your blog and love it!
    Will be adding you to my favs list!

    Enjoy your day....

    sending you some sunshine! :-)

    Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

  25. Loving your laundry room, but I love hanging my laundry outside to dry when I get chance. Especially vintage linens...

  26. Great looking laundry room! I love all of your decorations and I love the hanging drying rack too! I need one of those!!!

  27. But what a pretty washroom!


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